Date: Mon 17 Sep 2012

Golf Course Turfgrass Reduction

Drought and economic issues coupled with the price of water have course owners and superintendents making difficult decisions about shrinking resources. One strategy is to take the same amount of resources and apply them to a reduced amount of turf acreage. The question becomes: what to cut and what to keep?

Turfgrass Reduction Flyer

The American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA) has produced a one page flyer discussing how many golf clubs are reducing turfgrass amounts and how golf course architects can help in the planning process.

This topic was discussed in an article by Patrick Gross and Todd Eckenrode in the USGA Green Section Record Volume 50, no 12 - Turf Reduction Template

You can download the flyer here:

Turfgrass Reduction Flyer

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