Date: Wed 18 Dec 2013

What's in the news? December 2013

A round up of recently published articles from a range of magazines and online newsletters. All the usual titles have been covered, including the latest issues of Golf Range News, Golf Management Europe, Greenkeeper International, Greenkeeping and Greenside.


25 Strange but awesome golf courses around the world.
Anyone who loves and appreciates the game of golf has created a bucket list of courses they want to play. Here are some unconventionally awesome courses to add to the list.
Business Insider, December 2 2013.

On stable ground (Close House GC).
Author: Scott MacCallum
Close House, near Newcastle, is rapidly buildig a name for itself as one of the UK's finest golf resorts.
Golf Management Europe, Issue 93, December 2013. Pages: 25-27

100 years of Castle Golf Club.
Author: Alan Mahon
Castle Golf Course, near Dublin in Ireland, celebrates its centenary this year.The original layout was designed by Cecil Barcroft, W C Pickerman and Tom Hood, but in 1918/1919 Harry Colt updated the original design.
Greenside, December 2013. Pages: 28-33

Oitavos Dunes.
A great links track, just to the East of Lisbon on Portugal's Atlantic Coast.
Golf Range News, November 2013. Pages: 4-12


The plight of bees.
Author: Jonathan L Larson; Daniel A Potter
Why are bees and other pollinators dying, and how can the golf industry safeguard bees and even augment their populations?
Golf Course Management, November 2013. Pages: 85-88

Wildflower mixture adds to beauty of Scottish golf course.
The beauty of a Scottish golf course has been enhanced by a wildflower area which has added colour to a prominent site and given it more of a wow factor.
Golf Business News, December 4 2013.

Bringing back the bees.
Author: Dr Terry Mabbett
How Operation Pollinator is making an impack at golf clubs nationwide.
Greenkeeping December 2013. Pages: 40-43

Golf - the Game

The Leaky Bucket - attrition in golf participation.
Golf participation remained flat in 2012. NGF participation research revealed that there were about 25.3 million golfers in 2012, and 25.7 millionin 2011. The 4.7 million golfers lost since 2005 and the downward trend in participation is alarming.
National Golf Foundation Dashboard, November 2013.

Growing the women's professional game.
Author: Ian Randell
This month's issue focusses on the female side of professional golf.
International GolfPro News, No 8, November 2013.

Take-up for new Junior Golf Passport exceeds expectations.
Early figures indicate that the launch of the Golf Foundation’s new Junior Golf Passport, endorsed by the Professional Golfers’ Association, has been a resounding success.
Golf Business News, November 19 2013.

R&A and USGA announce changes to Decisions on the Rules of Golf.
As part of a continuing commitment to provide greater clarity to the Rules of Golf, The R&A and the United States Golf Association, golf’s governing bodies, today announced revisions to the 2012-2013 edition of "Decisions on the Rules of Golf."
Golf Business News, November 20 2013.

Golf: Great for Health and Fitness
Golf is a great fitness activity. Those who play the game recognize the benefits - 93% of golfers surveyed by NGF say that exercise is one of the attributes they like about game.
National Golf Foundation Dashboard, November 2013.

More golf clubs purchasing simulators.
Author: Jenny Yu
Virtual golf is becoming a more common at many more clubs these days. When winter weather closes the course, members have are able to play on their own home holes or any of a hundred or more of the world’s most beautiful and challenging destinations.
Golf Club Management, 8 November 2013.

In the slow lane.
Author: Toby Ingleton
Most golfers prefer to play at a quick pace. Toby Ingleton asks if there is any room for those who live life in the slow lane?
By Design, Issue 17, December 2013. Page: 22

New sport that mixes golf and soccer arrives in San Antonio.
Author: Jessica Belasco
FootGolf, a new sport that combines golf and soccer, has kicked off in the USA. The premise? Get a soccer ball into a giant, 21-inch hole using as few kicks as possible. It includes a tee box, hazards and 18 holes of play.
MySanantonio, December 6 2013.


Winning winter.
Author: Dr Ruth Mann
Winter can be a battle for greenkeepers to keep golf greens green, but it need not be that way. A look at some of the tried and tested products and techniques that can make the cold months as damage-free as possible.
Greenkeeping December 2013. Pages: 6-7

The drain game.
Author: Mike Beardall
Drainage problems can best be avoided if greenkeepers understand the soil conditions they have and how they can diagnose and treat potential troubles with water.
Golf Management Europe, Issue 93, December 2013. Pages: 36-39

Drainage drivers.
Author: Noel Mackenzie
Drainage issue on different parts of the course are likely to have completely different causes. A look at the likely drivers for excess water on greens, tees and carries.
Greenkeeping December 2013. Pages: 36-37

Making low-cost bunker sands work.
Author: Chris Hartwiger
Careful examination of local bunker sands may reap big savings.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 51, no 23, November 15 2013.

