Date: Mon 27 Feb 2012

What's in the news?

A round up of recently published articles from a range of magazines and online newsletters. All the usual titles have been covered, including the latest issues of Golf Course Architecture, Golf Management Europe, Greenkeeper International, and Greenkeeping.


Harry Colt: the birth of the modern.
Author: Adam Lawrence
Adam Lawrence explains why he believes Colt to be the most important designer in the history of golf.
Golf Course Architecture, No 27, January 2012. Pages: 20-25

Lollygaggers need not apply.
Author: Tony Dear
How does one become a golf course architect? Not easily, that's for sure. And once there, how does a young designer survive in today's unfriendly financial climate?


Lost hole: Sitwell Park, Yorkshire, UK.
Author: Robin Hiseman
Alister MacKenzie's extraordinary par three twelfth at Sitwell Park, near Rotherham, South Yorkshire, is arguably the most iconic 'lost hole'.
Golf Course Architecture, No 27, January 2012. Pages: 26-27

Doing more with less.
Author: Adam Lawrence
A look at how architects can help golf courses make maintenance more efficient without sacrificing their appeal.
Golf Course Architecture, No 27, January 2012. Pages: 30-35

The Classics.
Author: Thomas Dunne
The successful debut of Tom Doak & Jim Urbina's Old Macdonald, the latest course at Bandon Dunes, has brought classic design principles back into the limelight. These eight iconic hole designs arose more than a century ago but they are still good.
Links Magazine, Fall 2011. Pages: 36-41


Lost treasure.
Author: Darius Oliver
A review of the second course at Barnbougle Dunes - Bill Coore's 20-hole Lost Farm - in Tasmania.
Links Magazine, Fall 2011. Pages: 46-49

Royal Aberdeen.
Author: Malcolm Campbell
A look at Royal Aberdeen, the sixth oldest club in the world, which will be hosting the Walker Cup.
Links Magazine, Fall 2011. Pages: 64-65

Royal Isabella.
Author: Jeff Wallach
Review of a new course in Puerto Rico, designed by Charles and Stanley Pasarell, aided by architect David Pfaff.
Links Magazine, Fall 2011. Pages: 42-45

Club profile: the Bishopbriggs Golf Club
Author: Colin Victor
For generations, The Bishopbriggs Golf Club has enjoyed a strong following, continuing through leaner times, due in part to the 18-hole parkland course’s location in the busy town of Bishopbriggs, five miles north of Glasgow.
Golf Club Management, 4 January 2012.

The Marriott Forest of Arden.
Profile of the Forest of Arden, a Marriott Hotel & Country Club in the heart of the West Midlands, near Solihull.
Golf Range News, February 2012.

2011 Development of the Year.
Author: Tierney Plumb
With entrants from 19 countries, this year's competition was our stiffest ever, with a surprising first place winner - EIGCA members, Philip Spogard and Michael van der Vaart - and finalists that would have won in other years.
Golf Inc, Winter 2012. Pages: 32-43

Doak's ode to Old Macdonald.
Author: Tierney Plumb
Tom Doak tackled Old Macdonald, Bandon Dunes's fourth course, with enthusiasm and a promise to move as little dirt as possible.
Golf Inc, Winter 2012. Pages: 40-41

Club profile: Roseberry Grange Community Golf Club.
Author: Tania Longmire
Roseberry Grange Community Golf Club, which features an 18-hole course plus a driving range, is bucking the trend for falling memberships with members already enquiring about subs for next year.
Golf Club Management, 1 January 2012.

Club profile: Royal Jersey Golf Club.
Royal Jersey has graced the Channel Island’s picturesque east coast for the last 135 years, since its establishment as the island’s second oldest course.
Golf Club Management, 4 January 2012.

Club profile: Walmer & Kingsdown Golf Club.
Author: Tania Longmire
Established in 1909, Walmer & Kingsdown was officially opened on April 17 that year with a match between James Braid, the course designer, and famed US professional golfer Harry Vardon.
Golf Club Management, 15 January 2012.

