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What's in the news? July 2013

A round up of recently published articles from a range of magazines and online newsletters. All the usual titles have been covered, including the latest issues of Greenkeeper International, Greenkeeping and the STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management.


Golf course design: an agronomist's perspective.
Author: Conor Nolan
The purpose of this article is to share with the reader some observations and thoughts on golf course design and its impact on course manintenance.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, Issue 262, July 2013. Pages: 35-37

Clubhouse of the year.
Colorado Golf Club, Lost Tree Club, Forida, Lingshui Blue Bay Golf Course, Hainan Province, China, Shadow Wood Country Club, Florida and the Golf Course at Sand Hollow Resort, Utah take top honors in this year's annual competition.
Golf Inc, June 2013. Pages: 31-44

A golden age of design?
Author: Robert J Vasilak
Golfweek's latest list of the best courses of the modern age prompts the qustion: Are we living in a golden age of golf design? And is Tom Fazio really the best architect of our time?
Golf Inc, July 2013. Pages: 30-33

Golf and real estate - Natural bedfellows.
Author: Adam Lawrence
Golf architects, masterplanners and developers can find better ways of integrating golf and real estate.
By Design,Issue 15, Summer 2013. Page: 18

Renovation of the year.
Author: Mike Stetz
EIGCA Senior Member Tim Lobb won first place for a private course for his work at Richmond Golf Club. Associate Members, Philip Spogárd & Michiel van der Vaart took third for a public course for their work at Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort.
Golf Inc, July 2013. Pages: 41-53

Practice facilities - The future of practice.
Around the world golf clubs, resorts and developers are investing in practice facilities. This article asks why modern practice is different from old-style beating balls, and what it can bring to your golf business.
By Design,Issue 15, Summer 2013. Pages: 12-13

Bunker styles.
Author: A J Beggs
Bunkers come in all shapes and sizes and have done since the game began. As golf developed, particularly beyond the turn of the 20th century, the golden age architects became more adventurous and flamboyant and many of them developed their own styles
Golf Club Secretary, Vol 15, no 19, July 2013. Page: 152


Gainsborough Golf Club.
Gainsborough Golf Club, in Lincolnshire, England, is beautifully run and offers exceptional facilities.
Golf Range News, June 2013. Pages: 26-31

Return to a legend.
Author: Adam Lawrence
This year's US Open at Merion's historic East course represents the culmination of fifteen years work by the USGA, the club, and ASGCA members Tom Fazio and Tom Marrzolf.
By Design,Issue 15, Summer 2013. Pages: 8-11

The eclectric mix of Edinburgh and East Mothian (Muirfield).
Author: M James Ward
For the 16th time Muirfield Golf Club will host The Open Championship this year.
Golf Range News, June 2013. Pages: 16-22

The 2013 Open at Muirfield.
Author: Richard Windows
The Open Championship returns to Muirfirld, the home of The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers, in July. Since the last Open there in 2002, significant architectural changes have taken place.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, Issue 262, July 2013. Pages: 5-8


Like a butterfly in the wind.
Author: Adam Moeller
Creating wildflower areas at Rockland Country Club is one example of how golf courses can positively impact the environment.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 51, no 12, June 28 2013.

Wildflower meadows - seed vs turf: a long term cost comparison.
Author: James Hewetson-Brown
There is no doubt that the initial cost of purchsing wildflowers seed is far cheaper than ready-made wildflower turf. But are those initial cost savings really worth it in the long term?
Pro Landscaper, July 2013. Pages: 18-19

Golf - the Game

With the golf cart out of the crisis? (Mit dem Golfcar aus der Krise?)
Author: Heinz Schmidbauer
Having golf cars available could help attract more players to the game. (In German.)
Golf Sport Magazine , 4 July 2013.

Whipsnade Park GC: how we increased our girls’ section.
Author: Mark Day
Whipsnade Park GC in Hertfordshire has significantly increased the number of girls who play and are members there.
Golf Club Management, 20 June 2013.

The death of golf and the game as we knew it.
Author: David B Hubber
No 0ne really took notice in the late 1980s when the golf ball started going farther and straighter. At the time everyone was distractedby the grooves controversy and no one realised how advances in golf technology could pose a threat to the game.
Golf Inc, July 2013. Pages: 36-40

Troon Golf to build 'courses within courses'.
Author: Alistair Dunsmuir
Troon Golf, the world’s largest operator of golf clubs, has announced that it will be building par three courses within some of its 18-hole courses to attract new types of golfers.
Golf Club Management, 4 July 2013.

How much would you pay to play a round?
Author: Tania Longmire
The majority of British golfers would never pay more than £100 to play a round of golf at any venue in the world and more than a third think the game is too expensive to play.
Golf Club Management, 1 July 2013.

Troon launches Pace-Of-Play initiative across global portfolio
Troon ® has announced a new program implemented at Troon-managed facilities across the world to address the game of golf’s well-documented pace-of-play issue.
Golf Business News, June 28 2013.

