Date: Wed 20 Apr 2011

Scotland's Gift - Golf, by Charles Blair Macdonald

Another new book - a reprint of the 1928 classic, with a Forward by Herbert Warren Wind and an Afterword by Alistair Cooke, published in 1985. This book is subtitled Reminiscences - 1872-1927 and begins with an account of Macdonald's introduction to golf at St Andrews where he was sent to university at the age of sixteen, and where he fell hopelessly in love with the game.

When Macdonald returned to the United States in 1874, it was to a country without a single golf course and without a single soul with whom he could share his exuberant attachment to the game. In 1892 he laid out the nine-hole Chicago Golf Club in Belmont, expanding it to 18 holes the following year, making it the first 18-hole course in the US.

This book fills a substantial hole in the Library collection. We are also missing Golf - Scotland's Game by David Hamilton. While published in 1998, this book is virtually unobtainable. If any of you has a copy in search a home I promise to look after it very well.

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