Date: Mon 10 Jun 2013

What's in the news? June 2013

A round up of recently published articles from a range of magazines and online newsletters. All the usual titles have been covered, including the latest issues of Golf Architecture, Golf Course Architecture, Golf Management Europe, Greenkeeper International, and Greenkeeping.


Czech golf course architecture awarded.
Libor Jirásek is member of five golf clubs, and architect with Czech Chamber of Architects. Now, after eight years of Associate Membership, he has become the first ever Czech Senior Member of the EIGCA.
Development News, May 2013.

Architect extraordinaire - Commander John D Harris (1912-1977).
Author: Michael Woolveridge
John Harris was educated at Pangbourne Nautical College and joined the family construction firm, Franks Harris Brothers in the 1930s. Founded in the 1890s, Franks Harris Brothers were the first British golf course construction company.
Golf Architecture, No 14, 2012. Pages: 46-49

California dreaming - the American Golf Course Construction Comany: Building MacKenzie's Californian classics.
Author: Neil Crafter; Sean Tully
After WW1 Dr Alister MacKenzie was able to return to his pre-war occupation as a golf course architect. In order to control the construction of these courses he set up the British Golf Course Construction Company with his brother Charles.
Golf Architecture, No 14, 2012. Pages: 28-39


Uphill wizards of Oz - short holes down (up &) under.
Author: Geoff Shackelford
There is much to be admired about Australia’s Sandbelt courses, in particular the sheer number of remarkable par-3s. They come in all shapes, sizes and distances, but most striking of all was how many play uphill.
Golf Architecture, No 14, 2012. Pages: 8-11

A celebration of sand - waste or embraced?
Author: Harley Kruse
Much has been written about the humble origin of the game of ‘golf’ on the sand dunes of linkslad Britain. It is by no accident that the best courses around the world tend to have been built on parcels of sandy soil.
Golf Architecture, No 14, 2012. Pages: 40-45

Blinded by science?
Author: Andy Stanger; Stephen Prinn
If you are rebuilding a putting green to a USGA spec you need to be aware of the various specifications. This artile discusses the pros and cons of using the intermediate 'blinding' layer.
Greenkeeper International, June 2013. Pages: 26-29

Freedon of choice - flexible design solutions.
Author: Todd Hyland
Holes that allow you to play on divergent lines to playing partners based on your strengths and assessments of how you will make your best score are so much more interesting than narrow holes where the emphasis is solely on hitting the ball straight.
Golf Architecture, No 14, 2012. Pages: 19-23

Landfill conversion to golf course earns industry, taxpayer's applause.
American architect John Sanford, has transformed two large, old municipal landfills near downtown Boston into an award-winning golf course.
American Golfer, May 6 2013.

Urban golf magic - 'short story.
Author: Phil Ryan; Raul Reeves
With many cities across the world expanding to ‘mega city’ size it is difficult to get the land to build a full 18-hole golf course. This means that if golf is to continue attracting participants the facilities for golf need to adapt to fit the needs
Golf Architecture, No 14, 2012. Pages: 24-26

The genius of Pasatiempo - MacKenzie's triumph of minimalism.
Author: Michael Henderson
Dr Alister MacKenzie had great success on the west coast of California, designing the famous Cypress Point Club and Pebble Beach, among others. No course was closer to his heart than Pasatiempo in Santa Cruz.
Golf Architecture, No 14, 2012. Pages: 12-17

The hole was located where?
Author: Larry Gilhuly
Many tasks are required when setting up a golf course, but none impact the game more than hole location and how well hole-changing duties are performed.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 51, no 9, May 3 2013. Pages: 1-6

Period of change - designs then and now.
Author: Ted Parslow
Examines the scope of upgrading and even reconstructing courses that were hastliy designed and rushed through the development process 20-30 years ago throughout South East Asia.
Golf Architecture, No 14, 2012. Pages: 72-74

Tweet sensations - random musings from America.
Author: Mike Clayton; Ashlet Mead; Mike Cocking; Peter Bessey
The ‘Ogilvy Clayton crew’ travelled to the US to watch principal Geoff Ogilvy play The Masters & deliver their observations on golf around the country with a wonderful snapshot of its variety, evolution & quirkiness - all recounted in Twitter style.
Golf Architecture, No 14, 2012. Pages: 66-71

Tom Marzolf discusses updates to Merion Golf Club for 2013 U.S. Open
Tom Marzolf discusses the modifications he and Tom Fazio, ASGCA, have made to Merion Golf Club as it prepares to host the U.S. Open Championship June 13-16 in Ardmore, Pa.
Golf Business News, May 30 2013.


