Date: Tue 28 Jun 2011

Rain Bird’s New Integrated Sensor System

We are very pleased to announce you the launch of the Rain Bird’s New Integrated Sensor System (ISS) that gives Golf Courses complete control over their Turf, it is a system that delivers absolute soil sensing and real-time central control integration.

Rain Birds New Integrated Sensor System (ISS)

Rain Birds New Integrated Sensor System (ISS)

Features and Benefits

The Rain Bird® Integrated Sensor System™ gives you an accurate snap shot of soil conditions helping you to optimize turf health. It is the only system in the industry to deliver accurate soil sensor readings immediately following installation and true dynamic central control integration. As a result, you’ll save more time, water and money with Rain Bird.

Dynamic integration. Fully automatic
When paired with a Rain Bird Central Control System, the Integrated Sensor System can automatically adjust sprinkler run times to reach maintain desired moisture levels, minimizing water consumption, resulting in healthier turf and better playing conditions.

Intelligent monitoring
As a standalone system, the ISS analysis soil moisture and calculates water budget recommendations for any golf course.

Maximum accuracy
Zero calibration. The ISS uses research-grade soil sensors backed by years of field experience. These sensors have been vetted by multiple academic peer- reviews. The ISS takes highly accurate readings of soil moisture, salinity and temperature immediately following installation and without calibration – for easy installation and immediate accuracy.

Adjustable soil sensing rate
With the Rain Bird ISS, the frequency of soil sensing measurements can be adjusted to match course needs.

Dependable results
Sensor readings are automatically stored by the data logger on Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) storage cards. Data is not lost due to power outages or wireless communication issues.

Dependable communication
The ISS uses a proven wireless mesh network which ensures the necessary range of transmission and a secured traffic from the data logger to the Soil Manager™ software.

Simple installation
Network devices (data loggers and repeaters) are battery-powered and easy to install. There is no AC power source to worry about.

Improves turf health, course consistency and playability
The ISS can help deliver more consistent turf quality, anticipate plant stress, weed germination, pest infestations and other factors. You can use less water to flush salts from the soil profile.

For more information about Rain Bird’s new Integrated Sensor System (ISS), you can watch the flash demo on our website at, or you can also contact your sales representative.

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