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What's in the news?

A round up of recently published articles from a range of magazines and online newsletters. All the usual titles have been covered, including the latest issues of Golf Club Management, Golf Course Architecture, Golf Management Europe, and Greenkeeper International. I've recently started following World Golf Report and Golf Dispute Resolution - hope you enjoy them.


The pioneer: western swing.
Author: Tommy Naccarato
The early history of golf development in Los Angeles, including profiles of some of the area's ket archiects: Edward Tufts, Joh n Duncan Dunn, Norman Macbeth, William Watson, Max Behr, George Thomas, William Park Bell and Alister MacKenzie.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 25, July 2011. Pages: 16-21

Brazil: more is not merrier.
Author: Robert J Vasilak
In a letter to the International Golf Federation, Nick Faldo argues that the course in Rio de Janeiro should be designed by as many as 18 architects.
World Golf Report, August 7 2011.

Golf course architect - designer or entertainment professional?
Author: Mary Armstrong
Golf Course Architecture, above other design disciplines has enjoyed an historic recognition of individual designers unparalleled in other design fields. The profession is filled with historic and contemporary quirky characters & entertaining stories.
World Golf Report, August 5 2011.

Ross is riding high.
Author: Mark Alexander
With time to reflect on his achievements at Celtic Manor, Mark Alexander talks to Ross McMurray about the riska and rewards of Ryder Cup design.
Golf Management Europe, Issue 79, July 2011. Pages: 19-21


Golf course master planning.
Author: Kevin Norby
What to consider in your plan, and how to implement it.
Activate, July/Aug 2011.,bgT33JwT

Getting better.
Author: Adam Lawrence
Golf clubs around the world are realizing the need to keep working on their courses, and ASGCA members are helping them do so.
By Design, No 7, Summer 2011. Pages: 8-11

Lost hole: Hayling's Widow hole.
The history of Hayling's infamous Widow hole demonstrates how old courses eveolve over the years.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 25, July 2011. Pages: 22-23

Bunker blitz at Augusta?
Author: Jeff Mingay
Augusta National could comfortably lose many of its bunkers, aned perhaps other courses could too.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 25, July 2011. Pages: 24-25

To bunker or not to bunker - that is the question!
Author: Jonathan Gaunt
Could a golf course be considered a good golf course without bunkers,? There are some excellent examples of great golf courses without bunkers, where other hazards, such as heather, grassy hollows and ditches work equally well.
Golf Club Secretary, Vol 14, no 20, August 2011. Pages: 158-159


The Open Championship 2011 - return to Sandwich.
Author: Alistair Beggs
A look at the renovation work carried out by Martin Ebert on the Royal St George's course in Sandwich.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, Issue 254, July 2011. Pages: 13-16

Course tour - Lagos, Portugal: Onyria Palmares Beach and Golf Resort.
Author: Bruce Charlton
The 27-hole layout plays through three distinctive setting, and the separate, returning nine-hole loops can be combined into several equally challenging 18-hole routings.
Asian Golf Business, August 2011. Pages: 74-80

San Roque - a Spanish masterpiece.
San Roque, close to Gibraltar in Southern Spain, has tow courses: the Old Course designed in 1989 by Dave Thomas, and the New Course added by Perry Dye in 2003.
Golf Range News, July 2011. Pages: 4-8

Changing times at the Bishopbriggs Golf Club.
Author: Colin Victor
The historic Glasgow club is looking to the future via a golf academy that is bringing in juniors, and a renovated clubhouse.
Golf Club Management, July 2011. Pages: 40-41

Southern belle.
Author: Scott MacCallum
Royal St George's is the most southerly of the Open Championship rota courses and experiences the hottest and driest weather of all the courses.
Greenkeeper International, July 2011. Pages: 18-22

On site - Onyria Palmares Golf Resort, Meia Praia, Portugal.
Author: Adam Lawrence
One of the Algarve's oldest courses has been reinvented by Robert Trent Jones Jr.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 25, July 2011. Pages: 40-43

World’s only pop-up golf course returns.
September 2010 saw the launch of the world’s first ever pop-up golf course, Golf Mountain on the pretty meadow plateau of Engstligenalp in Adelboden, and such was its success that it’s back this year for a second round.
Golf Business News, July 25 2011.

On site - Polaris World, Murcia, Spain.
Spanish developer faces up to the recession with a restructured portfolio. Architect: Nicklaus Design.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 25, July 2011. Pages: 44-47


Water: rooting the best management practices.
Author: James Graham Prusa
Water is an essential resource for golf courses and competition for it worldwide will only increase in the years ahead. Water has emerged as a mega-factor for the future of golf.
Asian Golf Business, July 2011. Pages: 58-66

GRG to offer GEO certification.
Phoenix-based design firm Golf Resource Group has begun offering the Golf Environment Organization’s certification programme in the US.
Golf Course Architecture, 27 June 2011.