USGA calls for improving pace of play in the game "While We’re Young".
The United States Golf Association (USGA) has unveiled a new public education campaign around the theme of “While We’re Young,” a new positioning to raise awareness of the challenges and solutions to the pace-of-play issues in the game of golf.
Golf Business News, June 13 2013.


Managing golf courses in the Arabian heat.
Author: Laurence Pithie
Greenkeepers are all to aware of the problems caused by excess water, but what about the issues posed by heat?
Greenkeeper International, July 2013. Pages: 34-39

Course preparation for a USGA national championship - what’s all the fuss?
Author: Robert Vavrek
The high level of turf maintenance required to conduct a U.S. Open, U.S. Amateur, or any other USGA national championship may surprise the casual player as much as the hardcore golf enthusiast.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 51, no 8, April 19 2013. Pages: 1-5

A helping hand (GIS).
Author: Ian Phythian
A Geographic Information System (GIS) can assist many aspects of day to day greenkeeping, from irrigation to health and safety.
Greenkeeper International, July 2013. Pages: 47-49

Spray fever (herbicides).
Author: Tom James
Mounting legal requirements, climatic change and a growing demand for perfection from members is making herbicide spraying a tricky business for greenkeepers. But fortuately, technology is coming to the rescue.
Greenkeeping, July 2013. Pages: 6-9

Don't try this at home - turf matters.
Author: Bruce Williams
Golfers see a televised event and wonder why they can't have the same conditions at their home course. A look at what it take to host a major tournament.
Asian Golf Business,No 54, June 2013. Pages: 42-47

Meeting the challenges of restricted water.
Author: Patrick J Gross
Director, USGA Green Section, Southwest Region.Water is a vital component for managing a playable, sustainable and profiitable golf facility, especially in the arid Southwestern United States.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, Issue 262, July 2013. Pages: 31-32

What do golfers really want?
There is a wide range of expectations with regard to golf, but there is a core list of reasonable and appropriate expectations that the majority of golfers can expect from their home course.
Asian Golf Business,No 54, June 2013. Pages: 50-55

Health & Safety

The Intersection of golf and the law
Author: Bill Pennington
Golfers expect to encounter hazards or misfortune during a round of golf. We all end up in a bunker or out of bounds. But not many golfers expect to end up in court. Or jail. From The New York Times
The News York Times, June 23 2013.


Golf Club Heelsum announces the 1stAirborne Open.
Heelsum Golf Club, near Arnhem, The Netherlands underwent a complete bunker, concept and landscape renovation almost two years ago carried out by golf architect Steve Marnoch, transforming the course into a modern heathland classic.
Golf Business News, June 21 2013.

A house divided.
Author: Trevor Ledger
With rounds and revenue down, the UK golf industry finds itself squabbling over taxes. But there many be good news on the horizen.
Golf Inc, June 2013. Pages: 21-22

Golf has its say.
Author: Steve Isaac
A report of the 9th R&A International Golf Conference held in St Andrews in May, and the golf exhibition at the European Parliament.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, Issue 262, July 2013. Pages: 26-27

Trump’s second course at Menie to be ‘a different style’.
Course Architect Martin Hawtree says that the second Trump course near Aberdeen will be ‘a different style of challenge, a little more open and relaxed’ while ‘some holes to the south as equally spectacular as anything in the first’.
Golf Business News, June 14 2013.

New 18 hole golf course at Secret Valley in Cyprus.
Designed by Golf & Land Design’s Hans-Georg Erhardt , construction of the new 18 hole golf course and academy at Secret Valley in Cyprus continues into the final stages of growing in and will be ready to be handed over within few weeks.
Golf Business News, June 11 2013.

Superb bunkering gets Wimbledon exposure.
The bunkers were designed by golf architect, Tim Lobb, and constructed by Profusion Enviromental, using the Blinder Bunker system, a rubberised, porous compound which allows free drainage but prevents any bunker contamination rising to the surface.
Golf Business News, July 5 2013.

India - a lagard in golf.
Author: Ron Fream
The debilitating factors of too expensive land and too little water will preclude India becoming a major golfing nation. Those courses that persevere through the many roadblocks to creating a functioning course will be a source of new players.
Asian Golf Business,No 54, June 2013. Pages: 24-36

A changing Asia.
Author: James Graham Prusa
Golf has been in Asia since the british introduced it in the 19th century. But most Westerners have misunderstood the continent, assuming that what happens in China holds true for the rest of the continent.
Golf Inc, July 2013. Pages: 26-29

Madeira has two excellent courses on the main island and another at Porto Sancto.
Golf Range News, June 2013. Pages: 4-11

Unleasing Indonesia's potential.
Indonesia ranks as the 16th largest economy in the world and is a member of the exclusive G20 gathering of nations with a trillion dollar GDP. The growth of golf there is inevitable.
Asian Golf Business,No 54, June 2013. Pages: 8-13

New Nigeria course in construction.
Construction is underway on the new golf course in Calabar, the capital of Nigeria's Cross River State. The course is part of a major development and has been designed by golf architects Thomson Perrett & Lobb
Golf Course Architecture, 25 June 2013.

