Date: Mon 18 Mar 2013

What's in the news? March 2013

A round up of recently published articles from a range of magazines and online newsletters. All the usual titles have been covered, including the latest issues of Golf Environment Europe, Greenkeeper International, and Greenkeeping.


A blinding solution to bunker erosion.
Author: Scott MacCallum
A new bunker lining solution, developed at Sunningdale Golf Club.
Golf Management Europe, Issue 88, February 2013. Pages: 22-23


Is Vidauban Europe's most exclusive club?
Author: Adam Lawrence
Golf de Vidauban in the south of France is one of European golf's most closely-guarded secrets. But even the wealthiest of clubs need to embrace a green agenda nowadays.
Golf Management Europe, Issue 88, February 2013. Pages: 19-21

It's bonnie by the Clyde (Mar Hall).
Author: Steve Castle
With spectacular views of the River Clyde and the Kilpatrick Hills beyond, the new 18-hole Earl of Mar championship course at Mar Hall offers a five star golf experience close to Glasgow.
Greenkeeper International, March 2013. Pages: 18-22

Seeing red (Old Course alterations).
Author: George Peper
There’s no need to toughen the Old Course. In fact, it should be shortened to the length it was 100 years ago.
Links Insider, 15 February 2013.

Bowood Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort.
Bowood Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort is owned by the 9th Marquis of Lansdowne and has been in the family since 1754. The course was designed in the early 1990s by Dave Thomas.
Golf Range News, February 2013. Pages: 20-28

Fairmont St Andrews - a major luxury resort overlooking the Home of Golf.
The complex is set in a unique, coastal estate of over 500 acres. It has two Championship courses, The Torrance and The Kittocks, that can be played throughout the year.
Golf Range News, February 2013. Pages: 4-11


Assessing playing performance.
Author: Nick Park
Objectivity in assessing the performance of greens can at last be achieved by all clubs in an affordable fashion using tests developed by The R&A.
Golf Club Secretary, Vol 15, no 15, March 2013. Pages: 120,118


Make dollar spot pay.
Author: Rob Thomas
Dollar spot is a common concern across the golf industry. The disease can be brought on in the spring and autumn as high relative humidity mornings and heavy dew provide the right environment for infection.
Golf Course Industry, February 18 2013.

Heathland heaven (heather management).
Author: Gareth Roberts
Hankley Common GC in Surrey is rated as one of the best golf courses in the UK, partly due to its abundance of heather.
Greenkeeping, March 2013. Pages: 16-17

The air necessities (drainage and aeration).
Author: Noel Mackenzie
Preventing a waterlogged course is very simple: a machine mkes holes in the ground and then surface water falls down them, taking it away from the surface of the course. Unfortunately the aeration process can easily go wrong.
Greenkeeping, March 2013. Pages: 6-8

Health & Safety

Man blinded in one eye by golf ball at Leven Links sues player.
A ball spotter at a golf tournament is suing a professional player after he was blinded in one eye by a golf ball. David McMahon, 70, was struck during a competition at Leven Links, in Fife, in April 2009.
BBC News, 19 February 2013.


Golf’s €15.1 Billion Impact.
Golf is worth €15.1 billion annually to Europe’s economy according to a report, produced by Sports Marketing Surveys & commissioned by the PGA and supported by other leading bodies, which highlights the importance of the golf industry across the continent.
Golf Business News, February 15 2013.

New Montenegrin course revealed.
Plans have been revealed for a new course in the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro. Developer Boka Group is working with British consultants on the course, which will lie close to Porto Montenegro. Architect Steve Marnoch will undertake all design work.
Golf Course Architecture, 19 March 2013.

Golf needs to get its ‘head out of the sand’
Author: Alistair Dunmuir
Dana Garmany, the founder, CEO and chairman of Troon Golf, said that just because three-to-six hour rounds of golf have been successful for the last 50 years, this does not mean this is the appropriate model of the game for the future.
Golf Club Management, 14 March 2013.

Fujairah: Harradine tapped for Course Number One.
Author: Robert Vasilak
A Dubai-based developer has outlined plans to build what appears to be the first golf course in Fujairah. The course is to be designed by Peter Harradine.
World Golf Report, February 27 2013.

Work finally starts on Rio 2016 course.
Author: Bradley S Klein
The field work for the Rio 2016 golf course started today. With environmental permissions in hand to start the golf course for the 2016 Olympic Games, designer Gil Hanse and a crew of six workers are onsite clearing non-native vegetation by hand.
Golf Week, March 19 2013.


The one percent club.
Author: Adam Lawrence
Coaches understand the philosophy of aiming for repeated small gains that together make for a major leap forward. Can the same apply to golf courses?
By Design, Issue 14, Spring 2013. Pages: 8-11

Sustainable Development

World's largest golf & spa resort creates the world's biggest QR code.
Author: Dr Ken Chu
Somme 2,000 employees of luxury golf and spa resort Mission Hills came together to form the largest human QR Code in an effort to promote eco-tourism to the world and to make sustainable tourism a global reality.
Global Sustainability, Issue 1, April 2013. Pages: 34-41

Six key action areas of sustainability.
Data shows that the earth's climate is changing. The UK and Western Europe are experiencing more frequent extremes of weather, like the UK winters of 2009 and 2010, and the drought of spring 2012.
Pitchcare, February 2103.

Attitude adjustment.
Author: Ron Dodson
Sustainability rests on a foundation of individual responsibility. It's an attitude coupled with various methods and techniques that are based in science… but is it economically viable?
Golf Course Industry, March 4 2013.

Britain 'on the brink of energy crisis'.
Author: Iain Macpherson
Suggestions how to offset rising energy costs and thus assist the viability of running golf clubs sustainablly
Golf Club Secretary, Vol 15, no 15, March 2013. Pages: 113-114

Sustainable master planning design for golf.
Author: William Love
Golf is unique among outdoor sports because there is no standard playing field involved in the game. Courses can be found in all types of climates from arid to tropic with ecosystems that range from dessert to grasslands to forest.
Global Sustainability, Issue 1, April 2013. Pages: 26-33

Sustainable soil management.
Author: Rattan Lal
Sustainable agriculture must be a system of agronomic production and utilization that meets food requirements and basic needs of the world's population while restoring soil quality and ecosystem functions, adapting to and mitigating climate change.
Global Sustainability, Issue 1, April 2013. Pages: 52-56

Purple gold: a contempory view of recycled water irrigation.
Author: Dr M Ali Harivandi
In the face of increasingly common drought, habitat erosion, and the escalating cost of potable water, recycled water is the Purple Gold of urban landscape irrigation.
Global Sustainability, Issue 1, April 2013. Pages: 58-71

Who's minding the store?
Author: Ronald G Dodson
After 25 years working on the environmental management of golf courses, Dodson has now broadened his scope to include economic and social issues to form the basis of sustainability.
Asian Golf Business, March 2013. Pages: 22-25

Will Asia accept the colour brown?
Will golfers in Asia patronise golf courses that do not necessarily have lush, pristine greens which provide greasy fast surfaces that help a ball roll at lightening speeds?
Asian Golf Business, March 2013. Pages: 32-33

Tough economic times demonstate the importance of sustainability.
Author: R Eric Dodson
Given the current state of the economy, it is more important than even for businesses around the world to support sustainability and all of its parts. - not just because it is the right thing to do but because it makes good business sense to do so.
Global Sustainability, Issue 1, April 2013. Pages: 20-25

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