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What's in the news?

A round up of recently published articles from a range of magazines and online newsletters. All the usual titles have been covered, including the latest issues of Golf Course Architecture, Golf Business Development, Greenkeeper International, Greenkeeping, STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management and the GCA Journal - the journal of the Japanese Society of Golf Course Architects.


The sands of time (bunker renovation)
Author: Laurence Pithie
Interview with the course manager of East Berkshire Golf Club about their recently completed bunker renovation project.
Greenkeeper International, February 2013. Pages: 36-38

Putting green redisgn at the well-known golf courses in Japan - American designers fulfill a role appropriate to the needs of the times?
Author: Tadashi Nishizawa
Golf courses in Japan started working on 'green redesign' over 25 years ago. This concentraes on chaning their greens from the Korai, warm-season grass. To the Bent grass, and/or reshaping their two greens per hole to one main green per hole.
GCA Journal, No 18, 2012. Pages: 12-13

Redesigning two greens on each hole to one green at Ibaraki Golf Club-East Course.
Author: Ryo Yokoyama
The redesigning plans were to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the club.
GCA Journal, No 18, 2012. Pages: 14-15

Seven deadly sins of golf course development in China.
Author: Michael Hurdzan
Golf is growing faster in China than anywhere else in the world, and that makes some observers question if it is growing properly, especially when developing new golf courses.
Asian Golf Business, Issue 50, February 2013. Pages: 8-15

Historical aspect of golf course remodelling in Japan.
Author: Kazunori Otsuka
Japanese golf course architecture was modernised by Charles Hugh Alison when he visited for about two months from the end of 1930.
GCA Journal, No 18, 2012. Pages: 8-11


Rungsted Golf Club, a Danish success story.
Author: Alistair Beggs
This article attempts to explode some of the myths about greenkeeping in Denmark and reinforce the fact that good traditional management produces results, wherever it is practised.
STRI bulletin for Sports Turf Surface Management, Issue 260, January 2013. Pages: 8-11

Adventure golf at Celtic Manor.
Celtic Manor, home of the 2010 Ryder Cup, has been diversifying into family based leisure over the past few years.
Golf Range News, December 2012. Pages: 22-24

Terre Blanche - relaxed elegance in the south of France.
Terre Blanche has just won the highly coverted award of best Resort of the Year from IAGTO - The International Association of Golf Tourism Operators.
Golf Range News, December 2012. Pages: 4-15

Le Meridien Penina Golf and Resort
The first resort of the Algarve, designed by Sir Henry Cotton in the mis 60s.
Golf Range News, January 2013. Pages: 20-26

San Lorenzo, Algarve, Portugal.
Since 1988, San Lorenzo Golf Course has been owned by the Dona Filipa Hotel, which is part of the JJW Golf Resorts Group since 2008.
Golf Range News, January 2013. Pages: 14-19

Dawson defends Old Course works.
Author: Adam Lawrence
Peter Dawson has taken a lot of criticism in the weeks since the ST Andrews Links Trust announced that a set of alterations, overseen by EIGCA Fellow, Martin Hawtree, would be made to the iconic course. Here he defends the decision.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 31, January 2013. Pages: 34-37

Abbey Hotel Golf and Country Club.
The Abbey Hotel Golf & Spa is situated in Redditch, Worcestershire, on a lovely 175-acre estate that once belonged to the now ruined local abbey.
Golf Range News, December 2012. Pages: 16-21


Top International Golf Environmental Award Goes to Switzerland.
GCSAA/Golf Digest Environmental Leaders in Golf Award goes to Golf Park Nuolen in Wangen, Switzerland, and its golf course superintendent, Steven Tierney. The course was designed by Peter Harradine, is built on reclaimed land and is GEO Certified™
Golf Business News, February 8 2013.