Victoria's secret - photo essay - Victoria GC, British Columbia.
Author: Jeff Mingay
Located in the beautiful Oak Bay section of British Columbia’s capital city, VGC occupies a mere 85 acres; however a wonderful collection of varied holes, and constant wind, make up for and perceived lack of interest and challenge.
Golf Architecture, No 14, 2012. Pages: 56-59

Surprise package - sweet and sour in China.
Author: Ben Davey
A description of a project in Hebei province north of Beijing, China, that delivered on the client promise of presenting gently undulating terrain full of sand dunes - despite being some 600 kilometres inland.
Golf Architecture, No 14, 2012. Pages: 60-65

Greetham Valley Hotel, Golf and Conference Centre.
Greetham Valley is set in 276 rolling acres of Rutland countryside, the complex taking its name from the valley that dissects the course, and has numerous lakes, streams and water features to negociate on the two courses.
Golf Range News, April 2013. Pages: 10-17

Intothe black- mountain majesty in Thailand.
Author: Phil Ryan
An insight into the development of Black Mountain GC in Thailand which made Golf Digest's list of the Top 100 Courses outside the USA in early 2012.
Golf Architecture, No 14, 2012. Pages: 80-81

Hoebridge Golf Centre.
Over the last thirty years Hoebridge has created and sustained the interest and enjoyment of hudreds of thousands of golfers. Located just outside Woking in the UK, it has been designed and built to provide everthing a golfer of any standard could want.
Golf Range News, May 2013. Pages: 4-11

Nailcote Hall Hotel Golf & Country Club.
One of the most compact golf resorts in the world and home to the British Par 3 Championship.
Golf Range News, May 2013. Pages: 12-18

Double take at Muirfield.
Author: Steve Castle
How the greenkeeping staff at Muirfield are preparing for The Open.
Greenkeeper International, May 2013. Pages: 20-24

Capital vision realised - fruition for Gungahlin Lakes.
Author: Jamie Dawson
Jamie Dawson tracks the unusual and interesting 15-year-plus development history of the Gungahlin Lakes project on the outskirts of Canberra.
Golf Architecture, No 14, 2012. Pages: 50-55

Merion Golf Club (East).
Author: James W. Finegan
The history and character of Merion is synonymous with the record number of USGA events it has hosted.
Links Newsletter, 7 June 2013.

Rio Olympic Golf Course Visit, May 2013
Author: Geoff Shackelford
The author's thoughts on Gil Hanse's Olympic golf course in Rio.
Geoff Shackelford's website, May 29 2013.

The Roman Way (Centurion Golf Club).
Author: Scott MacCallum
Built on the setting of the Battle of Watling Street in 60AD, the Centurion Club will open for play in July. Designed by EIGCA Senior Member and Past President Simon Gidman.
Golf Management Europe, Issue 90, June 2013. Pages: 25-27


A round through the woods.
Old Greenwood and The Golf Club at Gray's Crossing, in California, are both Audubon International Gold Certified Sanctuaries, and were conceived and designed to leave a small ecological footprint and consume as few resources as possible.
Golf Course Industry, May 13 2013.

Insect pollinators need more habitat
The USGA has cooperated with studies to help golf courses provide needed habit for a host of insect pollinators in out-of-play areas. Recently, the USGA, has supported a program called Operation Pollinator on North American golf courses.
USGA Green Section Record, May 2013.

Golf - the Game

Dawson defiant over single-sex golf clubs
The chief executive of The R&A, Peter Dawson, has said that he will not bully Open venue golf clubs to accept women as members. He added that it would be bad for the Open if it was to lose male-only clubs as hosts.
Golf Club Management, 24 April 2013.


Unspoken truths (fertilizer, herbicide & fungicide).
Superintendents have to watch where and how the use the 'C' and 'F' words - but at the same time be more forceful in dispelling myths and misconceptions about chemical and fertilizer applications.
Asian Golf Business, Issue 53, May 2013. Pages: 40-43

Effects of golf course maintenance on playability.
Author: Bruce Williams
There are a variety of factors that have an impact on the playability of a golf course that are affected by golf course maintenance practices. Some of these factors are daily inputs while others are much longer termed.
Asian Golf Business, Issue 53, May 2013. Pages: 54-57

Stay on target (turf colourants).
Author: Alison Ritchie
The superintendent of North Shore Country Club in the USA, achieves the appearance of a natural shade of green by using turf colorants as spray pattern indicators. He says the key lies in two major areas: the application and the colour concentration.
Golf Course Industry, May 24 2013.

