Date: Wed 29 May 2013

Golf Architecture, No 14

The fourteenth issue of Golf Architecture is now available. Published by the Society of Australian Golf Course Architects (SAGCA) it was the first journal to cover the subject exclusively. It has its origins back in 1997 when the Society published its inaugural Journal of the Society of Australian Golf Course Architects, edited by Neil Crafter and Paul Mogford who continued to edit it for the first decade.

Golf Architecture

This latest edition is under the editorship of Harley Kruse and Ben Davey. It includes articles by Geoff Shackelford on why the uphill one-shotter has been so maligned over time, Michael Wolveridge reminisces on his former colleague Commander John Harris and has a look at the effect the Global Financial Crisis has had on golf, Michael Henderson reflects on the work of Dr Alister Mackenzie at Pasatiempo GC, while Neil Crafter and Sean Tully look at the origins of the doctor’s American Golf Course Construction Company.

All the articles can be found in the What’s in the News section and are indexed in the Journal Contents database.

Copies of the journal can be obtained through Tim Lobb by contacting him at or from SAGCA through their website at

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