Date: Wed 05 Dec 2012

Blueprint for Safeguarding Europe's water resources

On 14 November, the Commission finally published the new umbrella policy for water, the ‘Blueprint for Safeguarding Europe’s water resources’.

The strategy contains several actions on how to:

  • achieve better implementation of existing water legislation
  • achieve water policy objectives in other legislations
  • ensure that a sufficient quantity of good quality water is available for consumers and the environment throughout the EU.

The strategy is designed to help meet the aims of the EU's 2020 Strategy, specifically the 2011 Resource Efficiency Roadmap in regards to water sustainability.

The Water Blueprint follows a three-tier approach in order to achieve its objectives:

  1. improving implementation of existing EU legislation on water policy. This has been identified as the main obstruction to achieving the water sustainability goals outlined in previous EU legislation and Europe 2020. The Commission hope to achieve this by identifying Member States that are failing to apply EC law correctly and carrying out infringement proceedings

  2. taking the issue of water sustainability in to other policy areas such as environment, renewable energy, fisheries or Cohesion and Structural Funds for example. This will mean, that in future, policy-makers in all policy-areas in the EU decision-making process will have to take water sustainability into consideration when developing policy

  3. how to strengthen the current framework by creating new tools and targets for Member States such as water accounts and new water efficiency targets.

Regarding chemical and pesticide use, the report indicates that there is insufficient monitoring by Member States of specific priority substances in water. The report states that legislation such as REACH, the Plant Protection Products Directive and the Biocides Regulation need to monitor more efficiently the substances’ effect on aquatic environments. Therefore, monitoring of water bodies may become more rigorous and extensive in many Member States in the coming years.

All of this suggests a tightening of EU water policy which could well have an impact on golf course management.

Please find the Blueprint here:

A Blueprint to Safeguard Europe's Water Resources

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