Date: Wed 07 Dec 2011

'grow the game of GOLF' Update

New Look New Feel

The 'grow the game of Golf' website is in full swing and hitting the headlines around the world! 8 Leading European partners are dedicated to promoting the website, which has gone through a makeover to look more vibrant. The header is more appealing and new initiatives have been added, to mention a few improvements.

New Initiatives on the 'grow the game of GOLF' website

Golf course owners and operators can now find new initiatives and information to assist them in their own efforts to organize similar projects at their golf course.

Flogton - ("not golf," backwards) mission is to grow golf for everyone by embracing innovative and entrepreneurial solutions.

Formats - Various versions of the game to add an element of fun depending on your level of play.

Flying Eagle Pilates - Core training workout geared specifically towards golfers and seniors.

Slovenia Plays Golf - This system has made playing golf more accessible by obtaining a license to play at 99€ which allows you to play at golf clubs

Over Age 45's - A project offering taster sessions to people aged 45 years and over who have never played golf or who would like to get back into the sport.

Tee it Forward - To help golfers have more fun on the course and enhance their overall experience by playing from a set of tees best suited to their abilities.

Power Play Golf - Two holes are cut on each putting green, you decide the risk and reward.

Statistics updated on website

In addition, there is a comprehensive updated range of 2011 graphics and statistics, which illustrate player numbers and relative growth in a variety of countries, as well as testimonials from leading European golf organisations and key industry players.

Growth of golf in Europe was slowing in 2010 but there has been a drastic dip to -2.40% in 2011. These drastic statistics should give us a reason to implement new changes in our approach towards getting more players into the game.

Visit the website for golf's growth rate in your country.

Tarav promoting the website at the recent EGCOA Conference

Tarav promoting the website at the recent EGCOA Conference

Contact Information

For more information or to send in your initiatives please contact:

Tarav Badhwar
Project leader – Grow the Game of Golf
Danzigerkade 8
1013 AP Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone: + 31 (0)203306103
Fax: +31 (0)203306105

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