Date: Mon 03 Sep 2012

Golf Information News, Vol 5, No 7, September 2012

Welcome to the latest issue of Golf Information News - your guide to what's worth reading in golf course architecture.

With the growing amount of information being circulated, I try with Golf Information News to sift through it and bring you what I hope are the more interesting stories and reports. Much of this is freely available on the internet but some magazines are still only in print format. If you cannot get hold of an article yourself, I can always send you a copy.

Also, bear in mind that all references to articles are held in a database and can be searched though the Journal Contents section of the EIGCA website. Members need to be logged in to access this section; non-members can ask me for a search.

As ever, if you have any enquiries you think I can help with, or would like to borrow anything, do contact me on

Sue Stranger

Golf Course Design
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