Date: Tue 10 Apr 2012

KPMG's Survey of 90 Golf Tour Operators Regarding the Latest Trends in Golf Tourism

Golf tourism, in its own right, has developed into a successful business, and there are numerous tour operators tailoring their offers to the specific needs of golfers all over the world. Whether as a primary motivation for a holiday or simply as a secondary activity, golf attracts millions of holidaymakers worldwide. According to IAGTO, international golf tourism exceeded 50 million travellers in 2011.

KPMG Golf Travel Insights

Golf tourists purchase many different goods and services while on their trip, supporting a wide range of businesses such as hotels, restaurants, retailers and, of course, golf facilities themselves through the purchase of green fees, golf equipment and cart rental. IAGTO estimates golfers’ spend to be 120% more than that of other travellers’.

While golf tourism demand still lags behind the volume of pre-crisis years, we were pleased to note that the number of golf tourists was on the increase in 2011 and there are several emerging golf destinations in the market. Nearly three-quarters of the tour operators surveyed are also positive about the future.

You can download the report here:

KPMG Golf Travel Insights

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