Date: Thu 02 May 2013

What's in the news? May 2013

A round up of recently published articles from a range of magazines and online newsletters. All the usual titles have been covered, including the latest issues of Golf Course Architecture, Golf Management Europe, Greenkeeper International, Greenkeeping, Greenside and the STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management.


Divining the times of golf course design.
Author: Jim Prusa
To accomlish a great golf course, three fundamental efforts are still required that have existed from the beginning of modern golf and are forever inextricably entwined: the three professions of golf architecture, golf greenkeeping and expert golfer.
Asian Golf Business, Issue 52, April 2103. Pages: 44-55

Why a ball rollback might not fly.
Author: John Paul Newport
Arnold Palmer, in his annual session with the media last week at his Bay Hill tournament, trotted out his longtime support for rolling back distance on golf balls.
The Wall Street Journal, March 29 2013.


Saving Sharp Park.
Author: Jay Blasi
Architect Jay Blasi details the efforts to restore Alister MacKenzie's San Francisco municipal course.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 32, April 2013. Pages: 46-47

Southern exposure (Parkstone GC).
Author: Adam Lawrence
Parkstone Golf Club is in the suburbs betewen Bournemouth and Poole and is a classic lowland heath course. Originally designed in 1909 by Willie Park Jr, it was extensively enlarged and altered in the late 1930s.
Golf Management Europe, Issue 89, April 2013. Pages: 37-39

Garden of Eden (Arcos Gardens, Cadiz, Spain).
Author: Kevin Nash
The golf course is a fixture in Europe's Top 100 and the fantastic practice facilities have seen many of the continent's top players heading to the Cadiz area during the winter months.
Golf Management Europe, Issue 89, April 2013. Pages: 19-21

Course management in a natural environment Royal Ashdown Forest GC).
Author: Lawrence Pithie
The 36 hole club at Royal Ashdown Forest dates back to 1888 when the old course was laid out by golfing enthusista on undulating land within the confines of the forest, a former medieval hunting ground in south east England.
Greenkeeper International, April 2013. Pages: 26-29

Four seasons in one day (The Carrick).
How the team at The Carrick on Loch Lomond have transformed the course.
Greenkeeper International, April 2013. Pages: 20-24

Golf - the Game

New initiative encourages 9-hole rounds; USGA, PGA of America to provide support.
Author: PGA of America
Golf Digest, with support from the USGA and the PGA of America, is launching an initiative to support more nine-hole rounds., April 2013.

Dawson: R&A will not force Muirfield to accept women.
Author: Alistair Tait
The R&A has no immediate plans to follow Augusta National’s lead and allow female members, according to R&A chief executive Peter Dawson. Nor will the R&A force Muirfield, this year’s Open Championship venue, to accept women.
Golf Week, April 23 2013.

Latest Participation Report is ‘Wake-Up Call’ for Golf
The recently published ‘2012 Golf Participation in Great Britain’ report by Sports Marketing Surveys Inc. has been well-received by the industry despite its clearly negative news concerning golf statistics for the last year.
Golf Business News, April 5 2013.

Vote for the best ‘Grow the Game’ initiative of 2012. has started an online poll to find out what was the best initiative of 2012. With the best three initiatives already pre-selected by the funding European bodies, people can vote for their favourite initiative.
Golf Business News, March 27 2013.


Moss invasion on golf greens.
Author: David Behan; Simon Barnaby; Dr Michael J Foxe; Colin Warde
Silvery thread moss (Byrum argentum) has become a major problem on golf greens in Ireland. The rise is associated with the development of sand based greens and the desire for increased green performance.
Greenside, April 2013. Pages: 8-10

Thinking ahead with the snow behind us
We hope we have put the worst of the winter snows behind us, in April no less. Thinking ahead, however, is no bad thing with regard to being prepared for what next winter throws at us.
Turf Business, 10 April 2013.

