Date: Thu 30 Jun 2011

What's in the news?

A round up of recently published articles from a range of magazines and online newsletters. All the usual titles have been covered, including the latest issues of Golf Club Management, Golf Management Europe, Greenkeeper International, and Golf Business Development.


Doug is just missing that link.
Author: David Bowers
Interview with award winning, Canadian architect Doug Carrick who would like to produce a traditional links course.
Golf Management Europe, Issue 78, May 2011. Pages: 25-27

The unsung influential.
Author: Robert J Vasilak
Martin Hawtree, Ian Andrew and KD Bagga are architect from outside of the USA who are influencing golf in the 21st century.
Golf Inc, Summer 2011. Pages: 20-21


Built to last.
Author: Nigel Harte
A committee often jumps at the chance of redesigning a golf hole, but this approach could destroy a one-off opportunity to make a lasting impression.
Golf Club Management, May 2011. Page: 45

2011 renovation of the year.
Bill Love's renovation of his boyhood course iwns top honours, followed by courses in Hawaii, New York and Pennsylvania. What do they all have in common? They solved challenges that were hurting play and membership.
Golf Inc, Summer 2011. Pages: 32-39

Course Signage

Dreams can come true.
Author: Dan Quinn
Dan Quinn will be involved in course preparation at this month's US Open, at the Congressional Country Club, as part of his Ohio State Intern Program. He talks about the preparation he has done for the event.
Greenkeeper International, June 2011. Pages: 34-39


Walton Heath - the supreme heathland course.
Walton Heath is one of the most elegant and historic courses in England, located between Reigate and Banstead in Surrey. It was founded in 1903, when the original courses were designed by Herbert Fowler.
Golf Range News, June 2011. Pages: 18-22

A rising star (Castle Stuart).
Author: Scott MacCallum
Castle Stuart has been open for less than two years. Next month it is hosting the Barclay's Scottish Open.
Greenkeeper International, June 2011. Pages: 18-23

Just say Yas (Yas Links, Dubai).
Author: Robert Fletcher
Yas Links in Dubai recently celebrated its first birthday. Designed by Kyle Phillips.
Golf Club Management, May 2011. Page: 46

PGA Catalunya builds on its top five billing.
PGA Catalunya Resort's status as one of Europe's finest golf venues has been confirmed following the release of a new course rankings survey.
Golf Business Development, Issue 11, May/June 2011. Pages: 48-49

Cultural exchange (The Dutch).
Author: Mark Alexander
With more than 750 members signed up before its official opening, Holland's newest championship course, The Dutch, is causing a bit of a stir.
Golf Management Europe, Issue 78, May 2011. Pages: 37-39

Wylie's investment pays off at Close House.
Author: Lee Todd
When Sage co-founder and entrepreneur Graham Wylie purchased the Close House estate from Newcastle University, he had ambitious plans to transform the estate in to a golfing mecca. The course was designed by Scott Macpherson.
Golf Management Europe, Issue 78, May 2011. Pages: 19-21

Mulranny Golf Club.
Author: Alan Mahon
Profile of this nine-hole golf course on the shores of Clew Bay.
Greenside, June 2011. Pages: 30-34

Woolton Golf Club.
Author: Tom James
Over the last two years, led by a 'Manager of the Year' finalist, one of the most famous clubs in Liverpool has been undergoing a strategiec redevelopment.
Golf Club Management, June 2011. Pages: 48-49

The Wentworth Club.
An interview with Julian Ssmall, Chief Executive of The Wentworth Club, on the eve of the BMW PGA Championship.
Golf Range News, May 2011. Pages: 4-12

Driving Ranges

Woodland Environmental - transforming golf range outfields.
Woodland's Mulishot outfield brings a whole new outlook with top quality landscaping.
Golf Range News, May 2011. Pages: 20-22

Driving Ranges

Driving towards a new era for range facilities.
Author: Peter Simm
The time pressure on golfers is becoming more and mreo apparent these days, which is perhaps why many golf courses are planning to upgrade their facilities in an attempt to retain as many members as possible.
Golf Management Europe, Issue 78, May 2011. Pages: 22-23


The Audubon Cooperative
Sanctuary Program Turns 20!