Be legal warns Early as fines reach £250,000.
Author: Tim Earley
Tim Early of Waste 2 Water Europe explains that the Environment Agency in the UK has new powers to fine clubs that pollute the environment as much £250,000.
Golf Management Europe, Issue 79, July 2011. Pages: 22-23

Planning ahead.
Author: Kelly Harmar
Every sports development in the UK is subject to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) legislation designed to identify likely environmental effects of the development and to reduce any negative impacts.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, Issue 254, July 2011. Pages: 32-35

Minimising the ecological impact of The Open.
Author: Bob Taylor
Before every Open, The R&A take considerable steps to safeguard the more sensitive habitats and wildlife to be found on the host course.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, Issue 254, July 2011. Pages: 18-20

Golf - the Game

Thousands queue for bunker torment
As the 140th Open Championship swings into life more than 3,000 enthusiasts chose to take on the fearsome St Andrews Road Hole bunker which has been stunningly recreated at the HSBC Golf Zone.
Golf Business News, July 15 2011.

How golf has changed its spots.
Author: Sam Ballard
Two new approaches to golf that have been discussed in recent months are the Powerplay format and the new Flogton concept promoted by former Sun Microsystems chief executive Scott McNealy.
By Design, No 7, Summer 2011. Pages: 12-13

A modern look at forward tee design.
Author: Kari Haug
Thinking more about women golfers' needs may make the game more attractive to new participants of both sexes.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 25, July 2011. Page: 48


Selecting an aerator to enhance water circulation.
Author: Darin S Bevard
Well-placed lakes & ponds add to the strategy of golf & provide penalties for errant shots. Also, water features collect drainage water from the golf course & surrounding areas. Often, this water is the primary irrigation source on the golf course.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 49, no 28, July 15 2011. Pages: 1-3

Weed world.
Author: Noel Mackenzie
With the potential for so many weeds to disrupt greenkeeping, the author reviews selective herbicide availability for the amenity market, with some interesting findings.
Greenkeeping, July 2011. Pages: 14-15


Danish job for Mackenzie & Ebert.
Furesø Golfklub in Denmark has appointed British design firm Mackenzie & Ebert to advise on a possible renovation of the club’s 27 hole facility.
Golf Course Architecture, 5 July 2011.

China golf growth to continue.
Author: Adam Lawrence
China’s golf market will continue to grow, despite fears of a bubble and government disquiet about the game, according to one of the country’s leading golf figures.
By Design, No 7, Summer 2011. Page: 5

Two golf courses to be built in Vietnam's largest city.
By mid 2013, the international airport in Vietnam’s largest city is expected to sprout a pair of 18-hole golf courses.
KPMG Newsletter, July 5 2011.

Marnoch returns to High Legh.
Architect Steve Marnoch has returned to High Legh Park GC, near Knutsford in the north of England, where he originally provided detail design services back in 2001, to complete a planned upgrade of the course.
Golf Course Architecture, , 30 June 2011.

Brazil - an Australian makes his pitch.
Author: Robert J Vasilak
Ross Perrett, the lead designer and managing partner of the Australian firm Thomson Perrett, was in Rio de Janeiro last week, promoting his firm's ability to design the golf course that will host the games.
World Golf Report, July 24 2011.

Dawson confirms Olympic golf site.
R&A chief executive Peter Dawson has confirmed that a site has been selected for the new course that will host the Olympic golf events in Rio de Janiero in 2016.
Golf Course Architecture, 13 July 2011.

Canadian golf resort projects in Cuba not without risks.
Author: Steven Edwards
Shunned by Fidel Castro for being too bourgeois, golf could finally be on course to make a dramatic comeback in Cuba - in large part thanks to Canadian investors., June 25 2011.

Value of the golf course... What benefits does golf really create for a community?
Author: Chris Wilcznski (ASGCA)
Golf sometimes gets bad publicity for being too elitist, too expensive, takes too much time, too hard and is bad for the environment. But there are benefits of a golf course to local communities.
Asian Golf Business, July 2011. Pages: 28-34

Open Championship golf tees up potential £80 million windfall for Kent.
The return of Open Championship golf to Kent this week is set to result in more than £80 million of income for the county.
KPMG Newsletter, July 19 2011.

Rio resort wins planning consent.
Author: Sam Ballard
The developers behind the Rio de Janeiro International Golf Resort, UK firm International Golf & Resort Management and the Rio-based company JCN, have been given the go-ahead to start construction.
By Design, No 7, Summer 2011. Page: 5

China's current crackdown... What does it mean?
Author: Brian Curley
Brian Curley has extensive experience in building golf courses in China.
Asian Golf Business, August 2011. Pages: 12-13

Olympic golf update.
The Rio Organising Committee and the city of Rio have confirmed that the Riserva Uno site, which is quite close to both the Olympic village and also to the sea in the Barra area of Rio, will be the site of the Olympic golf event.
Golf Business News, July 15 2011.

