Date: Mon 03 Sep 2012

What's in the news?

A round up of recently published articles from a range of magazines and online newsletters. All the usual titles have been covered, including the latest issues of Golf Management Europe, Greenkeeper International and Greenkeeping.


Hurdzan named 2013 recipient of Old Tom Morris Award.
Mike Hurdzan, who has gained critical acclaim for his golf course design with a focus on environmental stewardship & affordability, has been selected to receive the 2013 Old Tom Morris Award by the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America.
GCSAA Industry Spotlight, 31 July 2012.


Economy of Scale at Hartl (Hartl Resort at Bad Griesbach in Lower Bavaria).
Author: Mark Alexander
The resort, founded in 1970, consists of five 18-hole championship courses (three designed by Bernhard Langer), a 200-bay driving range and a 72-hole practice putting green, three 9-hole courses and two 6-hole practice courses.
Golf Management Europe, Issue 85, August 2012. Pages: 19-21

Chadwell Heath... green; urban; inclusive.
Author: Aidan Patrick
As the sporting world is focused on London , an urban golf design on the outskirts of the city is winning design awards. The project at Chadwell Heath Golf Club in London was designed by architects Weller Designs.
Golf Management Europe, Issue 85, August 2012. Pages: 40-41

Machrihanish Dunes.
Author: Thomas Dunne
Profile of Machrihanish Dunes, the first links course built on the west coast of Scotland in 100 years. Architect David Macay Kidd.
Links Insider, 17 August 2012.

The BIGGA test.
Author: Jim Cook
Profile of Irvine Golf Club, at Bogside in Scotland, which will host the BIGGA National Championship 2012.
Greenkeeper International, August 2012. Pages: 24-29


Going green with solar panels.
Author: Andrew J Jorgensen
Solar energy options today are capable of meeting lectrical needs for golf course maintenance facilities and can pay for themselves over time.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 50, No 16, August 3 2012.

Golf - the Game

England Golf Partnership supports 60 60 Golf roll out.
The England Golf Partnership (EGP), which works to grow the game of golf, is supporting plans by 60 60 Golf to roll out a fun, fast driving range version of the sport.
Golf Business News, August 24 2012.

Bitesize Golf - a simple, structured solution.
A new company has been launched that creates a unique development pathway that brings new young players into the game.
Golf Range News, August 2012. Pages: 32-36

How to 'SNAG' new golfers.
Author: Scott MacCallum
SNAG (Starting New At Golf) is really beginning to help promote the game of golf to countries across Europe, and in turn help struggling golf clubs bolster their income.
Golf Management Europe, Issue 85, August 2012. Pages: 28-29

Augusta National Golf Club admits first female members.
Augusta National and Masters Tournament chairman Billy Payne has announced that Condoleezza Rice, the former U.S. defence secretary, and Darla Moore, the banking executive, have accepted invitations to become their first two female members.
Golf Business Community (KPMG), 21 August 2012.

Golf Centres

Four Seasons Golf Resort Novis.
Profile of a golfing gem in the West Indies.
Golf Range News, August 2012. Pages: 26-28

Troia Resort, Portugal.
Over twelve hundred acres of holiday paradise, just 40 miles from Lisbon and set in a nature reserve.
Golf Range News, August 2012. Pages: 4-10


Green speed - it's not just about mowing.
Author: A J Beggs
There are improvements that can be made to day to day programmes to increase green speed. However it is important not to forget the fundamentals of agronomy when pursuing this goal and there is plenty to do before the grass is guillotined.
Golf Club Secretary, Vol 15, No 8, August 2012. Page: 64

The new plant protection products (sustainable use) regulations 2012
Author: Jon Allbutt
These new regulations are now published & came into force on the 18 July. The 1985 Regulations were clear and supported by a Code of Practice; what we have now is a badly worded & complicated set of regulations raising more questions than answers.
Golf Club Secretary, Vol 15, No 8, August 2012. Pages: 58-59

Greens rolling.
Author: Dr Christian Spring
Like many turf mainenance operations, the rolling of putting greens had yo-yoed in and out of fashion over the years.
Greenkeeper International, September 2012. Page: 56