Waste of things to come (environmental protection).
Author: Tim Earley
Several of the 2012 STRI Golf Environment Award winners have one thing in common: they have a Waste2Water course machinery recycling wash-off system that can also convert contaminated grass clippings into compost.
Greenkeeping, April 2013. Pages: 14-15

Ground force (fertilisers).
Author: David Lawson
Last year's wet weather followed by a prolonged winter has had a major effect on soil profiles. Should this mean a new approach to the fertilisers used on golf courses?
Greenkeeping, April 2013. Pages: 6-8

Feast or famine: where do we go from here with water?
Author: Adrian Mortram
After years of mixed metaphors regarding future weather patterns, it would appear nothing can be predicted. However, it seems that there are some definite changes, where more extreme weather patterns might be becoming the norm.
Golf Club Secretary, Vol 15, no 16, April 2013. Pages: 128,122

It's a WRAP.
Author: Tricia Scott
Tricia Scott, Research Analyst from the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) summarises the results of a survey concerning the use of compost on golf courses.
Greenkeeper International, April 2013. Pages: 44-45

The greenstester.
Author: Nick Park
Nick Park, has been involved in the promotion of better playing surfaces for the game of golf. He has been an adviser to The R&AGolf Course Committee and served on its various predecessors.
Golf Club Secretary, Vol 15, no 16, April 2013. Pages: 125-126

Using rainwater for sportsturf irrigation.
Author: Dr Iain James
Rainwater harvesting collects rainwater from roofs using standard guttering, filters to remove debris and then stores it in an underground/above ground tank.
Greenside, April 2013. Pages: 16-19

Adding value - it comes in all sizes.
Author: Scott Stambaugh
Ongoing economic challenges facing the game require creative ideas to reduce expenses by focusing on main playing areas.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 51, no 6, March 22 2013.

Getting to the root of the problem.
Author: Robery Vavrek
Tree roots are far more extensive than most realize and cause turf problems on important playing surfaces. Pruning tree roots every two to three years is a simple, effective option to address this issue.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 51, no 7, April 5 2013. Pages: 1-3

Protect and feed turf for fast spring recovery.
After a difficult winter for turf disease control many golf greens, tees and surrounds may be suffering the effects of scarring and patches of weak growth, according to Dr Simon Watson, Syngenta Technical Manager.
Turf Business, 8 April 2013.

Rolling with the times.
Author: Adam Newton
A brief history of rolling golf greens.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Managment, Issue 261, April 2013. Pages: 39-41

Balancing budgets and expectations.
Author: Jon Scott
Agronomist Jon Scott provides a thought-provoking counterpoint to Tim Moraghan's March GCI column on the impact of the less-maintenance-is-good philosophy and the role sustainability plays.
Golf Course Industry, April 15 2013.

Development of an improved stimpmeter.
Author: Steven Quintavalla
The work by the USGA Equipment Standards department in developing a surface firmness tester - Trufirm.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Managment, Issue 261, April 2013. Pages: 37-38

Nowhere near the speed limit.
Author: Alistair Beggs
Green speed is one of the most controversial subjects in the greenkeeping industry, with the opinions of golfers and turf managers often polarised at opposite ends of the spectrum.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Managment, Issue 261, April 2013. Pages: 13-15

Tournament preparation.
Author: Stuart Ormondroyd
It does not matter whether you are hosting the Open Championship or preparing for Captain's Day at your club, the principles are the same with the differences generally revolving around a matter of scale.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Managment, Issue 261, April 2013. Pages: 21-23

Selective weed control.
Author: Graham Paul
This article deals with some of the more unusual turf weeds and a few species that are difficult to identify
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Managment, Issue 261, April 2013. Pages: 24-27

The (unecessary) need for speed.
Author: Geoff Shackelford
Slowing down greens can improve pace of play, reduce costs and address other issues in golf.
GolfWorld, March 18 2013. Page: 26

Eagle hired for seagull control at Pebble Beach Golf Course.
Jim and Kathleen Tigan of Tactical Avian Predators and Raptor Adventures brought their steppe eagle, Fluffy, to Pebble Beach (Calif.) Golf Links to help control flocks of seagulls on the property., April 2013.

Health & Safety

Man wins suit against Ocean Creek GC after aligator attack.
Author: Brandi Shaffer
In 2009, an alligator ripped off Jim Wiencek’s arm as he reached for a golf ball near a small lagoon at the Fripp Island, S.C., club, so he took the course and homeowners association to court and won.
Club and Resort Business, April 5 2013.

