Date: Mon 27 Feb 2012

Landscape Planning - Ecology Services 2012

We have received the latest Ecology Newsletter for Spring 2012 from Landscape Planning which deals with the project management of constraints surrounding ecology.

Ecology Services Newsletter 2012

Planning guidance specifically states that the presence of protected species and their habitat is a material planning consideration (PPS 9, Paragraph 15 and 16). UK Wildlife Legislation and European Habitat Regulations require that, where land is thought to contain a protected species and is likely to be affected by a planning proposal or application, landowners must carry out surveys to determine the presence or absence of such species in order that appropriate mitigation can be developed to safeguard species’ interest and prevent offences under the relevant legislation.

Where appropriate, landowners must provide sufficient information concerning the protected species population, evaluation of its importance, and an assessment of impact and proposals for mitigation before works can begin. All applicants must show that they have considered these issues, which will be initially highlighted by an Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey.

Past records for the area may be held by conservation bodies such as Natural England or local Wildlife Trusts, but additional survey work is often required and must be undertaken by those with the necessary specialist skills required to obtain the information. If considered early enough in the planning stage, ecological issues can be reduced and in some cases, could be of benefit.

You can download this Newsletter here:

Ecology Services Newsletter 2012

Landscape Planning are licensed to carry out the full range of ecological surveys to the highest standards and have extensive experience of the planning process. Contact them at

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