Date: Mon 11 Jul 2011

Toro Launches First-Of-Its-Kind R Series Golf Sprinkler Internals

Toro today announces the debut of the R Series Conversion Assemblies for the international golf market.

R Series Models

R Series Models

For the very first time, these new sprinkler internals enable golf courses with existing Rain Bird® Eagle™ 900 Series and Eagle™ 1100 Series sprinklers to upgrade their irrigation system with Toro’s industry leading innovative sprinkler technology – including the patented TruJectory™ height of spray adjustment, full and part circle in the same sprinkler, and an extra one inch pop-up height.

“Toro’s new conversion assemblies enable golf courses to easily and cost-effectively upgrade their irrigation system by purchasing only the Toro sprinkler internals, keeping intact the existing Rain Bird body and any previously-installed piping,” said Alfredo Romero, international marketing manager, Toro Golf Irrigation. “Many golf courses are looking for ways to improve and extend the life of their current irrigation system, without having to do a complete renovation. With Toro’s new R Series conversion assemblies, current Rain Bird Eagle users can now realize the benefits that Toro’s sprinklers provide while dramatically increasing the efficiency and flexibility of their current irrigation system.”

There are three different models of R Series Conversion Assemblies available, the 855RB, DT55RB and DT54RB. These innovations include an exclusive TruJectory feature that allows for main nozzle angle adjustment and provides improved obstacle avoidance and performance in windy conditions, and for radius adjustment, which provides more precise water application.

Toro’s sprinkler internals also provide part- and full-circle drive assembly in a single unit, which allows for part-circle arc adjustments from 40 degrees to 330 degrees, and a true uni-directional full circle performance, which allows arc adjustments to match seasonal needs or meet water use requirements. In addition, the sprinklers feature an additional one inch pop-up height to clear taller grasses and provide improved nozzle performance and a ratcheting riser that allows superintendents to position the riser for precise arc edges with no tools or disassembly required.

In addition to the R Series Conversion Assemblies, Toro introduces two new solenoid adapters, the Toro Spike Guard™ solenoid adapter and the Toro DC latching solenoid adapter that can be used to upgrade the solenoid on all Rain Bird Eagle 700 Series, 900 Series and 1100 Series sprinklers. The Spike Guard solenoid adapter provides users three times the surge protection of their existing solenoid at 20,000 volts and draws half the amperage, allowing more stations to be run simultaneously—if the hydraulic system allows. The DC latching solenoid adapter enables existing Rain Bird sprinklers to be upgraded and controlled by the Toro GDC system.

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