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What's in the news?

A round up of recently published articles from a range of magazines and online newsletters. All the usual titles have been covered, including the latest issues of Golf Range News, Greenside and Greenkeeping.



Direct line (course construction and reconstruction).
Author: Jenny Yu
Construction firm John Greasley has worked with architects at several golf courses to install an innovative bunker liner.
Greenkeeping, September 2012. Pages: 26-27

The facts of swing speed and distance.
Author: Arthur D Little
There is increasing agreement that golf courses are too long. The industry must present golf courses that are significantly shorter and less intimidating to players whose driver swing speeds are in the range of 55-75mph.
By Design, Issue 12, Fall 2012. Page: 18

New perspectives.
Author: Adam Lawrence
Island Hills Golf Club in Michigan has created a routing that enables the single set of eighteen holes to be played as six different courses, enabling players to have a coice of shoter rounds.
By Design, Issue 12, Fall 2012. Pages: 8-11

Swede success for EnviroBunker.
Author: Aidan Patrick
Frosaker Golf Club in Sweden has turned to Envirosports to help construct all of the bunkers on its new nine-hole course.
Golf Management Europe, Issue 85, Ocober 2012. Pages: 16-17

Golf car paths - course design, convenience, mainenance impacts and safety.
Author: James G Prusa
In an effort to address wear and tear on turf in the early days caused by golf cars the natural landscape of golf was changed forever.
Asian Golf Business, Issue 47, October 2012. Pages: 60-70


Course review - Champion Reef Golf Club, India
Author: Ronald Fream
Champion Reef is awakening Indian golf developers and golfers to what can be done given an exceptional site, full owner support and non-steotyped planning and design input expertise.
Asian Golf Business, Issue 47, October 2012. Pages: 18-25

Riding high (Royal Ascot Golf Club).
Author: Alistair Dunsmuir
Royal Ascot Golf Club is one of the oldest golf clubs in the worls, although its course is just seven years old. An interview with the head greenkeeper on how the historic venue is maintained, including how he is winning his battle against moss.
Greenkeeping, September 2012. Pages: 18-21

Medinah Country Club.
Author: Barry Cronin
Proofile of Medinah Country Club which hosted the Ryder Cup Tournament this autumn.
Links Newsletter, September 28 2012

Tullamore Golf Club.
Author: Alan Mahon
Vote 24th best parkland course this year by Golf Digest, Tullamore Golf Club is situated in the heart of the Midlands. It was established as a nine hole course in 1896 and this year celebrated the centenary of the ladies club.
Greenside, September 2012. Pages: 30-35


Ecosystem management.
Author: Haim B. Gunner
It's encouraging that more and more frequently the terms "ecosystem" and "ecosystem management" are being heard among those serving the turf industry. But, like many such terms, a clear sense of their meaning and implications remain vague.
Golf Course Industry, September 18 2012.

Golfers appreciate a more sustainable golf course.
During the summer of 2012, a questionnaire was distributed amongst golfers from across the globe. The objective of the survey was to identify drivers and the level of willingness of golfers to contribute to a more sustainable golf course.
Golf Business Community (KPMG), September 18 2012.

Golf - the Game

60 60 Golf is a big hit in Cornwall.
China Fleet Country Club has become the latest golf facility to install 60 60 Golf, the fast and affordable new alternative to the more traditional form of the game.
Golf Business News, September 28 2012.

60 60 Golf installation at Grimsby Family Golf Centre.
Grimsby Family Golf Centre has recently installed 60 60 Golf at the centre. Distinctive and brightly coloured targets mark out the range outfield and allow for a variety of games and drills to be performed via the installed iPads.
Golf Range News, September 2012. Pages: 38-41

The next generation (national School Program).
Across the US, local First Tee chapters are working with schools to deliver the National School Program, and to help provide opportunities for youngsters who have caught the golf bug through the program to progress in the game.
By Design, Issue 12, Fall 2012. Pages: 14-15

Golf 'will make you live longer'.
Author: Alistair Dunsmuir
Being an active member of a golf club could add three and a half years to an elderly person’s life, a new survey has found.
Golf Club Management, 31 August 2012.


Maintaining a top quality golf course for less with Fertigation.
Author: Michael Chaplinski
Every golf course has an irrigation system which is part of the daily maintenance, and Fertigation is a great accessory to attach to the irrigation system to improve quality while greatly reducing costs.
Asian Golf Business, Issue 47, October 2012. Pages: 54-58

Autumn leaves (overseeding and aeration).
Author: Colin Victor
Autumn is a good time to improve greens provided you follow these steps.
Greenkeeping, September 2012. Page: 10

Autumn rough Rescue.
Good autumn growing conditions now give an opportunity to tackle the thick rough that the incredibly wet conditions have encouraged resulting in almost unplayable conditions on many golf courses.
Golf Business News, September 12 2012.

