Date: Mon 21 May 2012

Toro Introduces the Network VPE Field Satellite

In February, The Toro Company introduced the Network VPE Satellite controller for golf irrigation, the newest member of the company’s most advanced and intuitive family of field controllers. Since its launch in 2004, the Network VP Satellite has provided intuitive control, secure back-up watering, two way communication and superior surge protection to the golf industry.

VPE satellite

The recently launched Network VPE Satellite incorporates the advanced functions of the top-selling VP Satellite system, like a large back-lit easy to use intuitive faceplate, advanced programming and run times to the second and it includes features that make it ideal for the international market like multi-language display, field-based firmware updates and an affordable selection of models.

The Network VPE Satellite can be set to display diagnostics, run time information and other critical information in seven different languages including English, French, Italian and Spanish. “For a maintenance worker that needs to fix an issue in the field, it helps if they’re able to assess the situation in their language,” says Toro International Sr. Product Manager John Dalman, “we asked experienced field personnel around the world to review the commands in their language to make sure the information is clear and understandable.” The new satellites also have the ability to upgrade their technology by simply using a pre-programmed flash disk on the pedestal’s USB port. This will make it easy to keep the system updated with the latest technology.

Lynx brochure page

The VPE works with Lynx, Toro’s newest central control system. When combined with Lynx, a system using the VPE satellite will have features not available with any other system. The two-way communication with Lynx ensures that any field issues will be immediately addressed and satellite program synchronization stores flow-managed programs in the satellite to provide the most efficient watering even in the event of a central communication malfunction.

The introduction of the Network VPE Satellite to the international golf community is sure to let international greenkeepers know what current users of the Network VP already know; Toro is the right choice in field controllers and the right choice in golf irrigation.

For further information visit or contact your local Toro representative.

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