Date: Mon 12 Aug 2013

What's in the news? August 2013

A round up of recently published articles from a range of magazines and online newsletters. All the usual titles have been covered, including the latest issues of Greenkeeper International, Greenkeeping, Golf Course Architecture and Greenside.


Changing of the guard.
Author: Sean Dudley
Interviews with the newly-elected presidents of the two largest architects' societies, Rick Robbins of ASGCA and Peter Fjällman of EIGCA.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 33, July 2013. Page: 17


What it takes to be top.
Author: Toby Ingleton
Just what is it that makes a golf course great? Is it strategiec golf holes, a breathtaking setting, immaculate conditioning, or something else? The Top 100 Golf Courses with comment from the architects who voted for them.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 33, July 2013. Pages: 22-39

Designing for a professional golf event.
Author: Brit Stenson
While there are many factors that go into creating and implementing a first-class event, the venue itself can be a significant positive or negative in the ultimate success of the event.
Asian Golf Business, Issue 55, July 2013. Pages: 38-40


Wexford Golf Club.
Author: Alan Mahon
Founded in 1961 as a nine hole course, Wexford Golf Club is now an 18 hole parkland course situated in the heart of Wexford town. The course, which was lengthened and upgraded in 2006, is a par 71 course and measuring 5950 metres.
Greenside, August 2013. Pages: 28-33

St Enodoc rises to 14th in ‘Golf World’s Top 100 Golf Courses in England’
Designed by James Braid, the Church Course at St Enodoc is famed for its characteristic fairway undulations and firm greens that are set against the dramatic backdrop of the Camel Estuary and north Atlantic Coast.
Golf Business News, August 1 2013.

North Weald Golf Club.
A review of the 18-hole course in Essex designed by EIGCA Senior Member and Past President, David Williams in 2003.
Golf Range News, July 2013. Pages: 23-25

Dorset drama (Broadstone).
Author: Adam Lawrence
Tom Dunn created the Broadstone course in 1898, but today's layout is the work of Harry Colt. The Club is now restroing the course.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 33, July 2013. Pages: 52-53

Developing dunes (Golfbaan de Texelse, The Netherlands).
The original nine holes were designed in the early nineties by EIGCA Senior Member Alan Rijks. The Club is now extending the course to 18 holes, again with Rijks providing the design.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 33, July 2013. Pages: 44-47

Golf architects name St Andrews as ‘world’s best’
The Old Course at St Andrews has been named the world’s number one course by a unique poll of professional golf course architects from all over the globe, carried out by Golf Course Architecture.
Golf Business News, July 22 2013.

The Old Course at St Andrews.
Author: Nick Edmund
More than six centuries after her birth, the grand "Old Lady" remains the definition of a golf course.
Links Newsletter, 2 August 2013.

Atlantic links beckons - west country golf wonders.
Author: M James Ward
A look at some the golf courses in the west of England which can rival those in Scotland: Trevose, St Enodoc, Royal North Devon, Saunton and Burnham & Berrow.
Golf Range News, July 2013. Pages: 18-21

Hole by hole: Muirfield lives up to Open rep.
Author: Bradley S Klein
This is be the 16th time the R&A is setting up the Open Championship here on the lovely East Lothian coast along the Firth of Forth.
Golf Week, 24 June 2013.

The top venues we'd love to see host The Open
Author: George Peper
The Open Championship rota constsits of just nine courses. Like the USGA, the R&A might want to consider some new blood. Here are the top choices ranked from tenth (pure fantasy) to first (no excuses - make it happen!).
Links Newsletter, July 2013.

A rich reward (Richmond GC).
Author: Les Howkins
The Richmond Golf Club is celebrating after winning an international award after renovating 56 bunkers. The course manager explains how they did it.
Greenkeeper International, August 2013. Pages: 34-38


Richmond Park opens eco clubhouse.
Author: Jenny Yu
Richmond Park Golf Club, in London’s largest royal park, has opened a new £2.5 million clubhouse. The building features an eco-roof made entirely from acid grassland making it quite possibly the largest continuous green roof in the capital.
Golf Club Management, 23 July 2013.