Author: Ron Dodson
A milestone for a unique environmental partnership.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 49, no 25, June 24 2011.

The Annual Yearbook.
Read all about important events, new and finished STERF research projects and get updated on ongoing project through extensive summaries and status reports.
Sterf Newsletter, No 12, June 2011.

Dry weather causing headaches for clubs.
The lack of rainfall in some parts of the UK - and especially in the south east of England - during the spring season has caused soil to dry out, affecting grass growth, quality and colour, and causing cancern among golf clubs and governing bodies.
Golf Club Management, June 2011. Page: 6

Green days.
Author: Nigel Harte
From using compost on the golf course to applying new eco-friendly technology in the clubhouse, golf clubs can both improve their facilities and reduce costs in their quests to become environmental custodians. Plus Buyers Guide.
Golf Club Management, June 2011. Pages: 22-28

Multifunctional inspiration brochure.
The brochure 'Multifunctional golf courses - an underutilised resource' is a result of a Nordic project and a guide that marks the beginning of further R&D on the subject.
Sterf Newsletter, No 12, June 2011.

Could you be fined £250,000?
Author: Tim Early
The Environmental Agency in the UK has been granted new powers to fine golf clubs that pollute. Plus Buyers Guide.
Golf Club Management, June 2011. Pages: 44-46

What Drought Restrictions Mean For Golfers.
The drought has a grip on golf courses that many have never seen. It is affecting turf and tree health on practically all courses in the lower Mid-Continent Region (USA).
USGA Green Section Record, June 23 2011.

Hong Kong course is first GEO Certified facility in Asia-Pacific.
The Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course (Kau Sai Chau), Hong Kong, has become the first golf facility in Asia-Pacific to achieve the coveted GEO Certified™ award.
Golf Business News, May 24 2011.

Golf - the Game

Creating the future.
The golf club manufacturing industry has come a long way over the past three decades with remarkable breakthroughs in size, shape and materials of the implements used to play the game. So what does the future hold?
Asian Golf Monthly, June 2011. Pages: 12-19

A map of the world…
Author: Ben Evans
SkyCaddie's Steve Winstone introduced GBD editor Ben Evans to the art of mapping a golf course.
Golf Business Development, Issue 11, May/June 2011. Pages: 28-29

France to host 2018 Ryder Cup
France will host The Ryder Cup for in 2018. The announcement, which will see golf’s greatest team event return to the Continent of Europe for the first time in 21 years, was made by Ryder Cup Europe at Wentworth Club in Surrey, England.
Golf Business News, May 18 2011.

Bursting the bubble…
Author: Geoff Russell
Examines why golf needs to adapt to the way its customers live their lives. Key areas are equality, dress and pace of play.
Golf Business Development, Issue 11, May/June 2011. Page: 18


Alien invasive weds.
Author: Dr Terry Mabbett
Weeds are simply plants in the wrong place but some can grow so quickly they smother all other plants. A look at some of the weeds which were brought to this country many years ago and have caused problems ever since.
Greenkeeper International, June 2011. Pages: 25-28

Putting green consistency: what is it and what it is not!
Author: Larry Gilhuly
A look at both the perception and reality of how the word 'consistency' now dominates the way a golf course is maintained.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 49, no 21, May 27 2011. Page: 1

Water challenges - quantity and quality.
Author: Dr Robert N Carrow
In this article, the focus is on educational resources developed as part of the UGA turfgrass research and educational programme to assist golf course superintendents in dealing with water problems.
Asian Golf Business, June 2011. Pages: 66-71

Wuthering Heights.
Author: Greg Evans
Over the past eight years Greg Evans has devised course maintenance plans for different golf courses that allow greens to be cut as low as 2 millimeters, yet remain sustainable. Evans' methods encountered much opposition from the greenkeeping profession.
Greenside, June 2011. Pages: 26-29

African adventure.
Author: Peter Jones
Some of its golf courses can only afford the most basic of machinery and have browns instead of greens, yet Ghana is a rewarding and exciting country for a greenkeeper to work in.
Greenkeeping, June 2011. Pages: 6-8

Industry - International

Libya: letter no. 4.
Author: Ron Fream
The author's observations during a visit in 2004 to help the nation create a golf industry.
World Golf Report, June 24 2011.