Golf - the Game

60 60 format is ready to grow.
60 60 Golf, a new fast, fun form of the game, is growing in popularity in the UK.
Golf Business Development, Issue 15, Jan/Feb 2013. Page: 24

The fun factor.
Author: Chris Hartwiger
Whether it is a young girl sinking a putt to make her first par or a professional making a clutch putt on the 72nd hole to win the US Open, golf has an appeal and enjoyment that keep people interested for life. This is the “fun factor.”
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 51, no 2, January 25 2013. Pages: 1-4

USGA to direct resources toward Pace of Play issues in golf.
The United States Golf Association (USGA) has announced that it will develop a broad set of initiatives to identify challenges and solutions regarding pace of play issues in the game of golf.
Golf Business News, February 5 2013.

Golf in England: more accessible than ever.
Feedback from England Golf’s 2012 Golf Club Membership Questionnaire shows that clubs are becoming increasingly flexible and customer-focused as they strive to attract new golfers and to recruit and retain members.
Golf Business News, January 18 2013.

High hurdles.
Author: Colin Callander
The IOC and the IGF have serious obstacles to overcome if they want to run an Olympic golf event worthy of its name in 2016.
Golf Business Development, Issue 15, Jan/Feb 2013. Pages: 12-14

New scheme for golf beginners.
Anyone who wants to give golf a go is being offered extra help under a new scheme being run through Welsh clubs by Golf Development Wales. New2Golf is offering 50% off a lesson, six lessons for the price of five.
Golf Business News, February 1 2013.


After the deluge!
Author: A J Beggs
Clubs don’t seem to plan for extremes: drainage becomes a priority after a year like 2012, and irrigation investment only after a dry year like 2006! In fact both are fundamental if course conditioning is to be optimised and courses kept open.
Golf Club Secretary, Vol 15, no 14, February 2013. Page: 112

Why brown is the new green.
Each fall, in the southwestern USA, grounds crews overseed cool-weather grass, usually rye, on top of the hot-weather Bermuda turf that is going dormant. If they didn't, the fairways - during the high golf season - would be as brown as the desert sands.
Wall Street Journal, December 14 2012.

All hands to the pump - drainage.
Author: Tom James
Some people in the industry are saying that 2012 was the toughest year ever, because of the weather. Tom James explores how some clubs styaed open during periods of heavy rainfall.
Greenkeeping, February 2013. Pages: 26-30

Turf sign - turf nutrition in winter.
Author: Jane Carley
If your course offers winter golf, one of the hardest tasks of the greenkeeper is to ensure that the grass is of a standard the members demand.
Greenkeeping, December 2012. Pages: 6-8

Drain spotting - drainage.
Author: Noel Mackenzie
Drainage has been a big issue on golf courses in 2012. This article explains the science behind it and details what venues can do to ensure surfaces are drier in the future.
Greenkeeping, December 2012. Pages: 32-33

Water idea - Woburn GC.
Author: Steve Castle
Woburn Golf Club id building a reservoir to reduce their annual water bill.
Greenkeeper International, January 2013. Pages: 28-31

It's snow joke as winter bites.
With a hard winter forecast for this year, the chance of snow cover is high. There is a risk of Typhula incarnata causing grey snow mould or Fusarium patch (Microdochium nivale) devloping into Pink snow mould, should greens be subject to snow.
Greenkeeper International,, January 2013. Pages: 34-35

A passage from India - wild Himalayan Balsam.
Author: Graham Paul
It is not a native plant in the UK and its invasive, vigorous growth habit squeezes out indigenous vegetation growing nearby.
Greenkeeper International, January 2013. Pages: 46-48

Health & Safety

Injured greenkeeper sues club for £150.
A greenkeeper who suffered a bizare accident while mowing grass on a steep slope id seeking £150,000 of compensation from his golf club.
Golf Club Management, 14 December 2012.