A jewel in the sun.
Author: David Bowers
Located on the mediterranean island of Mallorca, Son Gual is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of Europe's finest golf courses.
Golf Management Europe, Issue 82, February 2012. Pages: 37-39

Moortown Golf Club, Leeds, England
EIGCA Past President, Ken Moodie, is working to restore MacKenzie's second course.
Golf Course Architecture, No 27, January 2012. Pages: 42-43

Finding the key to progress (Chipping Sodbury GC).
Author: Scott MacCallum
Profile of Chipping Sodbury Golf Club, which is finding a way to move forward in difficult times.
Greenkeeper International, February 2012. Pages: 16-20

A golfing Renaissance...
Author: Richard Stuttard
The Renaissance Club (TRC), on the coast of the Firth of Forth, is a very special place to play golf. With its ecologically rich surroundings and visually stunning location, this young course, constructed in 2006, is quite remarkable.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, Issue 256, January 2012. Pages: 34-36


Why the 2010 Ryder Cup was the greenest one ever.
Author: Colin Victor
According to Welsh environment minister Jane Davidson this was because emissions were lower than any other Ryder Cup. And this could help golf clubs cut their carbon footprints, and with it their expenditure, when hosting big golf events.
Golf Club Management, 1 January 2012.

Landscaping and wildlife protection.
Author: Vicket Smith
A look at the reasons why landscaping and wildlife protection is so important in flood alleviation schemes and the implications for developers and the wider community.
Landscape and Urban Design, Jan/Feb 2012. Pages: 16-19

The incredible eco story that is Loch Lomond Golf Club.
Author: Alistair Dunsmuir
Loch Lomond Golf Club in Scotland is also one of the most eco-friendly havens on this planet. Both the location that hosts the course and even the surrounding area are ecologically rich due to the extraordinary efforts of the course management team.
Golf Club Management, 15 January 2012.

Drought summit highlights water use efficiency.
An emergency ‘Drought Summit’, called this week by the UK’s land resources agency, DEFRA, has highlighted the perilous state of the water reserves. Parts of England are already experiencing a drought, which is likely to continue into the summer.
Golf Business News, February 22 2012.

Golf - the Game

Tailor courses for women, says study.
Courses that tailor their facilities to appeal to women golfers will prosper as a result, according to a new piece of research. Better financial results and quicker pace of play are among the benefits of following best practices for women golfers.
Golf Course Architecture, 23 February 2012.


A first for Bulgaria.
Author: Jordan Fairweather
BIGGA member, Jordan Fairweather, describes his time working in one of the world’s newer golfing destinations.
Greenkeeper International, February 2012. Pages: 26-29

Synthetic turf - is Asia ready to go down his road yet?
Author: Kevin Holinaty
An interview with Kevin Holinaty, the president of Southwest Green Golf Solutions.
Asian Golf Business, February 2012. Pages: 24-29

Bunker maintenance is now child's play..
Launched at the BTME show in January 2011, EnviroBunker - a sustainable solution to bunker face erosion - celebrated its first anniversary at this years show having already established an outstanding portfolio including St Andrews Links and Turnberry
Golf Management Europe, Issue 82, February 2012. Pages: 22-23

Golfers want smooth, not fast greens.
British club golfers reckon that smooth ball roll, not green speed, is most important, according to a new survey.
Golf Course Architecture, , 22 January 2012.

Drainage: Pipe out.
Author: Kath Bentley
With more golf courses open for play during the winter months, good drainage is eesential to prevent problems in the spring.
Greenkeeping, February 2012. Pages: 22-25

And now for something completely different (Part 3) How different are we?
Author: Paul Woodham
An examination of the opinions on playing quality and performance behind golfers' demands for increased green speed.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, Issue 256, January 2012. Pages: 10-14

Economy of the course: Course works.
Author: Jay Dobson
With limited funds to spend, golf venues need to be selective about what they invest in. But, according to STRI agronomist, Jay Dobson, if the course loses out, then the club has no future.
Greenkeeping, January 2012. Pages: 6-10

Health & Safety

Risk assessments can prevent huge payouts for golf injuries.
A recent court ruling in the case of a golfer who was blinded in one eye after being struck by a golf ball could have serious implications for golfers, golf club managers and firms who run golfing away days for staff and clients.
Golf Club Management, 15 January 2012.

