Date: Wed 18 Dec 2013

Sustainable Turfgrass Ecology Management

During the opening day of the 2013 Dutch Open KLM-open European Tour event in Zandvoort, The Netherlands, 83 people from 13 different European countries gathered together to discuss sustainable turfgrass management. The event was hosted by the recently founded Dutch Turfgrass Research Foundation (DTRF). It was its first international seminar. Stakeholders from inside and outside the golf sector were specifically invited for this international event.

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In the face of several major developments, e.g. economic crisis resulting in restricted maintenance budgets, stricter European and national laws and regulations and the ever increasing player expectations, the challenge for the golf sector is to meet the expectations and guarantee playing quality while managing golf courses in a sustainable way with no, or minimal, pollution of the environment. The participants were a balanced mix of researchers, practitioners, owners, managers, club board members, greenkeepers, lobbyists, suppliers, scientists, environmentalists and politicians.

All major European organizations in the golf sector were represented: FEGGA, The R&A, GEO, PGAE, and EGA as well as the research institutions STRI, Wageningen University and STERF and some National Golf Federations. EIGCA Senior Member Achim Reinmuth was there representing the Institute.

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The attendance by Chris Boyd, staff member of the EC was special. It was the first time that an EU representative has been actively involved in a similar event organized by the golf sector. His attendance was a direct result of the successful meeting between the European golf sector and the EU on May 7th of this year. That meeting in Brussels, Golf, Europe’s success, was initiated by the EGA Golf Course Committee.

In a full afternoon programme, hosted by seminar chairman Tom van ‘t Hek, several individual speakers were given the podium and a constructive and animated panel discussion took place

The final seminar document is now also available with:

  • transcript of the panel discussion
  • summaries of the individual presentations
  • links to the presentations

Please download this publication here:

Sustainable turfgrass ecology management

Sustainable turfgrass ecology management

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