Date: Wed 07 Dec 2011

Toro Introduces a new, easy to use Central Control System

The Toro Company, the worldwide leader in golf equipment and irrigation solutions, is proud to introduce the Lynx Central Control System for golf irrigation. Lynx brings all essential course information into a single user-friendly interface so you can make quick, intuitive decisions.

Lynx Brochure

The Lynx Central Control System gives golf course professionals instant access to past, present and planned course management information from multiple irrigation system components including weather and pump stations, electrical systems, sprinklers, intelligent field controllers, Toro Turf Guard® wireless soil sensors, and more. Lynx’s distinct user interface combines all essential data and intuitively presents the important information superintendents need-including alerts and scheduled irrigation run times-in one location and in an easy-to-use format.

With its quick setup and operation, Lynx gives greenkeepers the flexibility to customize their system to match the way they visualize their course. The Instant Program feature has a simple check-box selection, which allows superintendents to instantly create and add new irrigation programs.

Dynamic drilldown of information allows users to see the information they need at a specific time, so they can focus only on the areas of their course that require attention. It also gives greenkeepers the capability to easily designate preset or customized water distribution patterns based on the entire course, specific holes or individual sprinkler heads. And, after setup is complete, all programs can be accessed for manual operation from the field using either a handheld radio or a smartphone.

Lynx gives greenkeepers a fast and accurate way to set up and manage water so that it gets applied exactly when and where it is needed. Exclusive features such as an auto-generated Course Report let greenkeepers know if and when their irrigation ran as planned, or if they need to step in and make changes based on course conditions presented by the system. If changes are required, they can be implemented easily through the intuitive user interface or by using an editable irrigation layer on the user’s course map.

Lynx is available in three levels differentiated by capacity and features. While each level (Lynx SE, Lynx PE and Lynx CE) includes all essential irrigation control features, the PE and CE versions include additional advanced features, which are ideal for larger and more complex hydraulic systems.

Lynx is available now from Toro. For more information about Lynx and other Toro Golf Irrigation products, visit or contact your local Toro representative.

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