Shock £320k damages ruling against club.
Author: Alistair Dunsmuir
Appeal court judges in Scotland have stunned the golf industry by announcing that a golf club must pay a substantially higher proportion of damages than had been previously ruled, after a golfer lost his eye when he was hit by a ball.
Golf Club Management, 21 March 2013.


Leeds Golf Centre opens new course layout.
After 15 months of redevelopment, Leeds Golf Centre has formally opened the new Wike Ridge course layout for play as part of its impressive wider £2m redevelopment. The work has been carried out in conjunction with Jonathan Gaunt of Gaunt Golf Design
Golf Business News, April 3 2013.

Icelandic Council to sell unfinished Edwin Roald golf course.
An 18-hole golf course at Borg in the Grimsnes region, right in the heart of Iceland‘s most popular weekend getaway, is for sale. The course has not been opened, since two holes and three other greens have yet to be built to make up the numbers.
Golf Business News, March 28 2013.

£50k landfill grant for golf club.
Author: Tania Longmire
Marlborough GC in Wiltshire, has been awarded the money because the government’s Landfill Communities Fund has agreed to allow a waste management firm to offset a portion of the landfill tax it would otherwise be paying while working at the club.
Golf Club Management, 18 March 2013.

Golf tourism grew dramatically.
Author: Alistair Dunsmuir
Foreign golf destinations saw a sharp rise in visits from British golfers who played less golf in the UK in 2012 due to the rain, according to a new KPMG’s report.
Golf Club Management, 10 April 2013.

Dubai plans new sustainability rules.
The government of Dubai will shortly announce new regulations on sustainability that will impact on property developments, including those featuring golf.
Golf Course Architecture, 18 April 2013.

Golf and European Union.
Author: Steve Isaacs
Steve Isaacs has a Secretarial role for the Euopean Golf Association Golf Course Committee (EGA GCC) and works with the EU to protect the game from unfairly stringent regulations.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Managment, Issue 261, April 2013. Pages: 28-29

Asia golf's three ages.
Author: John Holmes
Asia is golf's most promising growth opportunity, but it cannot be considered one market. The industry needs to understand how the game fits, culturally and environmentally into the different countries of the continent.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 32, April 2013. Pages: 32-33

New-look Wike Ridge is open.
The new-look Wike Ridge course at the Leeds Golf Centre in northern England has opened after a 15 month redevelopment. Architect Jonathan Gaunt has built eleven new tee complexes, two new greens, 46 bunkers and improved drainage.
Golf Course Architecture, 11 April 2013.

Malaysia banks on golf.
Eddy Leong, chief operating officer of Malaysian developer Destination Resorts and Hotels talks to GCA about the group's huge investment in two new resorts.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 32, April 2013. Pages: 28-31

Golf: a European success.
Golf: A European Success is an exhibition taking place at the European Parliament in Brussels from May 6-8, 2013, celebrating golf’s contribution to Europe in economic, environmental, social and sporting terms.
Golf Business News, April 17 2013.

Grading permit issued, Rio Olympic course finally starts!
Author: Geoff Shackelford
Necessary permits were issued late Friday, April 19th and architect Gil Hanse has begun shaping course features which will play host the first Olympic golf competition since 1904.
Geoff Shackelford’s Website, April 2013.

(re)Golf completes Crete course
International golf design company, (re)Golf has completed the construction of a private six-green golf course, carved from a compact, severe site in Crete, Greece. The course was designed by partner architects Christian Lundin and Jeff Lynch.
Golf Course Architecture, 4 April 2013.

'Golf in a Kingdom' boosts Thai golf tourism.
Thailand’s emergence as a major force in global golf tourism will be further enhanced next week with the international launch of 'Golf In A Kingdom', a collection of the country’s best golf clubs, hotels and resorts.
Golf Business News, April 23 2013.


Letting drip (irrigation).
Author: Adrian Mortram
Just because the last two summers have been wet, is it worth taking the risk of not upgrading your irrigation system, it it's needed, ahead of summer>
Greenkeeping, April 2013. Pages: 36-37

Legal Issues

Carnoustie fined following dog injury.
A golf club has been ordered to pay half of a dog walker’s vet’s bill after the animal injured its paw on irrigation equipment.
Golf Club Management, 2 April 2013.

