Date: Wed 18 May 2011

Value of golf booklet from ASGCA

The American Society of Golf Course Architects has launched a new booklet to support its ‘Value of the Golf Course’ initiative.

The Talking Points booklet was introduced by ASGCA president Erik Larsen of Arnold Palmer Design during a press conference at the recent Golf Industry Show in Orlando.

Value of the golf course booklet

Larsen told reporters he felt that future course developments could make money without the support of associated real estate developments, if they were planned carefully.

“Golfers and non-golfers alike should be able to benefit from the green spaces that courses offer, which in turn will benefit local communities,” he said. “In the future I would like to see golf courses that have walking and cycling routes for members of the public as well as areas where local communities can enjoy the wildlife benefits and plant sanctuaries often found on courses.”

The Talking Points booklet is a small pocket-size publication that points out the financial, social, environmental impact of a golf course, and is available now. Copies can be obtained from ASGCA’s head office or downloaded from their website here. For more information visit ASGCA’s website ASGCA’s website

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