Date: Wed 25 May 2011

Golf Information News, Vol 8, No 4, May 2011

Hello, and welcome to the latest issue of Golf Information News!

The Library is dead! Long live the…..? Well, what do you want to call the service I provide?

We have just returned from the AGM and Conference in Potsdam and, while it was lovely to meet so many of you, it soon became apparent that what you perceive as going on here has little relevance for you.

This, in my mind, is what libraries do:

  • Answer enquiries from print and online sources
  • Provide an information service from print and online sources
  • Provide a current awareness service, drawing attention to what has been published in print and online
  • And manage a book collection

The impression I got from the conference was that for many of you ‘Library’ simply means books – and they are just for students! So perhaps if I change the name you might be more interested and aware of what I can do for you.

So, what do you think? Please send you suggestions to me, and as ever, if you have any enquiries you think I can help with, do contact me on .

Sue Stranger

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