Date: Mon 29 Oct 2012

The Perfect Golf Links: The Links of the European Club in Pictures with Musings on Golf Course Architecture

Pat Ruddy presents an intensive pictorial excursion from the first tee to the eighteenth green and discusses many intriguing golf design concepts on the way.

This book was kindly donated to the EIGCA Library by Paul O'Brien.

Perfect golf links

The European Club is unique in the world of golf in that it is owned by the person who designed and built its fine golf links. Decades have been devoted to refining every design aspect of the links to ensure that it is aesthetically stunning, that it interfaces strongly but very fairly with modern golfers of all standards as is as perfect as possible in all respects.

No other golf links has undergone such an intense design process with the professional designer being free to work without any of the restrictions normally imposed by the club committee or proprietor.

The designer has now photographed the links and presents pictures of each hole in this book, going in sequence from the first tee to the eighteenth green, together with some thoughts on golf course design which will be of interest to the golfer and the sudent of golf course architecture.

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