The future of golf in the Arab world.
Author: Trevor Ledger
Despite political upheaval and a slow economy, industry leaders still see a bright future for golf development in the Middle Ease and North Africa.
Golf Inc, Summer 2011. Pages: 10-11

Bulgarian PM opens Pravets Golf & Spa.
Bulgarian Prime Minister, Mr Boyko Borisov officially opened Pravets Golf Club on Saturday 14 May. The 18-hole course was designed by Peter Harradine.
Golf Business News, May 23 2011.

Cameroon: off-shore betting.
Author: Robert J Vasilak
Africa’s first big off-shore banking haven is set to be built in Cameroon, and it’ll be accompanied by the nation’s third 18-hole golf course.
World Golf Report, June 29 2011.

Thirteen new courses for Morocco
Thirteen new golf courses are set to open in Morocco in the next three years, according to the country’s tourism authorities.
Golf Course Architecture 23 May 2011.

China letter.
Author: Richard Mandell
There are currently 600 golf courses in China. The word is that there are another 100 under construction and as many as 1,000 in planning. An update on development in China.
World Golf Report, June 3 2011.

What Does a $500 million golf course look like?
Author: Larry Olmsted
Dutch Docklands, a player in the world of floating technologies, or making land where there was no land, has announced its plans to build a golf course on the ocean in the Maldives.
Forbes Magazine, June 2 2011.

China gets tough on golf courses.
Author: Timothy E Trinka
On April 11 2011 the Chinese government issued a notice on golf courses. This artilce attempts to put this into context to assist the international golf community in making informed business decision in China.
Asian Golf Business, June 2011. Pages: 20-26

Schmidt-Curley Design launches four new golf courses at China's Mission Hills Hainan.
The Stone Quarry, Shadow Dunes, Double Pin and Stepping Stone courses now bring the resort's total to 10. Schmidt-curley has transformed Hainan Island's ancient volcanic terrain into a golf destination featuring playing experiences of unmatched variety.
Asian Golf Business, June 2011. Pages: 40-61

Scotland: Donald Trump, out of pocket?
Donald Trump's project in Scotland may be scaled down. (This is the third item in this report so scroll down the page.)
World Golf Report, June 26 2011.

Gaunt Designs and Donald Steel in joint collaboration.
Greensboro Country Club’s Farm course, previously unranked, received a complete makeover from Steel and Gaunt. As a result, it won Best New Course honours from the influential North Carolina Golf Panel and leapt into the top 100 at No. 37.
Golf Business News, June 10 2011.

Harradine to design 9 hole course in Ukraine
Peter Harradine has been commissioned to design a 9 hole golf course in Stugna which is nestled in a peaceful valley just South of Kiev.
Golf Business News, June 15 2011.

Croatia: will the 'dream' come true?
Author: Robert J Vasilak
The first golf course, part of a community called Three Sisters, is being designed by Steve Forrest of Hills & Forrest International Golf Course Architects.
World Golf Report, June 21 2011.

Rio resort wins planning consent.
The developers behind the Rio de Janeiro International Golf Resort, UK firm International Golf & Resort Management in partnership with the Rio based company JCN, have been given the go-ahead to start the construction just outside Petropolis, Brazil.
Golf Course Architecture 24 May 2011.

New EIGCA President is competition finalist.
EIGCA President, Rainer Priessman’s company’s work at Tuscany Resort Castelfalfi in Italy in cooperation with his colleague Wilfried Moroder was recognized as a finalist in the Golf Course Renovation of the Year competition run by Golf Inc.
Golf Business News, June 17th.