Mow by numbers (frequency of clip).
Author: Crystal Hammon
Golf course consistency, turf health and play are top concerns for every superintendent. Chris Fox, product manager at Jacobsen, shares some practical hints about adjustable Frequency of Clip greens mowers and how they can make grass cutting easier.
Golf Course Industry, May 24 2013.

Sometimes superintendents can’t see the golf course for the grass.
Author: Dennis Lyon
It took the author many years in the golf industry to realize his job as a superintendent was not simply about growing grass; rather, it is about providing great playing surfaces.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 51, no 11, May 31 2013.

Spray application ... To the manor born (Hanbury Manor GC).
Author: Dr Terry Mabbett
How EU directives on chemical pesticides are continuing to pressurise the sports turf industry.
Greenkeeper International, May 2013. Pages: 44-49

Make your mark (turf colourants).
Author: Alison Ritchie
Turf colorants are handy as spray pattern indicators for fertilizer or other applications on the course. Dr. Mark Howieson, technical team leader for Becker Underwood, discusses what they should know before getting started.
Golf Course Industry, May 24 2013.

A closer cut (frequency of clip).
Author: Crystal Hammon
As new technology replaces old mowing fleets, course superintendents are seeing improved ball speeds, labor savings and healthier greens that withstand more wear and tear by making use of frequency of clip.
Golf Course Industry, May 24 2013.

A closer look at frequency of clip
Frequency of clip measures the distance between mower shear points (or clips) in the grass and is affected by three separate inputs: number of reel blades, reel speed and mower speed.
Golf Course Industry, May 24 2013.

Build up buzz (turf colourants).
Author: Andrew Adam
Coming out of the winter months, the superintendent’s top goal is to return to appealing green fairways versus the winter brown look as quickly as possible. Many superintendent turn to turf colourants to help the green come back to his turf faster.
Golf Course Industry, February 26 2013.

Greening up after winter.
Author: Jane Garley
The long and wet winter had taken its toll on the turf. A look at the best varieties of seed to improve coverage and sward health.
Greenkeeping, May 2013. Pages: 6-9

Go green(er) (turf colourants).
Author: Andrew Adam
Dr. Mark Howieson, technical team leader at Becker Underwood, talked about some of the benefits of using turf colorants on the golf course with the spring season fast approaching.
Golf Course Industry, February 26 2013.

Tea for two (disease and fungicide use).
Author: Jenny Yu
Reducing the use of chemicals on the golf course is good for the club's bank balance and its environmental footprint. The article looks at the use of compost tea and a liquid bio stimulant extraction instead of fungicides.
Greenkeeping, May 2013. Pages: 10-12


Abu Dhabi sees golf tourism increase.
The Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority has revealed that a record number of overseas rounds were played in the first quarter of 2013, prompting industry experts to suggest the destination is becoming one of the most lucrative in the field.
Golf Course Architecture, 15 May 2013.

High-end integrated golf, hotel and real estate resort is ready for the development of close to 130 hectares of land in Croatia
Istria attracts almost one third of tourist arrivals in Croatia. The Government supports golf course developments planning a total of 22 golf courses in the coming years, according to the Department of Tourism.
Golf Business Community (KPMG), 14 May 2013.

The Value of Golf to Scotland’s Economy
KPMG Golf Business Advisory has compiled a study on the economic impact of golf in Scotland, presented at the 10th annual Golf Business Forum in St Andrews on 3-5 June 2013.
Golf Business Community (KPMG), June 6 2013.

Four golf clubs saved from going under.
Four British golf clubs have all been saved from being closed down in the last few days. It is thought that this is the first time ever that such a large number of venues have been rescued within such a short timeframe.
Golf Club Management, 9 May 2013.

Low UK rank for female participation.
Author: Alistair Dunsmuir
A new PGA survey has found that there are 4.2 million golfers in Great Britain and Ireland, but female participation remains very low.
Golf Club Management, 23 May 2013.

‘Golf - A European Success’ Exhibition opens at European Parliament
The exhibition, which brought the Ryder Cup and Solheim Cup trophies together in celebrating the success of the European teams in their matches against the United States, highlighted the environmental, social and economic impact of golf across Europe
Golf Business News, May 10 2013.

