Date: Mon 05 Nov 2012

EIGCA to extend the entry criteria to their Education Programme from 2013

The European Institute of Golf Course Architects has announced that it is to extend the entry criteria to their Education Programme from 2013.

The EIGCA Vocational Qualification in Golf Course Design will now accept applicants who are able to secure an attachment to a practice with an EIGCA member, as well as those who are working with a member full time.

An important role of the EIGCA is to promote and maintain high standards of golf course design and professional expertise. By offering a qualification in golf course architecture the EIGCA is ensuring that potential new golf course architects are properly trained. The aim of the vocational course, which started in 2011, is to aid the development of students through a mixture of online learning, bi-annual workshops and assignments. During work days students assist an EIGCA member in all aspects of golf course design and get the practical ‘hands-on’ experience of the job. The EIGCA member acts as part mentor to the student, oversees their course work and provides the prescribed areas of work experience.

EVQ GCD students

Chairman of the EIGCA Education Committee, Gary Johnston, commented; “This new Student Attachment Programme offers students the opportunity to get ‘hands-on’ work experience in a practice, but without giving the EIGCA Member employment concerns – it’s a contractual ‘internship’ for a fixed number of days over a two year period.”

“This approach slightly widens the entry criteria into the profession and allows SAP students to take some part-time paid work to help cover their course fees and day to day living expenses.”

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