Shock £320k damages ruling against club.
Judges in Scotland have stunned the golf club industry by announcing that a golf club must pay £200,000 more for damages caused when a golfer lost their eye when hit by a golf ball.
UKGCOA, April 2013.

Crowborough’s difficult decision.
Author: J Pholmes
Crowborough Beacon Golf Club is changing the rights of access to the land owned by the Golf Club. This change has been made, partly because of Health & Safety issues and partly because of the increase in pedestrian traffic on the golf course.
Golf Club Secretary, Vol 15, no 16, April 2013. Pages: 123-124

Sustainable Development

Sustainability... lead, follow or get out of the way!
Author: Ronald G Dodson
Sustainability is based in actions that will lead to economic, environmental and social conditions that will allow for people to live well. Presently the majority of people on the Planet do not live well and every Ecosytem is in bad shape.
Asian Golf Business, Issue 52, April 2103. Pages: 8-11

Unspoken truths.
Satisfying golfers' expectations about course conditions, while at the same time following environmentally sensitive maintenance practices, has become a delicate balancing act for golf course superintendents.
Club & Resort Business, March 19 2013.

Golf and the environment - special report.
It is time for golf to emphasise its positive role in preserving sensitive ecosystems and remediating environmental problems. GCA takes a look at some of the many examples of golf working in harmony with the environment.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 32, April 2013. Pages: 21-25

Attitude adjustment.
Author: Ron Dodson
GCI's Ron Dodson explains that sustainability is really an attitude coupled with various methods and techniques that are based in science. Here are 10 steps toward a more sustainable golf course facility.
Golf Course Industry, April 1 2013.


Stressed turf vulnerable to disease as temperatures rise & rain sets in.
With double digit temperatures predicted later this month, and high levels of precipitation expected, greenkeepers are warned that this sudden increase in warmth and moisture is likely to have a damaging effect on the already stressed turf.
Turf Business, 12 April 2013.

Environmental benefits of turfgrass on golf courses.
Author: Bruce Williams
The game of golf evolved from the links of the Scottish shorelines to be a global sport today. During that evolution we have seen the development of improved playing surfaces with different species of grasses that are an important part of the golf course.
Asian Golf Business, Issue 52, April 2103. Pages: 24-27

Stand strong (bionutrition).
Author: John Torsiello
Dr. Haim B. Gunner is an Emeritus Professor of Environmental Sciences at the University of Massachusetts. Here, he offers some thoughts about bionutrients and their importance to golf course turf health.
Golf Course Industry, April 26 2013.

Toughen up turf - Skip anthracnose this year by promoting healthy turf.
Author: John Torsiello
Dr Jill Calabro, specialist with Valent Professional Products, helped superintendents handle the anthracnose threat with last year’s early warm-up. It might be colder than last year, but there are still steps to take to handle the disease.
Golf Course Industry, March 20 2013.

Bucking the trend (the STRI Programme).
Author: Richard Windows
During the STRI Programme golf green assessments, we measure the surface playing quality (firmness, smoothness/trueness and pace) as well as the underlying condition of the greens (organic matter, soil moisture content and soil chemical analysis).
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Managment, Issue 261, April 2013. Pages: 5-8

More bang for bionutrients.
Author: John Torsiello
Enhance fertilizer programs with additional bionutrition.
Golf Course Industry, April 26 2013.

Going for gold with seashore paspalum putting greens.
Author: John H Foy
Experience with paspalum putting greens over the past decade has resulted in improved management strategies and programs.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 51, no 6, March 22 2013.

The curse of the black death.
Author: Paul Woodham
Recognising and managing black layer symptoms in golf greens and sports fields.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Managment, Issue 261, April 2013. Pages: 34-36

Bar sihns (fescue blends).
Author: David Greenshields
A report on fescue use across the golf course.
Greenkeeping, April 2013. Page: 13

Get cultured - Use cultural practices to give turf the best chance against anthracnose.
Author: John Torsiello
Anthracnose is a dirty word around Hyannisport Club superintendent Tom Colombo. He’s had his trials and tribulations with the turf disease over the years, particularly the most damaging “crown rot” version.
Golf Course Industry, March 20 2013.

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