Turtles flourishing in golf course ponds.
Well-managed courses offer better habitat than some farm and park ponds.
National Geographic, July 9 2013.

Golf - the Game

Pace of play problems? The Golden Bear blames the modern golf ball.
Author: Josh Sens
Jack Nicklaus claims that it is not people that cause slow play but the modern golf ball, which flies so far, it has forces the game to stiffen its defences. Courses have been stretched out, set-ups tightened., July 29 2013.

R&A launches new online rules academy.
The R&A has launched a new free online course to help golfers and administrators improve their knowledge of the Rules of Golf. It is available at and is based on the Etiquette Section & the Quick Guide to the Rules of Golf.
Golf Business News, July 18 2013.

Golf etiquette 101.
Author: Andy Johnson
As golf continues to grow in the region so does the need for education and proper golf etiquette. Every golf should be attentive to the care of the course as well as being concerned for those who will be playing behind you.
Asian Golf Business, Issue 55, July 2013. Pages: 42-43

Going against the grain.
Author: Larry Gilhuly
Grain on putting surfaces is often given as a reason why players miss putts. But is this truly the reason?
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 51, N0 14, July 12 2013.


Be prepared for moss problems.
Author: Chris Whittle
Greenkeepers may need to consider moss control before the end of this month as conditions come together to increase the risk of moss colonies establishing on tees and greens.
Turf Business, 6 August 2013.

Integrated Pest Management and sustainability.
Author: Ron G Dodson
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a very common term used in the golf course managemnt business. IPM stratiegies have been used by golf course superintendents an many other land managers for a long time.
Asian Golf Business, Issue 56, August 2013. Pages: 58-60

Developing a drought-emergency plan.
Author: Patrick Gross
A step-by-step guide to help your golf facility prepare for mandatory water restrictions.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 51, N0 14, July 12 2013.

The sneaky species troubling turf…
A look at some of the more dangerous weeds - Giant Hogweed, ragwort and Japanese Knotweed.
Turf Business, Issue 78, July 2013. Page: 16

A waste of time and resources (managing rough).
Author: David A Oatis
For most golf facilities, an intermediate rough offers little to no benefit.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 51, no 15, July 26 2013.

Experts explain: vertical mowing.
Vertical mowing, or verticutting, is a maintenance practice periodically performed to accomplish the following: remove thatch; improve mowing quality and surface smoothness; cut laterally growing stolons; dislodge and remove Poa annua seedheads.
USGA Green Section Record, August 8 2013.

How well do you know your greens?
Author: Malcolm Peake
How the Greenstester can help you monitor the performance of your greens.
Greenkeeper International, August 2013. Pages: 56-57

Brushing-in top dressing - the options.
Author: Lawrence Pithie
With ever more emphasis on greeens performance and the need for regular top dressing, Lawrence Pithie examines the methods used past and present for working top dressing into the turf surface.
Greenkeeper International, August 2013. Pages: 42-44

Proactive pest management in sports turf.
Author: Ray Hunt
The management of pests in sports turf can be labour intensive, disruptive to end users and maintenance teams and highly expensive. However, if you have a plan, the negative aspects can be alleviated to an acceptable level.
Greenside, August 2013. Pages: 20-23

A double edged sword for soil moisture management.
Author: Duncan Kelso
How Duncan Kelso at Kings Hill deals with his course's unique moisture management challenges.
Greenkeeper International, August 2013. Pages: 28-32

Behind the scenes at The Open 2013.
The BIGGA Open Support Team tell the inside story of a red-hot Open Championship with their own word and photos from a scorching Muirfield.
Greenkeeper International, August 2013. Pages: 20-25

Electric dreams - environmental management.
Author: Jenny Yu
One of the UK's premier golf clubs, Royal Liverpool, has spent £300,000 upgrading its course machinery fleet, and in doing so has become eco-friendly.
Greenkeeping, August 2013. Pages: 14-15

Foliar uptake of nitrogen on creeping bentgrass and bermudagrass greens.
Author: Chris Stiegler; Mike Richardson; Doug Karcher
Creeping bentgrass and hybrid bermudagrass show similar uptake of foliar-applied nitrgen.
Golf Course Management, August 2013.