What is thatch?
Author: Dr Terry Mabbett
Thatch is a perfectly natural, normal and important part of a sports turfsward but a balance should be maintained.
Greenkeeper International, August 2012. Pages: 40-43

Playing with thatch levels.
Author: Stephen A G Prinn
An alternative look at thatch.
Greenkeeper International, August 2012. Pages: 44-45

Aerator options.
Author: James de Havilland
The increasing availability of sub-soil aeration techniques can literally breathe new life into tired turf.
Greenkeeper International, August 2012. Pages: 46-48

Greens drainage ... A case study.
Author: Laurence Pittie
Andy Wood, Course Manager at the Rodin Hood Golf Club in Birmingham chats to Laurence Pithie of Turf Master One about the results of his drainage work on the greens, most of which was completed in 2009/2010.
Greenkeeper International, September 2012. Pages: 34-37


Irish Ayes.
Author: Mark Alexander
Of late, Ireland's economic fortunes have been mixed. Despite the downturn, a community in the south east of the country is pulling together with golf as a linchpin.
Golf Management Europe, Issue 85, August 2012. Pages: 31-33

New sixteenth hole for historic Woking.
Woking Golf Club in Surrey, one of the world’s most architecturally significant golf courses, has begun work on a complete rebuild of its par three sixteenth hole, and has hired Thomson Perrett & Lobb to carry out the work.
Golf Business News, August 31 2012.


Digital marketing... there's an App for that!
Author: Aidan Patrick
With the explosion of smartphones entering the market, one irish company has developed a range of 'appa' to help clubs grow their business.
Golf Management Europe, Issue 85, August 2012. Pages: 14-15


Drought and deluge: how best to be prepared.
Author: Kevin Nash
The weather in Europe this year has been varied to the extreme, with parts of the UK deluged with rain whilst parts of southern Europe are experiencing drought conditions. A look at how clubs can best conserve their water reserves.
Golf Management Europe, Issue 85, August 2012. Pages: 34-35

The great bores.
Author: Gavin Johnson
Water is getting more expensive and everything suggests this trend will continue. Some clubs are coping by drilling boreholes.
Greenkeeping, August 2012. Page: 30

Sustainable Development

Taking your golf event to a greener level.
Author: Christina Slape
Every year, golfers and spectators gather at amateur competitions and high-profile golf tournaments around the world. Each one of these events presents an opportunity for golf facilities to practice and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.
Sustainable Golf Practices (EIFG), Summer 2012.

Good for the environment, good for business.
Author: Christina Slape
When golf facilities promote ecologically responsible practices at tournaments, the paybacks are positive public relations, increased savings, attendee and vendor education, and involvement in the conservation of precious natural resources.
Sustainable Golf Practices (EIFG), Summer 2012.

A showcase for commitment.
Author: Greg Lyman
As the understanding and practice of sustainability grows within the golf industry, it's natural for golf facilities to pause and consider the manner in which they conduct their golf events.
Sustainable Golf Practices (EIFG), Summer 2012.


The problem with Pythium.
Author: Rob Thomas
When the thermometer is on the rise and moisture is in the air, superintendents cultivating cool-season grasses need to keep an eye out for Pythium. A series of articles on how to spot and control this fungal disease.
Golf Course Industry, July 24 2012.

Contact cut off puts summer turf health at risk
Applying a fungicide that fails to move with actively growing turf could seriously compromise any extended turf disease protection through the summer, leading to wasteful reapplication and potential loss of turf quality if disease breaks out.
Golf Business News, August 3rd 2012.

Where have my nutrients gone?
The appropriate choice of nutrients and the form, method and timing of fertilizer applications are vital in minimising losses caused by mowing, leaching and volatilization, among other factors.
Turf Business, 8 August 2012.

Effective time management.
Author: Dr Terry Mabbett
Turf diseases and their control is all about timing.
Greenkeeper International, September 2012. Pages: 26-28

Summer downpours raise risk.
The unusually wet summer in the UK is causing a significant outbreak of Fusarium Patch in many places.
Turf Business,Issue 9, Aug/Sept 2012. Page: 27

Don't guess - check the numbers!
Author: Bob Brame
Golf turf professionals understand the importance of putting green topdressing and core aeration operations, but a lack of information combined with golf facility politics can compromise what is actually accomplished.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 50, No 16, August 3 2012.

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