Date: Mon 10 Dec 2012

Rain Bird V-2100 Series

Rain Bird’s long term close working relationship with the end-users of our Pump Stations has given the feedback and knowledge needed to develop a product that is truly adapted to the needs of irrigation professionals.

Rain Bird V-2100 Series

All Rain Bird Pump Stations undergo rigorous quality testing during manufacturing. This includes operating the completely assembled Pump Station at its designed capacity to ensure that it’s fully water tested and calibrated. Rain Bird pre-assembled Pump Stations are extremely easy to install and operate.

V-2100 compact pump stations respond to varying capacity demand by using variable frequency technology to alternate between the pumps as required. Standard skid configuration allows for installation of 2 or 3 pumps depending on duty required. The suction and discharge manifold are in stainless steel. The control cabinet is installed on the skid.

Operating Range:

    Flow range: 10 – 100 m3/h
    Pressure range: 5 – 10 bar
    Motors: 4 – 15 kW per pump
    45 kW maximum total system 3 pumps
    Manifold sizes: DN65 – DN80 – DN100

Variable Speed Controlled Pump Sets maintain a constant pressure against variable flow. The V-2100 series uses Variable Speed Control on each pump providing a smooth automated start and stop of the Pump Station and adjusts the performance to meet the pressure required at an extremely quiet low vibration operation.

All the V2100 series uses Rain Bird pumps (RB series) that offer high efficiencies - over 80%. This results in both extremely low energy consumption and lower long term running costs

The Rain Bird Pump Manager software (optionnal) offers the possibility to remotely control the Pump Station from a PC. Smart PumpTM monitors and graphs both actual and controlled flow. Direct and real-time communication between the Pump Station and the Irrigation Central optimizes the irrigation cycle by adjusting flow demand according to actual field conditions.

The touch screen user interface shows actual operating conditions and alarms. It also allows for operator pressure adjustments.

As with our high quality technical support for central control systems, Rain Bird pump station operators also receive instructional assistance and emergency support with a Pump Station Global Service Plan. Our dedicated pump station engineers are experts in the complex area of Rain Bird pump station maintenance, operation, and troubleshooting and they can help you save time in the event that a problem threatens your station or when you have questions about the operation of your station.

Rain Bird Pump Stations are available in a wide range of high quality single and multi-pump units. All the available configurations offer solutions for the most diverse irrigation applications.

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