Experts explain: hand watering versus syringing.
Hand watering includes any time water is applied manually, and syringing is a form of hand watering. Depending on the amount of water applied and the purpose for doing so, hand watering may be the same as syringing, or it could be entirely different.
USGA Green Section Record, July 10 2013.

Rolling frequency on bentgrass and poa annua greens.
How often can bentgraa or Poa Annua greens be rolled without causing turf injury?
USGA Green Section Record, April 16 2013.

Health & Safety

Man seeks responsibility for errant golf ball.
Author: Michelle Mortensen
A man is seeking a responsible party for damage to his vehicle from an errant golf ball at a club in Las Vegas. In Nevada and many states, the golfer who hit the ball is liable, but the man believes the course is partially to blame., July 8 2013.

Right side of the law - legislation.
Author: David Mears
From the storage of pterol or oil to the cleaning of machinery, greenkeepers are bound by strict legislation that I constantly amended.
Greenkeeping, August 2013. Page: 29


Trump International Golf Links: one year on.
This week marks the first anniversary of Trump International Golf Links, Scotland. Since it opened last summer thousands of golfers have flocked from around the globe to experience the championship course in Aberdeenshire.
Golf Business News, July 12 2013.

Where goes golf Indonesia.
Author: Ronald Fream
Indonesia has great potential for golf development that focuses on both the domestic golfer and the visitor from overseas. The domestic market is seeing rapid economic progress. Tourism across Asia is growing as populations increase, economies expand and
Asian Golf Business, Issue 56, August 2013. Pages: 20-28

The story from Switzerland.
Author: David Bily
Why affluent Switzerland is a tough place to develop more golf courses.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 33, July 2013. Pages: 42-43

The sky is falling.
Author: Robert J Vasilak
The US golf industry may not be in very god shape, according a leading participant.
Golf Inc, Aug/Sept 2013. Pages: 12-15

10 of the best golf courses in Africa
Author: Tony Smart
For a reputedly impoverished continent, Africa has a remarkable number of golf courses -- 828 courses in 50 countries with a little more than half of those, 450, located in South Africa.
CNN, July 23 2013.

The Centurion Club, near St Albans in the UK, has opened for play.
Author: Sean Dudley
Designed by architect Simon Gidman, and constructed using inert landfill, the 7,064-yard course opened to the public on 1 July. The course features 80 bunkers, four major water features and undulating bentgrass greens.
Golf Course Architecture, 3 July 2013.

Hills and thrills on Carne's new nine.
Author: Adam Lawrence
Carne's original eighteen was the last course built by Irish architect Eddie Hackett. A further nine holes are now being built by designer Ally McIntosh, a graduate of the EIGCA’s diploma programme. It is McIntosh's first project as a lead designer.
Golf Course Architecture, 31 July 2013.

India's killer elite.
Author: Robert J Vasilak
While India could become one of the largest golf markets in the world, it is controlled by an elite few, and is likely to stay that way.
Golf Inc, Aug/Sept 2013. Pages: 34-36

Flying down in Peru.
Author: José Agustin Pizá
Mexican architect, and EIGCA Senior Member, José Agustin Pizá explains how he, along with colleagues in the international golf industry, is trying to help bring the game to a new audience in South America.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 33, July 2013. Page: 64

Scotland's moment.
Author: Trevor Ledger
Scotland, the home of golf, is already a leader in golf tourism, but with the Commonwealth Games and four British Open Championships on their way, it has the opprtunity to capture even more tourist dollars.
Golf Inc, Aug/Sept 2013. Pages: 16-19

Rare newts have not halted £15m golf & hotel development.
The presence of rare protected newts at Ramside Hall Hotel and Golf Club in County Durham has not stopped progress at its new £15m golf, hotel and leisure development planned to open in 2014.
Golf Business News, August 6 2013.


