Date: Mon 21 May 2012

Rain Bird® 751 Golf Rotors with Rapid-Adjust Technology Offer Full- or Part-Circle Irrigation with the Twist of a Screw

More than ever before, golf courses need irrigation technology that provides top performance, water-efficiency, versatility and value. Now, Rain Bird is helping golf course superintendents and managers make the most of every euro with Rain Bird’s Full- and Part-Circle 751 Golf Rotors, featuring Rapid-Adjust Technology and Memory Arc®.

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As any superintendent knows, a course’s watering needs can change from day-to-day. Rain Bird® 751 Golf Rotors make it possible for superintendents to easily and quickly adjust watering on greens, fairways or roughs as needed. These new rotors offer simple, top-adjustable rotation settings that retain the memory of their part-circle arc setting when shifting between full- and part-circle operations. This unique product is designed to offer quick adjustments for the life of the rotor with just a turn of a screw.

As a result, these new rotors allow superintendents to increase or decrease the watering area with a simple twist of the wrist. However, it’s not necessary to completely replace an existing Rain Bird rotor in order to enjoy the benefits of the new 751 model. Courses with older Rain Bird rotors currently installed can easily integrate the 751’s Rapid-Adjust Technology.

In addition to Rapid-Adjust Technology, Rain Bird 751 Golf Rotors offer the performance and durability that superintendents have come to expect from Rain Bird. Field and laboratory tests have found the 751 Rotors to be up to 23 percent more efficient than those offered by the next-closest competitor — with durability that helps the rotors last up to 10 times longer. With larger water droplets and reliable pressure regulation, Rain Bird rotors consistently deliver even distribution for healthier playing surfaces and a lower total cost of ownership.

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