Mackenzie & Ebert renovation work on display at The Open.
Mackenzie & Ebert Ltd have been advising Royal St. George’s Golf Club on making the challenge for the world’s elite golfers as strong and as fair as possible.
Golf Business News, July 13 2011.

Seven years for Steve Marnoch at Golf Club Heelsum
Following the transformation of Golf Club Heelsum into what some critics are calling a ‘Modern Heathland Classic’, the club has contracted with Steve Marnoch, of Golfmarnoch Ltd, for a seven year retainer to oversee the maturation of the course.
Golf Business News, July 11 2011.

The world waits as China decides.
The June crackdown on golf course development in China has gone quiet. After quick reactions from all over the globe, the international golf industry awaits some concrete decisions on the fate of courses there, especially those regarded as illegal.
Asian Golf Business, August 2011. Pages: 8-11

Harradine to design second nine in Kazan
The first nine holes in Kazan were completed in 2008. The second nine by Peter Harradine are also a par 36 measuring 3350 metres from the back tees & will be even more spectacular due to the higher elevations, existing trees, & extraordinary scenery.
Golf Business News, July 22 2011.

Where are we going?
As the golf development business starts its slow recovery, GCA polls a panel of architects to get an understanding of where the global industry is today, and where it is heading. Includes contributions from EIGCA members Jeff Howe and Robert Berthet.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 25, July 2011. Pages: 26-33

Gaunt Golf Design at Ilkley Golf Club
Jonathan Gaunt is now advising Ilkley GC on long-term improvements to the course where he first learned to play golf. Of the courses designed or advised upon by Alister MacKenzie in and around the City of Leeds, probably the finest is Ilkley GC.
Golf Business News, July 22 2011.

Australia: Tom Doak: idol hands.
Author: Robert J Vasilak
Royal Melbourne Golf Club, Australia’s oldest (founded in 1891) and most renowned golf venue, has hired Doak as its design consultant, a position formerly held by Martin Hawtree.
World Golf Report, August 2 2011.

Legal Issues

Shades of green and gray.
Author: Rob Harris
The costs of following through a dispute can only benefit the lawyers.
Golf Dispute Resolution, July 25 2011.

Falling tree supports $4.5 million verdict
The verdict went against the golf course as they had prior knowledge of the diseased tree.
Golf Dispute Resolution, July 26 2011.

Eminent domain run amok.
Author: Rob Harris
An account of a dispute between North and South Korea over a golf resort.
Golf Dispute Resolution, July 14 2011.


Course works.
Author: Jay Dobson
With limited funds to spend, clubs need to be selective about what they invest in. But if the course loses out, then the club has no future.
Golf Club Management, July 2011. Pages: 58-60


Compost tea and soil biology.
Author: A J Beggs
There is a benefit to be gained from being more aware of soil biology issues and this could improve performance and may reduce fertiliser and chemical requirements as well.
Golf Club Secretary, Vol 14, no 19, July 2011. Pages: 152,150

Sustainable Development

Balancing act.
Author: Adam Lawrence
How construction can help improve the sustainability of new golf developments and course renovations.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 25, July 2011. Pages: 34-39


Best management practices for salt-affected golf courses: Why and how?
Author: R N Carrow; R R Duncan
The simple act of broadly applying irrigation containing saline salts over a golf course triggers a number of long-term challenges. Since irrigation is a routine practice, these challenges are ongoing and cannot be ignored.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 49, no 26, July1 2011. Pages: 1-5

The fescue of your dreams.
Author: Bob Varrek
How would you describe the perfect natural rough? For many golfers, the romanticized version would be a stand of golden brown fescue, about knee-high, crowned by slender seedheads that yield and ripple like ocean waves against the gentle breeze.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 49, no 26, July1 2011. Pages: 1-2

Heat is on for summer turf disease.
Summer turf diseases can cause a serious loss in playing surface quality, especially when turf is under stress from environmental conditions and heavy play.
Golf Business News, June 27 2011.

Surviving heat stress!
Author: James Graham Prusa
In both northern climes or the equatorials, the heat of August is intense and threatens golf courses with both cool season and ward seaso n grasses alike.
Asian Golf Business, August 2011. Pages: 52-58

Driving forces for grass selection at a championship venue.
Author: Keith A Happ
Grass selection at the Congressional Country Club, site of the 2011 US Open.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, Issue 254, July 2011. Pages: 39-41

Ghost grass.
Author: Jonathan Knowles
The Ghost Grass Disorder is observed by many turf professionals. It can be identified by the elongated chlorotic (yellowing and whitening) leaves that rise significantly above the surface canopy.
Greenkeeper International, July 2011.

Establishing bermudagrass greens.
Author: Wayne Hanna; Brian Schwartz; Clint Waltz
Attention to establishment detail will dictate how satisfied you and your club will be with newly plated bermudagrass greens.
Asian Golf Business, July 2011. Pages: 16-19

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