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What's in the news? November 2013

A round up of recently published articles from a range of magazines and online newsletters. All the usual titles have been covered, including the latest issues of Golf Range News, Golf Management Europe, Greenkeeper International and Greenkeeping.


EIGCA students model for success.
Four EIGCA first year students attended the second of five workshops at the headquarters of the European Institute of Golf Course Architects near Guildford, Surrey.
Golf Business News, October 28 2013.


Basildon Golf Course.
Basildon Golf Course was first opened in 1967 and provided inexpensive golf to many thousands of people. In recent years it has been transformed into a golf complex with a driving range and a re-lanscaped course.
Golf Range News, October 2013. Pages: 4-12

Askernish: lost and found.
Author: Malcolm Peake
The fascinating tale of how an enterprising group of greenkeepers helped regenerate a 'lost' golf course in the Outer Hebrides.
Greenkeeper International, November 2013. Pages: 28-31

Rya links to the seaside.
Author: Kevin Marks
Situated south of Helsingborg on the Swedish shore of the Öresund - the body of water that separates Denmark and Sweden - Rya Golfklubb is an 18-hole coastal golf course with ambitious plans.
Golf Management Europe, Issue 92, October 2013. Pages: 28-29


Six giant wind turbines for St Andrews.
Author: Alistair Dunsmuir
Each turbine will be 328 feet tall - taller than Big Ben and about five times the height of the Angel of the North. They will be located just three miles from St Andrews’ Old Course and will be visible from several points at the world-famous venue.
Golf Club Management, 29 October 2013.

Call to restore pollinating insects.
Author: Emma Williams
One of Britain’s leading entomologists has called for golf clubs to take a lead in restoring pollinating insects to the British countryside. The call comes as a rare bumblebee has been discovered on a Lincolnshire golf course.
Golf Club Management, 21 October 2013.

Golf - the Game

Britain’s ‘National Golf Month’ - May 2014
The first ever National Golf Month (NGM) promotion is being launched across Britain next year. This is a concerted effort by leading stakeholders in golf to both entice thousands of lapsed golfers to return to golf and attract new golfers to the game
Golf Business News, October 23 2013.

R&A announces new route of entry into The Open.
A new international qualifying series featuring events on the world’s leading golf tours is being introduced for The Open Championship which takes place at Royal Liverpool (Hoylake) from 13-20 July, 2014.
Golf Business News, October 29 2013.

Crown Golf to tackle slow golfers.
Author: Alistair Dunsmuir
Crown Golf is trialing both pace of play software to root out slow golfers and a flexible membership programme to attract golfers who do not want to pay for unlimited access to a course.
Golf Club Management, 31 October 2013.

The new Junior Golf Passport is launched at The Golf Show.
The new Junior Golf Passpost from the Golf Foundation, endorsed by the PGA was launched at The Golf Sgow in Harrogate.
Golf Range News, October 2013. Pages: 36-38

Slow Play Survey 2013.
The results of a survey conducted by Golf Club Secretary of golfers across the UK into causes of and attitudes towards slow play. It is clear that the pace of play, in the view of the respondents, is almost entirely the responsibility of the players.
Golf Club Secretary, Vol 15, no 23, November 2013. Pages: 177-179

‘Adventure golf’ being used to attract women and children to the game.
Author: Emma Williams
Some old guard members may scoff at small, themed ‘adventure golf’ courses aimed at children, but the clubs that are spending heavily on having them built are also seeing huge direct and indirect financial benefits.
Golf Club Management, 23 October 2013.

Golf Centres

Gloucester Golf Club.
A review of a new driving range which opened in June 2013.
Golf Range News, October 2013. Pages: 22-24

Boston West.
Boston West, in Lincolnshire, England, opened in the early 1990s as a driving range, with a nine-hole golf course being added in recent years.
Golf Range News, October 2013. Pages: 26-30


Greener greens for Scotland’s golf courses.
One of Scotland’s most dramatic golf courses, Machrihanish Dunes, is celebrating the Year of Natural Scotland by herding a flock of 40 black Hebridean sheep onto the course to keep it neatly nibbled during the winter months.
Golf Business News, October 22 2013.

Renovation and repairs - Plan A.
Author: Billy McMillan
The key to a successful renovation project this autumn and winter is planning it well in advance.
Greenkeeping, November 2013. Pages: 6-8

Product showcase - Viva la revolution.
Author: Tom Malehorn
The course manager at Woodhall Spa says that a new soil surficant that he recently began using has helped reduce his water usage by 40 percent and has changed th way turf is managed.
Greenkeeping, November 2013. Page: 22

Switching from traditional overseeding to ‘liquid overseeding’.
Author: Todd Lowe
There has been a growing trend the USA to substitute traditional overseeding with “liquid overseeding.” This consists of applying low rates of nutrients and pigments throughout the winter months to improve turf colour and enhance turf growth.
USGA Green Section record, Vol 51, no 22, November 1 2013. Pages: 1-3

Health & Safety

Take cover! (Insurance)
Author: Scott MacCallum
It's a sorry truth that there seems to be a growing compensation culture these days, and golf is certainly not immune.
Golf Management Europe, Issue 92, October 2013. Pages: 22-23


PGA'S of Europe interview with EGCOA President Alexander Baron von Spoercken.
Alexander Baron Von Spoercken is leading the EGCOA using his 25 years of experience in the industry. His beginning came from developing his own course in the North of Germany near Hamburg, and went on from there to develop, buy & sell other courses.
EGCOA Newsletter, November 2013.

