Date: Mon 16 Jan 2012

Taking responsibility for water

Water is our most vital resource and global water security is a really important agenda. Alongside food and energy security, water security is central to economic growth, health and social well-being in all countries. Published by the UK Government Office for Science this report looks at these issues. It’s very timely as the United Nations also published a report looking at the potential threats arising to food production from land degradation and water shortages.

Taking Responsibility for water

In the UK, we take for granted that water supply meets demand, with households and businesses expecting access to this precious commodity at all times. In other parts of the world, many poor people are less fortunate, without such easy access to water and services like sanitation.

This is a real priority issue. It is important to realise that in our interconnected world individual countries like the UK cannot think about water in isolation. Every country draws on the water resources of those countries they trade with, in the form of water contained in food and used to manufacture products. Each country has its water footprint that can extend well beyond its borders.

(Taken from the Official blog from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills where Ministers, policymakers and guest bloggers share and discuss their work and ideas.- by Professor Sir John Beddington)

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