Golfing Bodies Launch
Following the success of the recent historic first golf exhibition in the European Parliament celebrating "Golf - a European Success", the website celebrating golf’s contribution to Europe has been launched.
Golf Business News, July 2 2013.

Interview with Peter Harradine
Golf course architect Peter Harradine is based in Dubai. In this interview, he assesses the state of the market in the Middle East and the variety of golf courses required to help stimulate demand.
Golf Business Community (KPMG), July 2 2013.


Wise words of advice - irrigation and drainage.
Author: Andy Johnston
The two main things which should never be cut or compromised on a project are irrigation and drainage.
Asian Golf Business,No 54, June 2013. Pages: 38-41

The use of permeable drainage materials.
The use of permeable backfill over subsurface drains is essential in all sportsfield applications. The function of backfill is to provide a free draining connetion between the upper soil layers and the drains.
Turf Business, Issue 77, May 2013. Page: 24

Landscape Design

Turning Japanese (Japanese knotweed).
Author: Dr Terry Mabbett
How lethal injection is the best way to tackle Japanese knotweed - one of the most invasive weeds you will come across.
Greenkeeper International, July 2013. Pages: 28-31

Braken ruin?
Author: Graham Paul
A look at invasive fern bracken and how to control it.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, Issue 262, July 2013. Pages: 18-21

Sweet chestnut blight is the one to watch.
Author: Dr Terry Mabbett
UK plant health authorities identified sweet chestnut blight (Cryphonectria fraxinea) at orchard sites in Warwickshire and East Sussex in late autumn 2011. They waited five months to inform the industry then said virtually nothing until May 2013.
Greenkeeper International, July 2013. Page: 11


Soil sensors - Not just for the big boys.
Author: Stuart Hackwell
Every golf course, no matter what its budget, should be making use of soil sensing techniology.
By Design, Issue 15, Summer 2013. Pages: 16-17

Sustainable Development

Hoebridge GC: first UK public pay-and-play golf centre to be GEO Certified
Hoebridge - part of BGL Golf, the UK’s leading golf course owner and operator - joins an elite group of leaders to be among the first 100 golf facilities in the world to have earned golf’s internationally recognised distinction awarded by GEO.
Golf Business News, June 24 2013.

Sustainabe resource management and biological diversity.
Author: Ron G Dodson
Golf is thought by many people to be a waste of space and natural resources. It is paramount for the golf industry to embrace and implement management strategies that focus on sustainability and fosters biological diversity.
Asian Golf Business,No 54, June 2013. Pages: 58-61

Golf, people and nature - The R&A, USGA and GEO contribute to global sustainability congress.
Golf’s governing bodies, The R&A and the USGA, and the Golf Environment Organization (GEO) promoted the game’s environmental efforts at one of the world’s largest sustainability conventions, the BirdLife International Congress, held in Ottawa, Canada
Golf Business News, June 21 2013.

A journey, not a destination
Author: Bruce R Williams
A practical guide to adopting sustainability principles at your course.
Golf Course Industry, May 7 2013.

An Open case for sustainability.
Author: Tim Moraghan
Even before the Open was coming to Merion, the Club was using methods that have important and proven benefits for both the environment and golfers.
Golf Course Industry, May 8 2013.

Sustainable befores sustainability was cool.
Author: Monoe Miller
Sustainability implies working toward minimizing inputs. Concepts such as water and energy conservation, recycling, adopting new technology, and using inputs that reduce or eliminate adverse effects fit into the definition.
Golf Course Industry, May 8 2013.


Thatch management.
Author: Andy Walker
When it comes to thatch, many think that you need to go deeper into the soil to remove it. But that is not a correct control method.
Greenkeeping, June 2013. Pages: 20-21

Better grasses make for better fairways.
Author: Jim Skorulski
Renovating fairways with new turfgrasses elevates playing conditions and creates a more sustainable golf operation.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 51, no 12, June 28 2013.

Effect of pre-emergence herbicides on bermudagrass recovery from SDS (Spring Dead Spot).
Author: L L Beck; T cooper; A J Hephner; C M Straw; G M Henry
Be careful what you spray: some pre-emergence herbicides may limit turf recovery and further weaken the turfgrass system.
Golf Course Management, July 2013. Pages: 80-85

New options for Poa annua control in bentgrass greens.
Author: Robert B Cross; Bert McCarty; Alan G Estes
The fight against annual blugrass in creeping bentgrass continues with two new herbicides.
Golf Course Management, July 2013. Pages: 86-93

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