Risk and reward takes on a 'hole' new meaning.
Author: Michael Brookers
How much could a member or visiting golfer cost your club? A look at the importance of specialist insurance.
Golf Management Europe, Issue 82, February 2012. Pages: 16-17


First nine open at new Egypt course.
The first nine holes of the El Ein Bay golf development in Ain Sokhna, Egypt have opened. The course has been designed by London-based firm Thomson Perrett & Lobb.
Golf Business News, January 20 2012.

Two faces of golf in South Korea.
It was not too long ago when golf pundits were enthusiastically singing the praises of South Korea as a dynamic growth market for golf. This have now changed and late last year there was already talk about gloom and doom settling over the industry.
Asian Golf Business, February 2012. Pages: 38-41

Norfolk Golf Club reverts to farmland.
The Norfolk Golf and Country Club, has sold its golf and leisure complex. The 159 acre rural site located in central north Norfolk will revert to its original use as farmland and the clubhouse will be put to a suitable compatible use.
Golf Business News, February 7 2012.

Edwards and Rock at work in Surrey.
EIGCA member, James Edwards, has begun work on a renovation of the 108 year old Leatherhead Golf Club in Surrey. Edwards is being assisted on the project by European Tour star, Robert Rock.
Golf Course Architecture, , 6 February 2012.

Hemstock at work in Uganda
EIGCA member, David Hemstock, has completed a reconstruction project at the privately owned Mehta Golf Course in Lugazi, an hour east of the Ugandan capital, Kampala.
Golf Course Architecture, , 7 February 2012.

International operator: how Dana Garmany took Troon Golf global.
Interview with Dana Garmany of Trron Golf on the future of golf.
Golf Business Community (KPMG), 1 December 2011.

Land sell-off to aid development plans at Brynhill
South Wales club, Brynhill GC, has announced proposals to sell off land for a 180-dwelling development and to remodel its 18-hole course.
Golf Management Europe, Issue 82, February 2012. Page: 11

Fairway to Rio
Author: John Newport
By the end of next week, (now postponed) a winner will be chosen to create the course that the world's elite golfers will play at the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro.
The Wall Street Journal, January 27 2012.

Outlook for golf real estate in Europe, Middle East and Africa - return to the Mediterranean?
Author: Andrea Sartori
With challenging economic conditions set to continue, what is the outlook for integrated golf real estate developments in Europe, the Middle East and Africa?
Golf Business Community (KPMG), January 17 2012.

Second course to open at Castelfalfi.
German developer TUI will open the second course at its Castelfalfi resort in Tuscany, Italy, in the spring. Architects Rainer Preißmann and Wilfried Moroder completed work on the Lake course at Castelfalfi last November.
Golf Course Architecture, , 8 February 2012.

Construction starts at Leeds Golf Centre on 18-hole course upgrade.
Author: Jonathan Gaunt
Construction started on site in January 2012 and is expected to be completed by May 2012. The new facilities will be brought into play in Autumn 2012.
Golf Business News, January 25 2012.

TPL appointed to design new course in Nigeria.
Thomson Perrett & Lobb has signed a contract to design a new course outside the Nigerian city of Calabar. The eighteen hole course will be built on a dramatic riverside site just outside the city, the capital of Cross River State.
Golf Business News, February 17 2012.

Golf construction on hold in China, Dyes wait patiently.
China, once the world’s hottest golf market, is now all but frozen stiff, thanks mostly to the latest ban on construction that threatens farm land, which the Chinese view as one of their most vital natural resources.
Golf Business Community (KPMG), 7 February 2012.

