Date: Mon 12 Aug 2013

Golf Information News, Vol 10, No 6 August 2013

Welcome to the latest issue of Golf Information News - your guide to what's worth reading in golf course architecture.

Many publications and articles are cited in this newsletter - how do you find them again?


Books and reports appear as 'News items' on the EIGCA website. Selecting 'Library News' will show you those items from the past few months. To search further back you need to 'Enter a Search Term'' - something from the title should do. This will give the original news item and, if a report, will allow you to download it. Alternatively you can search the Library Catalogue - - again by entering a keyword into the search box. When you find what you are looking for you will then have to ask me for it.

Articles that appear in the 'What's in the news?' section often have a URL leading to the full text. If not then I can supply a copy or you can look in the original publication. You can search all the articles that have been listed in 'What's in the news?' by going to 'Journal Contents' on the Library page of the website. This section is for members only and you have to be logged in to see it. Here you can search under journal, or newsletter, title or again by keywords.

As ever, if you have any enquiries you think I can help with, or would like to borrow anything, do contact me on

Sue Stranger

Golf Course Design
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