Watson renovates more holes at MacKenzie’s Sand Moor.
Author: Adam Lawrence
The Alister MacKenzie-designed Sand Moor club in Leeds, England, has embarked on the second phase of a multi-year renovation project led by EIGCA Graduate Andy Watson.
Golf Course Architecture, 18 October 2013.

Harradine is awarded 3rd Nine in Kazan (Tatarstan).
The third Harradine-designed 9 hole loop has recently been approved by the client in Kazan. The Kazan Golf & Ski Resort in Tatarstan will boast 27 holes, two hotels, 500 chalets & artificial hills that were built to be used as ski slopes in winter.
Golf Business News, November 6 2013.

Construction under way at new David Krause-designed course in Hamburg.
Author: Sean Dudley
Work is ongoing at the 105-hectare site approximately 25 minutes from Hamburg Airport, and the 18-hole member course is scheduled to open to the public in the spring of 2015. Architect David Krause is an EIGCA Senior Member.
Golf Course Architecture, 29 October 2013.

More golf clubs to build lodges.
Author: Emma Williams
Three more golf clubs have announced plans to build holiday lodges on their courses: Celtic Manor Resort in Wales, the Lincolnshire Golf Course and Falmouth Golf Club in Cornwall.
Golf Club Management, 30 October 2013.

EGCOA Launches VISION 2020.
The project will look at the European Golf Industry, conducting an in-depth market analysis. The aim is to create an overview of the current situation in the European golf industry and develop an outlook for the development of golf till 2020.
EGCOA Newsletter, November 2013.

Growing golf in Europe
Author: Trevor Ledger
Alexander Baron von Spoercken is leading the EGCOA's charge to open up golf and grow the game.
Golf Inc, Fall 2013. Pages: 21-22

The 8th European Golf Business Conference a huge success.
The 8th European Golf Business Conference hosted by the European Golf Course Owners Association last week in Lisbon Portugal has been hailed as a huge success with over 500 golf courses represented from 21 countries.
EGCOA Newsletter, November 2013.

"Numbers of golfers in UK could be doubled" - Interview with Eric Brown, Global Turf Business Manager of Syngenta
A new survey has revealed that the number of people playing golf in the UK could be doubled if clubs and courses were friendlier, encouraged families and offered greater flexibility and better playing conditions.
Golf Business Community (KPMG), 10 August 2013.

Spogárd & VanderVaart completes renovation and new hole at County Louth.
Author: Sean Dudley
Spogárd & VanderVaart, both of whom are EIGCA Associate Members, have been advising the club since the summer of 2012 with regards to solving a number of playability issues and aesthetic qualities of the course.
Golf Course Architecture, 25 October 2013.

Legal Issues

Cherkley Court - a proposed golf development and a four letter word.
A discussion of Mole Valley District Council’s Development Control Committee's decision to reject the plans to turn Cherkley Court into a golf centre.
Golf Club Secretary, Vol 15, no 23, November 2013. Pages: 179-180


Golf club traditions threaten gender equality
Author: Alistair Dunsmuir
One of the UK’s most eminent university professors, and a president of a golf club, has said that some of the traditions golf clubs have are "out of touch, a complete nonsense and a turn off to diversity and gender equality".
Golf Club Management, 11 November 2013.

Sustainable Development

Greener golf.
Author: Laira Martin
Sustainable golf isn't as out of reach as it might seem. Interview with Jonanthan Smith of GEO and Richard Mandell, a golf architect.
Golf Inc, Fall 2013. Pages: 45-46

Is your course environmentally and economically sound?
The USGA staff has assembled a list of questions that every facility should consider regarding best management practices (BMPs) for sustainability. The goal is to help courses assess their own situation and develop actions to improve.
USGA Green Section record.

Improving golf’s environmental scorecard.
Author: Scott Huler
Golf represents an easy target for environmentalists who call attention to the vast amounts of water, fertilizer, and chemicals used to maintain manicured courses.
Quest: The Science of Sustainability, October 18 2013.


Silver Thread Moss.
Author: A J Beggs
Silver thread moss (Bryum argenteum) or Silver tipped moss as it is referred to in some quarters, is becoming an increasing problem on golf courses in the UK.
Golf Club Secretary, Vol 15, no 23, November 2013. Page: 184

Act early to reduce turf disease pressure
Reducing the number of infective disease pathogens in turf surfaces now could help achieve better long-term control of damaging attacks over the winter.
Golf Business News, October 31 2013.

Pigments and photoprootectants in turfgrass.
Author: Dr Karl Danneberger; David Gardner; Dominic Petrella
Solar radiation can be a two way street. In one direction the sun's energy is converted by the plant, into a useable form of energy such as carbohydrates. On the other hand excess light can also overload the same photsynthetic system.
Greenkeeper International, November 2013. Pages: 24-27

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