Lynch leads tee project at Hermitage.
EIGCA member Jeff Lynch has started on a tee renovation programme at the historic Hermitage Golf Club in Dublin.
Golf Course Architecture, , 1 February 2012.


Irrigation: Freeze frame.
Author: Graema Francis
As water can freeze in cold weather, irrigation systems can get damaged, leading to costly repairs, which many golf clubs experienced during previous winters. The right preparation can avoid this.
Greenkeeping, January 2012. Page: 30

How to ensure your irrigation system does not break down in winter
The spring of 2011 was a boom time for UK irrigation service companies. Many reported a huge upturn in business at a time when the industry was contracting. The reason is very simple. A significant number of systems had been damaged during the winter.
Golf Club Management, 15 January 2012.


What every golfer want.
Author: Rod Burke
Understanding exactly what attracts players to a course is essential for greenkeepers and mangers to prioritise their efforts in enhancing the golfers’ playing experience. The Syngenta Golf Player Survey tries to identify what players actually want.
Greenkeeper International, February 2012. Pages: 22-25


Soil analysis - matching the numbers is essential.
Author: Andy Cole
Soil analyses results obtained by a professional, accredited laboratory provide the turf grower or developer with precise information on the chemical and physical properties of the growing medium.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, Issue 256, January 2012. Pages: 29-31


Disease and health of the soil: A fist full of dollars.
Author: Dr Ruth Mann
Dollar spot and fusarium patch have become more prevalent on British courses in the last 12 months. A look at how the fungicides that can treat them should be used.
Greenkeeping, February 2012. Pages: 6-7

A syntheitic solution.
Author: Sam Ballard
With the industry constantly looking at different ways to expand the game of golf, the advances in synthetic turf are looking more lucrative than ever. An interview with the creators of Amsteldijk, a new facility that uses synthetic grass.
Golf Course Architecture, No 27, January 2012. Pages: 36-37

Wonder of wonders.
Author: Henry Bechelet
This is a case study resulting from a recent STRI Programme visit to make an agronomy assessment. It hopefully shows how a thorough assessment can bring about a clear understanding of the situation which can then lead to improved decision making.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, Issue 256, January 2012. Pages: 5-9

Freezing temperatures pose turf management problems
Plummeting temperatures has put a halt to turf growth, after a record-breaking mild winter that kept turf growing far longer than normal.
Golf Business News, February 1 2012.

Turf diseases - when and where to look and how to identify them.
Author: Dr Terry Mabbett
Dr Terry Mabbett looks at the five most common turf diseases in the UK - fusarium, basal rot anthracnose, red thread disease, dollar spot and fairy rings - and offers advice on how to identify, or more ideally avoid, them
Greenkeeper International, February 2012. Pages: 56-61

Does turf composition affest putting green firmness?
Author: Brian Whitlark
Putting green firmness can be predicted depending on a number of factors, but is turf composition one of them?
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, Issue 256, January 2012. Pages: 32-33

A refressher on pesticide use.
Author: Kieran Baker
Plant protection products are designed to control the pests and diseases that may ravage our turf, rendering it unsightly and unplayable. When used correctly, they provide the final weapon in our armoury to maintain optimal playing surfaces.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, Issue 256, January 2012. Pages: 39-41

Weed focus: ragwort.
Author: Graham Paul
Ragwort provides a source of food and nectar for around 200 invertebrate species in the UK; however it is poisonous to livestock and the is a legal requirement (in the UK) to control it if it is likely to spread to neighbouring pastures.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, Issue 256, January 2012. Pages: 15-17

Turfgrass piracy!
Just as with the copyright violating piracy of music, software, movies or designer clothes and handbags, the illicit act of using a patented, improved grass cultivar without paying the owner of the grass now falls into the category of piracy.
Asian Golf Business, February 2012. Pages: 8-13

Off-types in ultradwarf putting greens.
Author: Todd Lowe; John Foy
Spot infestations of different bermudagrasses in putting greens are a resurfacing issue with the ultradwarf cultivars.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 50, no 2, January 20 2012.

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