European outlook.
Author: Trevor Ledger
Interviews with five leading golf course architects on the state of the industry in Europe: Jonanthan Gaunt, Simon Gidman, Tim Lobb, Ken Moodie and Kyle Phillips.
Golf Inc, Winter 2013. Pages: 26-27

The Centurion Club looks set to create a lasting legacy.
The new Centurion Club near St Albans may not open until the middle of 2013 but already it has been lauded for setting a new benchmark for premium golfing facilities within the UK. Design by EIGCA Senior Member and Past President, Simon Gidman.
Golf Business News, January 25 2013.

GOLF 20/20 reports golf’s economic impact of $68.8 billion.
In a study conducted by SRI International, findings are based on several core segments (golf facility operations, golf course capital investment, golfer supplies, tournaments and associations, and charities, real estate, hospitality and tourism).
Golf Business News, January 9 2013.

Archaeological concern over adventure golf
Author: Jenny Yu
A golf club in Northampton’s proposals to build an adventure golf area to appeal to juniors could be scuppered because an organisation that protects historic battlefields believes the proposals may be archeologically destructive.
Golf Club Management, 30 January 2013.

Chinese website launch for Jeff Howes Golf Design.
Jeff HowesGolf Design recently targeted the Asia Golf Show in Shenzhen for the launch of their Chinese Language Website. The site which went 'live' the week before the AGS 2012 show is hosted in China and can be accessed at
Golf Business News, December 21 2012.

Garon Park Wins Golfmark Club Of The Year 2013
Garon Park Golf Club in Essex, which was in administration three years ago, has been named GolfMark Club of the Year 2013. The Club is co-owned by EIGCA Graduate Member, Alan Walker.
Golf Business News, February 11 2013.

The situation of Golf in Japan.
Author: Masanori Kita
The first golf course in Japan was opened in 1901 and there are now more than 2,400 courses throughout the country. This article looks at the development of golf in Japan and its future trends.
GCA Journal, No 18, 2012. Pages: 2-7

Trump files plans for second course.
The Trump organisation has submitted preliminary plans for the second course at its new Scottish resort in Aberdeen. To be known as the Mary MacLeod Course, after Trump's Scottish-born mother, the new 18 has been designed by Martin Hawtree.
Golf Course Architecture, 11 February 2013.

18-hole course planned in Surat, India.
Surat, India, has approved plans to build a convention centre to include large-scale meeting space and possibly a hotel, that will be flanked by an 18-hole golf course, to be design by EIGCA Senior Member David Hemstock.
Golf Business Community (KPMG), February 2 2013.

SMS Inc International Golf Travel Market Survey 2012
The 2012 research looks at the golf tourism market from the point of view of the regular golfer from Europe's four largest golfing markets: Great Briain &Ireland, France, Germany and Scandinavia. Contains graphs and tables of findings.
Golf Range News, December 2012. Pages: 30-35

New Icelandic midnight golf paradise restores wildlife habitats.
Construction has started on an all-round outdoor recreational resort featuring a new hotel, golf course and renovated skiing facilities in Siglufjordur, a small fishing town on Iceland’s north coast. Designed by EIGCA member, Edwin Roald
Golf Business News, December 21 2012.

to the ends of the earth.
Author: Adam Lawrence
Adam Lawrence examines some of thefarther-flung countries in which golf is making waves.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 31, January 2013. Pages: 20-27

Betting on Dutch success (golf business).
Author: Adam Lawrence
Burggolf boss, Marcel Wellings, has recently opened the International course near Schiphol airport, his company's biggest investment to date. He talks to Adam Lawrence about the course, and golf in the Netherlands.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 31, January 2013. Pages: 30-31


Irrigate for playability and turf health, not color.
Author: Adam Moeller
Automatic irrigation systems should be utilized to keep turf alive and achieve firm playing conditions, not to produce the colour green.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 51, no 2, January 25 2013. Pages: 1-6


New free golf course management system launched.
A free and easy to use new online system that helps golf courses manage themselves more sustainably and efficiently has been launched by The R&A.
Golf Business News, January 23 2013.


