Date: Tue 10 Apr 2012

Syngenta Study: Cost Of Play And Greens’ Quality Attract Golfers

A new survey of golfers has found that the condition of golf greens is the most important factor when it comes to judging how attractive a golf club is. This even beat the cost of membership or green fees into second place in the Syngenta UK Golf Player Survey, which polled over 300 British golfers.

Syngentia UK Golf Player Survey

The research asked golfers to rank 15 factors in importance when it comes to assessing how good a facility is, and clubhouse factors, including ambience, food and drink service, shop merchandise and buggy availability, all fell in the bottom six ratings.

Overall, the design of the golf course was rated as the third most important factor, but for low handicap players, it was deemed even more relevant than the cost of play. Course design was, overall, considered the prime factor most likely to attract new players, pipping the aesthetics and environment of the course into second place.

The condition of the fairways also ranked very highly among all golfers.

For over 70 per cent of players, being able to frequently observe birds and wildlife, and environmental initiatives being deployed by the club, is considered to be highly important.

You can download the report here:

Syngentia UK Golf Player Survey

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