Date: Wed 05 Jun 2013

The Value of Golf to Scotland’s Economy

Golf in Scotland is now a £1 billion industry, according to new research conducted by KPMG in association with Oxford Economics. The ‘Value of Golf to Scotland’s Economy’ report, commissioned by the Scottish Golf Union in conjunction with VisitScotland and Scottish Enterprise, and published at the KPMG Golf Business Forum in St Andrews, found that the industry generates £1.171 billion in revenues, including direct, indirect and induced effects.

The Value of Golf to Scotland's Economy

More than 20,000 people are employed in golf in Scotland – one in every 125 jobs are dependent on golf – creating wage payments of £300 million.

Once costs are taken into account, golf directly contributes £496 million to Scotland’s gross domestic product (GDP) annually, equivalent to 0.4% of the country’s total economic output.

While Scotland is known worldwide as ‘The Home of Golf’, it is the first time the value of golf to Scotland has been measured in this way.

The report focuses on six sectors of the golf industry – golf facility operations, golf course capital investments, golf supplies, golf tournaments and endorsements, golf tourism and golf real estate – and is based on 2011 data.

You can download the report here:

The Value of Golf to Scotland's Economy

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