Althaus starts long-term Kassel renovation.
Architect Christian Althaus has begun work on what could be a long-term transformation of the Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe course in the German state of Hesse.
Golf Course Architecture, 19 April 2013.

Will Guan Tianlang change the face of golf in China?
Author: Ronald Fream
The success of the 14 year old during the Masters Tournament this year could well encourage more young Chinese to take up the game. For many Chinese golf course operators, having increased interest from paying players would be a very good thing.
Asian Golf Business, Issue 53, May 2013. Pages: 26-34

Golf and the GFC (Global Financial Crisis).
Author: Michael Wolveridge
A look at the deveopment of the golf industry over the past forty years , asking 'What would Henry Longhurst make of it?'
Golf Architecture, No 14, 2012. Pages: 76-78


A salty situation.
Author: Tim Hiers
The Old Collier Golf Club, Naples, Florida, was the first course in the world to irrigate exclusively with brackish water. It was the second in the world to use seashore paspalum from tee to green.
Golf Course Industry, May 13 2013.

Where are you going with irrigation?
Author: Adrian Mortram
With the UK continuing to suffer erratic weather, irrigation has become more important than ever.A look at water management provisions.
Greenkeeper International, May 2013. Pages: 40-43


Energy shocker.
Author: Tim Hiers
The Old Collier Golf Club, Naples, Florida, lays claim to one of the most efficient maintenance facilities in the world. Spread out over three acres with 4,500 square feet of air-conditioned space, its electricity bill is less than $600 per month.
Golf Course Industry, May 13 2013.

If you can’t fix it, feature it.
Author: Brian Whitlark
Within the challenges facing every golf facility are marketing opportunities
to increase golfer enjoyment and participation.

USGA Green Section Record, Vol 51, no 11, May 31 2013.

Sustainable Development

Sustainability: golf and beyond.
Author: Ronald G Dodson
Land owners have the right to use their own resources pursuant to their own environmental & developmental policies, federal, state & local laws, & the responsibility to ensure these activities do not cause damage to the environment or other areas.
Asian Golf Business, Issue 53, May 2013. Pages: 50-52

Natural stone: the sustainable building material of choise?
When people think of green building products, natural stone doesn't instantly come to mind. But, as it can remain in situ for many decades with very little mainenance, it has a continuing life-cycle.
Landscape and Urban Design, Issue 3, 2013. Pages: 18-19

Irrigation puzzle - sourcing water for golf courses.
Author: Ali Harivandi
The golf industry has already overcome, through excellent educational outreach, the negative stereotype of irrigation with recycled water, and consequently, golf courses increasingly turn to the use of recycled water.
USGA Green Section Record, , November 2012.,%20Ali%20-%20The%20Irrigation%20Puzzle.pdf


No fairy tale
Fairy ring has been a long-time nuisance for golf course superintendents. Researchers Dr. Lane Tredway and Dr. Lee Miller discuss their recent findings.
Golf Course Industry, April 20 2013.

Demystify fairy ring.
Author: Rob Thomas
While folklore has many colorful explanations for fairy ring, Dr. Megan Kennelly, associate professor in Kansas State University’s Department of Plant Pathology shows how to take the hocus-pocus out of diagnosing and treating it.
Golf Course Industry, April 20 2013.

Ask the expert: Five tips for dealing with fairy ring
Author: Dr Jill calabro
Dr. Jill Calabro, field market development specialist for Valent Professional Products, lists key facts about fairy ring and top tips for controlling this tough disease.
Golf Course Industry, April 20 2013.

Foliar nitrogen fertilization feeds the grass well
Many golf courses use spray applications of fertilizer for a significant portion of the total annual nitrogen applied to putting greens. A USGA-sponsored research project evaluated the efficiency of this practice under golf course field conditions.
USGA Green Section Record, May 2013.

Prepare for patches.
Author: Rob Thomas
Be ready for battle with turf diseases like take-all, Waitea and summer patch.
Golf Course Industry, May 29 2013.

Take out take-all.
Author: Rob Thomas
Use fungicide blends and nutrient management to control take-all patch.
Golf Course Industry, May 29 2013.

Solid strategy: fairy ring.
Author: Rob Thomas
Whether you believe mushrooms growing in a circle follow the path made by fairies dancing in a ring or, as a Dutch superstition claims, the circles show where the devil set his milk churn, fairy ring is not welcome on a golf course.
Golf Course Industry, April 20 2013.

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