Golf course irrigation - where does it come from?
Author: Chris Hartwiger
Irrigation sources are varied, and sometimes golf facilities have access to more than one source.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 51, no 16, August 9 2013. Pages: 1-4

Welsh water (course management).
Royal Porthcawl has recently installed a new irrigation system.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 33, July 2013. Pages: 54-55


The value of consultants.
Author: Bruce Williams
One of the biggest challenges faced by many golf courses in the Southeast Asia region relates to golf course superintendents: there seems to be a great reluctance on their part to engae qualified people to care for their courses.
Asian Golf Business, Issue 55, July 2013. Pages: 30-36

The decline of municipal golf clubs during the economic downturn.
Author: Nigel Harte
A look at the problems municipal golf clubs have faced, especially in the last two years, as local councils look to cut costs.
Golf Club Management, 24 June 2013.

Putting greens: it’s time to set a speed limit.
Author: Derf Soller
There is no national or regional green speed limit, but every golf facility should conduct a thorough analysis and determine a not-to-exceed speed.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 51, no 16, August 9 2013.

Why testing saves time and money.
Author: Sharon Bruce; Sylvain Duval
The authors explain the role played by lab analysis in golf course construction and management.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 33, July 2013. Pages: 57-59

A unique approach to managing players and maintenance.
The USGA is calling on the talents and expertise of its staff to develop and implement programs and techniques to grow the game and help courses remain viable.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 51, no 16, August 9 2013.

Sustainable Development

Letchworth Golf Club to use inert soil.
Author: Alistair Dunsmuir
Letchworth Golf Club in Hertfordshire has applied for planning permission to build a six-hole golf course using inert soil. The club is taking advantage of two of the biggest trends in golf: building shorter courses and using landfill for landscaping
Golf Club Management, 15 July 2013.


Poa annua: effect a stress free change to pereneial grasses.
Author: Martin Ward
It is possible to convert playing surfaces from predominantly poa annua to predominantly fine grasses without stressing the grass - the solution lies in the life in the rootzone.
Greenside, August 2013. Pages: 18-19

Ask the expert: Five steps to fight Pythium.
Author: Dr Jill Calabro
Dr. Jill Calabro, field market development specialist for Valent Professional Products, provides information on the different Pythium species causing Pythium blight, the turfgrass varieties susceptible to them and how best to manage this tough disease.
Golf Course Industry, July 2 2013.

Prevent Pythium
Author: Rob Thomas
Look for warning signs to get ahead of an outbreak.
Golf Course Industry, July 1 2013.

Know the enemy (Pythium).
Author: Rob Thomas
Use lab diagnosis to find the right treatment for a Pythium problem.
Golf Course Industry, July 1 2013.

Stand up to the challenge (bionutrition).
Author: John Torsiello
One greenkeeper's experience of using bionutrition to control pest problems.
Golf Course Industry, July 25 2013.

From the ground up (bionutrition).
Author: John Torsiello
When fertilizers and pesticides can’t get the job done biostimulants and bionutrients may fill the gap. These substances, including microorganisms, enhance the plant's ability to acquire nutrients.
Golf Course Industry, July 25 2013.

A witch’s brew of troubles with the Bermudagrass mite.
Author: Juang-Horng Chong
Bermudagrass stunt mites are an increasing turfgrass problem at golf facilities with bermudagrass fairways and roughs.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 51, N0 14, July 12 2013.

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