Hit the bar (seeding).
Author: Emma Williams
Keen to extend its playing season, Windermere GC switched to a new perennial ryegrass blend and now has a season that lasts more than eight months.
Greenkeeping, September 2012. Page: 12


Ramside Hall construction is back on track
Work on the new 18-hole championship standard golf course, designed by Jonathan Gaunt, at Ramside Hall Hotel and Golf Club in County Durham is progressing well, despite the worst Spring and Summer weather on record.
Golf Business News, August 24 2012.

The most powerful people in golf for 2012
Trump makes a statement, Tiger returns, and Gill Hanse and Charlie Staples join the industry's elite 35.
Golf Inc, Fall 2012. Pages: 34-46

Multifunctional golf facilities - an underutilised resource.
Author: Maria Strandberg, STERF Director
Multifunctional golf facilities are beneficial for golf and for society. Considering golf from an outsider’s perspective, it can be seen that golf courses can provide a wide range of services that should be exploited, promoted and developed.
Greenside, September 2012. Pages: 12-15

Changes planned for County Louth.
County Louth Golf Club in Ireland is considering changes to its Tom Simpson-designed links course. Danish/Dutch design firm Spogárd & VanderVaart has been appointed to advise the club on possible changes to the second, fifth and seventeenth greens.
Golf Course Architecture, 26 September 2012.

Garden & Golf reaches its goals for 2012.
The golf course construction firm, Garden & Golf, headed by Ramón Espinosa, reaches its goals for 2012 by finishing its last three construction works: Royal Obidos in Portugal, Golf Municipal de Llanes in Spain and Golf d’Opio - Valbonne in France.
Golf Business Community (KPMG), September 25 2012.

Rheinblick Golf Course is Open for Play!
The Rheinblick Golf Course located just outside Wiesbaden, Germany has re-opened their newly renovated back nine holes. The work was carried out by Krause Golf Design.
Golf Business News, September 4 2012.

CPRE to fight new Surrey golf course.
Author: Jenny Yu
The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) has begun a fundraising drive to stop Cherkley Court estate, near Leatherhead, being converted into a golf course.
Golf Club Management, 3 October 2012.

Lessons from the British Isles.
Author: J J Keegan
A visit to golf's homeland sheds light on how to make golf a better experience.
Golf Inc, Fall 2012. Pages: 8-9

A unique business plan.
Author: Trevor Ledger
A new golf course development plan in Scotland hopes to break new ground in pulling investors. A look at Angus Golf Resort in Broughty Ferry in Dundee.
Golf Inc, Fall 2012. Pages: 24-25

Mauritius TPL’s Next Confection.
Author: Robert J Vasilak
Andrew Goosen, who works out of TPL’s office in Cape Town, South Africa, is drawing plans for an 18-hole, daily-fee course in Rivière du Rempart, a town in the northeastern part of the island of Mauritius.
World Golf Report, September 30 2012.


Less turf, less expense.
Author: Pat Gross; Todd Eckenrode
Drought, economic issues and the price of water have course owners and superintendents making difficult decisions about shrinking resources. One strategy is to take the same amount of resources and apply them to a reduced amount of turf acreage.
By Design, Issue 12, Fall 2012. Pages: 16-17

Deferred maintenance is no bargain.
Author: Patrick Gross
The downturn in the economy in recent years has been especially difficult on the golf industry. It has forced owners, managers, and superintendents to decide what they can afford to do at the present time and what must be deferred for later.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 50, no 20, September 21 2012.

Sustainable Development

Sustainability - golf and beyond.
Author: Ronald G Dodson
Sustainability means more than just 'the environment'. It has social elements as well, such as the alleviation of poverty and distribution of wealth.
Asian Golf Business, Issue 47, October 2012. Pages: 34-43


Deeper understanding (disease prevention and agronomy).
Author: Dorin Pop
Greenkeepers face a year-round battle against turfgrass disease, with the British climate offering an ideal habitat for problems to develop. It is important to gain a firm understanding of disease development to gain control of any outbreak.
Greenkeeping, September 2012. Pages: 6-8

Managing disease - avoiding basic mistakes.
Author: A J Beggs
The first reaction to disease should never involve reaching for the nearest fungicide; moreover the strategy should be a long term one, involving prevention by cultural control in the first instance.
Golf Club Secretary, Vol 15, no 9, September 2012. Page: 72

A new hue.
Author: Brian Whitlark; Kai Umeda
A guide to using colorants to enhance the color and growth of fine turfgrass in the southwestern U.S.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 50, no 20, September 21 2012. Pages:

Agronomy - getting back to basics.`
Author: Cameron Thompson
This article concludes the three part series on cost-effective diesign, construction and now agronomy.
Asian Golf Business, Issue 47, October 2012. Pages: 46-52

The size of topdressing sand - does it matter?
Author: James A Murphy
Significant time and other resources can be spent on managing the sand particles left on the putting surface after most of the topdressing is incorporated.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 50, no 19, 7 September 2012. Pages: 1-4

Warming up in the transition zone.
Author: Aaron Patton
Golf courses are increasingly choosing warm-season turfgrasses as maintenance budgets continue to be squeezed.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 50, no 20, September 21 2012.

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