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What's in the news?

A round up of recently published articles from a range of magazines and online newsletters. All the usual titles have been covered, including the latest issues of Golf Club Management, Golf Course Architecture, Greenkeeper International, and Greenkeeping.


The Pioneer: John Morrison: the gilded eccentric.
Author: Adam Lawrence
A profile of the life and career of Harry Colt's youngest partner, whose influence on golf, especially in Northern Europe, continues to be felt today.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 26, October 2011. Pages: 16-21

Mira Vista: the hunt for Hunter.
Robert Hunter was one of the most important chroniclers of the Golden Age of American golf. An interview with Forrest Richardson on the renovation of Hunter's first design.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 26, October 2011. Pages: 26-29


Expanding the market.
Author: George Oldham
George Oldham RIBA is the author of Today's Golfer Guide to new Golf Courses and a director of the Know Hotel and Leisure Consultancy. Here he puts forwarsd his views on how to make the game more welcoming to the average golfer.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 26, October 2011. Pages: 24-25

Fresh start (renovations).
Author: Adam Lawrence
An investigation into what makes a club embark on course renovations and how best to ensure that projects succeed.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 26, October 2011. Pages: 31-37

Hard par, easy bogey.
Author: Ian Andrew
The author argues that Robert Trant Jones Sr's famous maxim ignores the need for light and shade on a golf course.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 26, October 2011. Page: 48

Golf course design: built to last.
Author: Nigel Harte.
A golf club committee often jumps at the chance of redesigning a golf hole, but this approach could destroy a one-off opportunity to make a lasting impression.
Greenkeeping, November 2011. Page: 8


Coming up Trumps.
Author: Scott MacCallum
The new Trump International Golf Links, in Aberdeen, has created numerous headlines and it looks set to live up to all the hype. An interview with architect Martin Hawtreee and John Banbury of Create Turfgrass.
Greenkeeper International, November 2011. Pages: 22-27

Lost hole: the Addington.
Author: Adam Lawrence
JF Abercrombie built a second course for the Addington in 1933. This was sacrificed to build a housing estate following World War Two.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 26, October 2011. Page: 22

On site: Golfbaan De Stippelberg, Gemert-Bakel, Netherlands.
Author: Adam Lawrence
A new course that has made a successful debut in the south of the Netherlands. Architects: Gerard Jol, Philip Spogard and Michael van der Vaart.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 26, October 2011. Pages: 38-41

Kemp's course.
Author: Nigel Harte
John Kemp, the Askernish Golf Club development manager, has been tasked with using his golf club as a tool for economic regeneration. The Club uses no fertilisers or pesticides, is shared with grazing livestock and will off coaching in Gaelic.
Golf Club Management, November 2011. Pages: 10-11

On site: Dismal River, Mullen, Nebraska, USA.
Second course under construction at Nebraska sandhills retreat. Architect: Tom Doak.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 26, October 2011. Pages: 42-43

On site: The Wisley, Church nine, Surrey, UK.
Upmarket club embraces sustainable course management. Architect: Bruce Charlton
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 26, October 2011. Pages: 45-47

Golf course design: just say Yas.
Author: Robert Fletcher
The critically-acclaimed Yas Links opened recently amid much hype in both the Middle East, where it resides, and around the world.
Greenkeeping, November 2011. Page: 10


STRI announces 2011 Golf Environment Awards Winners.
The Golf Environment Awards are sponsored by Ransomes Jacobsen and Campey Turf Care Systems, CountyTurf, Everris, Syngenta and media sponsors Golf Monthly and Greenkeeping. The winner of this year’s Overall Achievement Award is Loch Lomond Golf Club.
Golf Business News, November 3 2011.

STRI Golf Environment Awards: 2011 winner.
Author: Richard Stuttard
The scheme is designed to highlight the 'greener side' of UK golf and inspire others to kick start the environmental side of their operations. The Overall Achievment Award went to Loch Lomand Golf Club.
Greenkeeper International, November 2011. Pages: 34-38

Waste chemicals buried on golf course.
THE Environment Agency has launched an investigation after being tipped off about waste buried illegally at Hinksey Heights Golf Course.
Oxford Mail, 23 November 2011.

Environmental management: don't be a silly fuel.
Author: Tim Early
Golf clubs that store diesel for course machinery are at risk from attracting thieves with the possibility of leakage & a subsequent environmental disaster. The answer is to link your diesel tank to a wash pad that uses microbes to eat contaminants.
Greenkeeping, November 2011. Page: 15

Environmental management: linked in.
Author: Paul Rooney
The Sand Dune and Shingle Network has been given government funding to promote sustainable coastal dune management among links courses in the UK.
Greenkeeping, November 2011. Pages: 24-25

Environmental management: green party.
Author: Bob Taylor
The STRI's Bob Taylor examines how commercialism and environmentalism go together.
Greenkeeping, November 2011. Page: 26


Aesthetics should not thrump playability.
Author: Darin S Bevard
When did the visual aspects of the golf course become so important at the expense of playability to the average golfer?
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 49, no 44, December 2 2011. Page: 1

Health & Safety

Golfer wins damages over eye 'explosion'.
A golfer who lost an eye after he was hit by a wayward ball has won almost £400,000 in damages.
BBC News website, 4 November.

Legal threat forces club to install £40k fence.
City of Belfast Golf Club has been forced to erect a £40,000 fence following legal action from a neighbouring resident concerned about the risk of flying golf balls.
Golf Club Management, November 2011. Page: 6


Talking points: the dead zone.
Author: Robert J Vasilak
Ron Whitten of Golf Digest and Brad Klein of Golfweek were recently asked to comment on the current state of golf design. What they said won't bring any cheer to architects who haven't already established a foothold in the business.
World Golf Report, November 11 2011.

Trend hunter (industry surveys).
Author: Nigel Harte
Three major surveys on golf have been carried our detailing the lifestyle habits of members, the attitudes of potential golfers and the fiscal performance of clubs over the last two years.
Golf Club Management, November 2011. Pages: 12-18

Rio announces finalists for the design of the golf course.
The organizers of Brazil's Olympic Games have whittled the golf course design competition to an Elite Eight, including EIGCA member Martin Hawtree.
Rio 2016 website, December 2 2011.

Golf funds Marrakech water plant.
Golf development is playing a major role in improving the quality of life for the million-plus inhabitants of the Moroccan city of Marrakech.
Golf Course Architecture, 30 November 2011.

Sustainable Development

St Andrews Links achieves prestigious GEO Certified™ ecolabel
St Andrews Links has become the first Open Championship venue to achieve the prestigious GEO Certified(TM) ecolabel in recognition of its sustainability commitment and achievements.
Golf Business News, November 10 2011.

Additional revenue streams: renewable energy.
Author: Marc Stanton
Recently introduced government Feed-in Tariffs have proved to be a great success and offer golf clubs an opportunity to reduce their electricity costs. Plus Buyer's Guide.
Golf Club Management, November 2011. Pages: 20-32

A 'zero-waste' golf course - is it possible?
Author: Patrick J Gross
Dairy Creek Golf Club in San Luis Obispo, California, is making efforts to become the first zero-waste golf facility in the USA. The overall goal is to recyle and reuse all products used and to completely eliminate the need to haul any waste to landfill.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 49, no 43, November 18 2011. Pages: 1-2


Avoid the Yarrow March.
Author: Dr Terry Mabbett
Yarrow (Achillea millefoliumis) is a successful and serious weed of managed turf. By nature all broad-leaf plants in managed turf will display at least some of well-established weed attributes but yarrow has virtually the lot.
Greenkeeper International, November 2011. Pages: 28-30

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