Date: Wed 07 Dec 2011

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Barenbrug - GreenEarth Golf Mixtures

John Deere - Supporting World Class Golf Experience

Ransomes Jacobsen - Playing Their Part for the Environment

Barenbrug - GreenEarth Golf Mixtures


In the search for the most economical and ecological use of resources the golf industry forms no exception. Therefore Barenbrug has included several golf mixtures to her GreenEarth line, a line developed to provide the most durable and economical solution when it comes to grass.

Among the GreenEarth golf mixtures Barenbrug offers Bar Duo Bent, Bar Fescue, and the new mixture Bar Fescue Plus. These golf mixtures provide high quality grass year round with the least amount of recourses necessary. As a result the GreenEarth mixtures reduce the need for both water and fertilizers and at the same time create grass that needs less mowing. This way Barenbrug can provide golf courses with the most durable and economical solution for their grass demands.

Whether it is on the Green, Fairway, Tee or Rough; with the Barenbrug GreenEarth golf mixtures there is always the choice for a durable, economical and ecological solution for every modern day golf course.

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John Deere - Supporting World Class Golf Experience

Trump Course
Trump Group

Trump International Golf Links Scotland has employed a comprehensive fleet of John Deere course maintenance equipment since the final shaping of the new course and growing in of the turf started in earnest last spring.

Already known as a world class golf course developer, business magnate Donald Trump has stated that this £750 million development along a spectacular stretch of dune coastline on the Menie estate, north of Aberdeen, has the potential to be the greatest course anywhere in the world.

Links superintendent John Bambury was initially employed by the Trump organisation to oversee the grow-in of the course, designed by respected architect Martin Hawtree. As he explains, a very high bar has been set in terms of the standards of the course’s design and construction: “The fairways have to better than the best tee boxes, the tee boxes have to be better than the best greens, and the greens have to be better than anywhere else in the world.”

As a first step, following delivery of the turf, the course needed the right choice of course maintenance equipment from the start of the growing in period. “The equipment had to be put in place very quickly, and John Deere did a very good job for us in this respect,” says John. The new John Deere dealer for the area, The Double A Trading Company, was recently voted Professional Turfcare Dealer of the Year at this year’s 2011 Industry Awards.

“Martin Hawtree has come up with the perfect course design, using the natural topography, and it’s really a remarkable achievement,” says John Bambury. “It marries the contrasting elements of a rugged, beautiful landscape and pristine grass surfaces and makes them totally complementary, while maintaining the essential links experience.”

    See the full story in the Spring 2012 edition of John Deere’s TurfPower newsletter, available from John Deere dealers, or on the company’s website at after next January’s BTME & Clubhouse 2012 show in Harrogate.

Ransomes Jacobsen - Playing Their Part for the Environment

Clacton 0351

With increased environmental issues affecting the general perception of golf, it’s the industry’s responsibility to do as much as possible to promote the positives.

At Ransomes Jacobsen we are proud of our commitment to the environment, particularly being the first company within the turf care industry to attain ISO 14001, the international standard for environmental management.

We see ISO 14001:2004 as part of the whole business process rather than just an addition. It’s not just about managing our impact on the environment, but also about reducing our impact on the environment. Driving environmental performance has been our marketing strategy for many years, but it’s more than that. We have adopted this as a company-wide philosophy and it encompasses everything we do.

Our equipment is also becoming more environmentally friendly, with biodegradable hydraulic fluids being used extensively and, in some instances, removing hydraulic systems all together. Our latest Eclipse 322 riding greens mower uses hybrid power or a battery pack to produce electricity which runs all the systems on the machine. In this case, the machine has no hydraulic fluids at all.

We are also the only equipment manufacturer that has an End-of-Life Mower disposal programme. Introduced in 2007 it is marketed under the acronym ELMO and ensures that equipment is disposed of in accordance with the European Union’s End-of-Life Vehicle Directive.

Finally, we are a premier partner of the Golf Environment Organisation (GEO), whose remit includes running the leading certification programme for golf facilities and new developments; building and promoting an international network of experts in sustainable golf; and fostering a wide community interested in and committed to sustainability in golf.

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