New challenges for Trron Golf.
Troon Golf has recently been appointed as technical advisor in one of golf's newest and most exciting projects recently inveiled in the Maldives.
Golf Range News, June 2011. Pages: 42-43

China - Big Brother is watching you.
Author: Robert J Vasilak
China’s central government is again cracking down on golf development as part of its continuing attempt to preserve farm land and conserve water. Will this new get-tough policy and stricter construction oversight put a chill on golf development?
World Golf Report, June 7 2011.

Roe revamp from CGD.
Roehampton club members enjoy a refurbished course ready for the new season. Ken Moodie, of Creative Golf Design, was the golf course architect for the project along with CGD consultant and professional golfer, Ken Brown.
Golf Business Development, Issue 11, May/June 2011. Pages: 30-31

Drift Golf Club – Where the Grass will soon be Greener
n 2008 a strategic review of the Drift was undertaken by the Ken Brown, Ken Moodie & John Nicholson partnership, which lead to the Club committing to a comprehensive development plan for the short, medium and long term.
Golf Business News, June 24 2011.

Treasure Island (Sardinia).
Author: Mark Alexander
Sardinia has only four golf courses due to ecological anxiety on the part of local government. But thispolitical indifference to golf may be coming to and end and 17 new courses are now being built.
Golf Management Europe, Issue 78, May 2011. Pages: 31-33


Rain check.
Author: Adrian Handbury
The dry spring in eastern parts of England has made irrigation efficiency an even hotter topic that normal. The author explores options open to golf clubs.
Golf Club Management, June 2011. Pages: 41-42

Time to keep a weather eye on your irrigation.
Author: Robert Jackson
This spring's unseasonably warm weather looks set to be a sign of things to come. Can your golf course irrigation system take the heat or is it time to upgrade?
Greenkeeper International, June 2011. Pages: 30-32

Why Can’t the Golf Course Irrigation System Keep Up?
Author: James Francis Moore
During drought conditions, many golfers wonder why the irrigation system cannot keep up. After all, there are sprinklers all over the place and they run automatically.
USGA Green Section Record, June 24 2011.


‘Virtual cart paths’ at Belfry.
The famous Belfry golf resort in England is using new GPS technology from ClubCar to control its fleet of golf carts.
Golf Course Architecture, 23 June 2011.


Ddon't treat your soil like dirt.
Author: Sam Ferro
While grass can be grown in a variety of soils, not all soils are suitable for all situations. High performance sports turf must be grown on high performance soils. Proper soils are the foundation of a quality golf course.
Asian Golf Business, June 2011. Pages: 72-74

Sustainable Development

Golf courses leading the way in effort to conserve water.
Author: Matt Gaudet
The golf industry has gone to great lengths and expense to significantly reduce the amount of water used. Additionally, golf courses are responsible for recycling a large percentage of reclaimed wastewater.
South Florida Sun Sentinel, June 16 2011.

Viva Las Vegas!
Author: Robert J Vasilak
Golf courses in Las Vegas are using less water than ever. This is good for their bottom lines and, ultimately, good for the planet. This article was adapted from Charles Fishman's The Big Thirst: The Secret Life and Turbulent Future of Water.
World Golf Report, June 10 2011.

Ryder Cup: Environmental successes come to the fore.
The 2010 Ryder Cup left a significantly lighter environmental footprint thanks to the pioneering Green Drive that brought innovative solutions to one of the world’s greatest sporting events.
Golf Business News, June 20 2011.

UPS & GEO awards spotlight leadership in sustainable golf
The sustainability achievements of the Dutch Golf Federation, the Scandinavian Turf and Research Foundation and Stig Persson of Ljunghusens Golf Club in Sweden were recognised at the presentation of Environmental Innovation Awards from the GEO.
Golf Business News, June 3 2011.


Sow solid (Seeds, turf and fertilisers).
Author: Richard Brown
A look at the established - and new order - of varieties of grass species for your course manager to consider sowing on tees and greens. Plus Buyers Guide.
Golf Club Management, June 2011. Pages: 50-52

Chemical saviours.
Author: Graham Paul
The discovery and development of selective herbicides for turf.
Greenkeeper International, June 2011. Pages: 41-43

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