The legacy of wet soils (soil health).
Author: Alistair Beggs
Last year's heavy rainfall has meant that greenkeepers have had extra work to contend with this year - thanks to abnornmally wet soils. This article explores what to expect this spring and how to catch up with work missed in the 2nd half of last year.
Greenkeeping, February 2013. Pages: 6-8

Good soil doesn't just fall from the sky, you know.
Soil organic matter makes up the bulk of terrestrially bound carbon in our biosphere. Those compounds play an important role, for soil fertility and agricultural yields and also for controlling the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere., December 15 2012.

Bring forth the revolution - soil management.
Achieving consistant moisture and air levels throughout the root zone is something every greenkeeper would like to do. Plus Buyers Guide.
Golf Club Management, January 2013. Pages: 9-11

Sustainable Development

What can golf do with CO2?
Author: Noble Hendrix
Most people, including golfers and non-olfers, are not aware that golf courses remove significant amount of CO2 from the atmosphere and store it beneath the surface in the soil of the property.
Asian Golf Business, Issue 50, February 2013. Pages: 32-34

Sustainability and golf - get it right.
Author: Ronald G Dodson
Environmental and social issues have economic consequences to every business. For a golf business economic viability is the foundation upon which we stand to be able to continue to address the environmental and social aspects of sustainability.
Asian Golf Business, Issue 49, January 2013. Pages: 28-33


Living colour: the right tool for the job.
Know the difference between turf pigments and dyes, and which works best for jobs on the golf course.
Golf Course Industry, December 17 2012.

Living colour: skip the seed.
Turf pigment provides greener fairways at a fraction of the cost of overseeding for superintendent David Yanez.
Golf Course Industry, December 17 2012.

Living colour: a touch of color.
As overseeding costs continue to rise, greenkeepers are looking at painting greens as an alternative to stretch their budgets.
Golf Course Industry, December 17 2012.

Achieving the warm season links.
Author: Dr Micah Woods
Turf scientist, Dr Micah Woods, offers his suggestions for courses that want to mimic links course playability in warm season environments.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 31, January 2013. Pages: 49-51

Timing growth right.
Author: John Torsiello
Bionutrition products keep turf growing healthy when it’s supposed to - not when it should be slowing down for winter.
Golf Course Industry, January 2 2013.

The selection and growing of fine fescue species for naturalization.
Author: James Prusa
The origins of the game of golf are rooted in Scotland where fine fescues have dominated the landscape and golf course playing grounds from the beginning. They are well adapted to a natural environment lacking in artificial cultivation.
Asian Golf Business, Issue 49, January 2013. Pages: 36-43

Naming and shaming turf weeds.
Author: Dr Terry Mabbett
Guidance on spotting and dealing with the most troublesome weeds around the course.
Greenkeeper International, January 2013. Pages: 40-43

Project fairy ring.
Author: Jennie Keighley
A more rational explanation for these fscinating fungal features and how to eliminate them.
STRI bulletin for Sports Turf Surface Management, Issue 260, January 2013. Pages: 12-14

Biofertiliser - a potential fertiliser for turf.
Author: Dave Lawson
Anaerobic digestion (AD) is one of the fastest growing technologies in the UK. One end product is a nutrient rich material called digestate or biofertiliser.
STRI bulletin for Sports Turf Surface Management, Issue 260, January 2013. Pages: 20-21

Icy blast brings chilling fear of Fusarium.
Plummeting winter temperatures could prove the precursor of Microdochium (Fusarium) Patch attacks. When the current winter snow and sleet melts, the prolonged wet thatch creates the conditions for disease outbreak.
Golf Business News, January 18 2013. Pages:

Lessons learned with ultradwarf Bermudagrasses in Florida
Author: Todd Lowe
Observations from a decade of successful putting green management.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 51, no 1, January 11 2013. Pages: 1-4

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