Date: Tue 28 Jun 2011

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Scotts Professional Becomes Everris™

Jacklin Seed - CSI-Rye™

MJ Abbott - Les Aisses on track for September opening

Pötter-Golf completes 2 9-Hole extensions and starts new 36-hole development in Köln

Scotts Professional Becomes Everris™

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Osmocote Bloom

Everris, formerly Scotts Professional, has recently been bought by ICL. Building upon the strengths of Scotts Professional and ICL, Everris will continue developing the world’s most highly efficient, leading-edge plant nutrition brands and products, including Osmocote®, Peters®, Universol®, Agriform®, Sierraform® GT, Sierrablen® Plus and Agroblen®.

Everris will nurture the momentum generated by its recent breakthrough products for container nursery stock growers, continuing to emphasize the company’s goal of delivering products that promote and protect the environment. One of the most promising innovations is Osmocote® with Fusion Technology™, a product with a unique fusing agent that binds fertilizer prills to growing media, reducing the loss of nutrients when a pot falls over due to heavy winds or during transfer throughout the nursery.

Everris has also enjoyed success with the introduction of a new Agroblen® product for forestry production in Asia. This product boosts the growth of young forestry plants and continues the tradition of giving plants—and trees—the nutrition they need at the right times during their growth cycles.

Jacklin Seed

CSI vs Competitor after mowing

CSI vs Competitor after mowing

Jacklin’s CSI-Rye™ introduces unique genetics in perennial ryegrass to spread by reproductive tillers “creeping” along the ground. CSI can self-repair damaged areas and is fine textured with high shoot density and relatively slow top growth. With a growth rate about 50% slower than normal perennials, CSI provides reduced mower emissions, clipping removal, labor and equipment maintenance. Along with disease resistance similar to others, CSI saves your budget.

CSI-Rye only requires 15g/m2 seeding rate for permanent turf while normal perennial ryegrasses require about three times more. This difference can equate to a savings up to 30% on seed cost and 30% on mowing costs. CSI’s knitting ability allows sod growers to use no netting, which is environmentally friendly, cost effective and safer for athletes.

For more information on CSI or other high quality turfgrass seed, please contact your Jacklin Seed distributor or visit

MJ Abbott

Les Aisses Golf

Les Aisses Golf

Leading UK golf course contractor MJ Abbott Limited has completion work at Les Aisses Golf, a part-woodland part-heathland development in the heart of the Sologne forest in France, ahead of its planned grand opening later this year.

The three original 9-hole courses, which opened in 1992, were redesigned by architect Martin Hawtree to create a definite 18-hole heathland course and separate 9-hole course, which should prove popular in the busy golfing, hunting and fishing region.

MJ Abbott began work on the first phase of the project in January 2009, undertaking extensive tree clearance work prior to the development of the first nine holes, including the installation of primary drainage and a new irrigation system. A new putting green was also built in front of the clubhouse. Phase two included the reconstruction of the remaining nine holes including all greens, tees and 58 bunkers, plus chipping and putting greens. The irrigation system was replaced to irrigate the full 18 holes and site staff removed extensive areas of rock and timber lake edge detailing, replacing it with more natural rolled grass edges.


14th Hole GP Weiherhof

14th Hole GP Weiherhof

Pötter-Golf is currently completing the grow-in maintenance of 2 9-hole extensions, the first is a Thomas Himmel design in the rolling landscape of Saarland, Golfclub Weiherhof. The course was constructed last fall and seeded in early Spring 2011. The second grow-in is located at Golfclub Reichshof, Saurland completing a Karl Grohs design also constructed last Autumn and seeded in Spring 2011. Both courses will be open for limted play in the Autumn 2012.

Pötter-Golf has also commenced the construction of Phase 1 of a 36-hole development in Köln-Widdersdorf. The golf course construction is just a small part of what has been described as ‘The largest private development in all of Europe’ at the moment. The shaping of Phase 1 nears its completion for the Heinz Fehring designed course. No expense is being spared as sand capping of all playable areas, double-row irrigation, 9-hole practice course with full academy is only part of the full 36 hole project.

Pötter-Golf offers complete golf course construction services from earthworks, irrigation installation, Shaping, Finishing & Seeding to Grow-in Maintenance.

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