Health & Safety

Settlement reached in Niddry Castle case.
A settlement has finally been reached in the case of the golfer who lost his eye on the golf course and successfully sued both the golfer and the golf club, Niddry Castle, for hundreds of thousands of pounds.
Golf Club Management, 28 November 2013.


Weller Designs set to transform colliery site.
The design partnership of Bruce and David Weller have recently gained planning approval for a new 18 hole golf course at Bentinck, Nottingham, UK.
Golf Management Europe, Issue 93, December 2013. Page: 8

Nine new holes under construction at Langesø Golf Club.
Author: Sean Dudley
Golf course architecture firm Spogárd and VanderVaart is overseeing the construction of nine new holes at Langesø Golf Club near Odense, Denmark.
Golf Course Architecture, 15 November 2013.

The Open at Muirfield delivers £70m benefit to East Lothian and Edinburgh.
Independent research commissioned by Open Championship organiser, The R&A, highlights that this year’s Championship at Muirfield delivered a near £70 million benefit to East Lothian and Edinburgh.
Golf Business News, December 6 2013.

EIGCA Students Tour Scotland with TORO.
The students graduating from the 2011-13 EIGCA’s Vocational Qualification course were invited by their Gold Industry Partner, TORO, to a Study Tour of some of the golf courses in Fife, Scotland.
Golf Business News, November 22 2013.

Spanish golf tourism now a €340 million industry, new study reveals.
The study, by Sports Marketing Surveys, also revealed Spain as the No.1 travel destination for visitors from the UK, France, Germany and Scandinavia and highlighted European golf tourism to be worth €1.55 billion per year.
Golf Business News, November 14 2013.

Harradine designs the first putting course in the UAE.
The putting surfaces and semi rough have been completely installed with artificial turf. The putting course is located at the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club and has been designed for non-golfers, beginners, good players and professionals.
Golf Business News, November 15 2013.

Historic club to be saved by giant net.
Author: Tania Longmire
One of the most prominent golf clubs in the UK (Exeter Golf & Country Club) is set to be saved by a giant net. The club feared it would have to be closed down because balls might hit nearby houses - that haven’t actually been built yet.
Golf Club Management, 18 November 2013.

Städler Golf Courses to add nine holes at Armada Golf Club
Author: Sean Dudley
Christoph Städler was the architect behind the club’s recently opened nine hole course, which was built on the site of the former Szombierki coal mine in Bytom, and has drawn out plans for the new nine.
Golf Course Architecture, 20 November 2013.

New partnership promises ‘Miami-style’ adventure golf for UK
Weller Designs is to team up with Yorkshire-based Adventure Golf Limited, headed by designer Neil Kimberley, to cater for the fast-rising demand for adventure golf courses in the UK and Europe.
Golf Business News, December 13 2013.

December Interview: Robert B. Cook, CEO De Vere Hotels & Village Urban Resorts.
Geoff Russell of Golf Business talks to Robert B. Cook, CEO De Vere Hotels & Village Urban Resorts as they get ready to launch ‘The Country Club’ – a new premium lifestyle membership being offered at their headline properties.
Golf Business News, December 13 2013.

Multifunctional renovation for Swedish city course.
Sweden’s Örebro Golf and Country Club has begun a renovation project at its city centre course with the aim of making the facility more flexible and appealing to a wider range of golfers.
Golf Business News, November 29 2013.

China is "crouching tiger, hidden dragon", says legend Peter Thomson.
China is likely to become a international golf powerhouse within the next decade, says Major legend Peter Thomson, and it is only a matter of time before a mainland player is ranked among the very best in the world.
Golf Business News, December 13 2013.

Construction of Hemstock-designed Kovai Hills course completed in India
Author: Sean Dudley
Situated in a picturesque landscape near the city of Coimbatore, the course is located in the Coimbatore-Plakkad corridor, a low mountain pass separating the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
Golf Course Architecture, 22 November 2013.

Harradine designs the first putting course in the UAE.
The putting surfaces and semi rough have been completely installed with artificial turf and is located at the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club. It has been designed for all levels of golfer to provide a fun challenge for all players.
Asian Golf Business,Issue 59, December 2013. Pages: 50-51

Kenya rising as golf tourism resort.
A fifth of the world’s 1.6m golf tourists are now heading to Africa, with Kenya & Nigeria emerging as the fastest growth golf tourism destinations on the continent, the International Golf Tour Operators Association (IAGTO) reports.
Business&Tech, December 2 2013.

The golf rush: The race to build Montenegro's first championship golf course.
Author: Andrea Watson
In the new sovereign state of Montenegro, on the Adriatic, the Boka Group has announced it will complete the Royal Montenegro Golf & Country Club, with a course and facilities designed by Steve Marnoch, in 2016.
The Daily Express, December 8 2013.

EGCOA leads the way with VISION 2020.
The project aims to look at the European golf industry analysing past and present trends, statistics and industry data to gain an overview and direction for the future of the European golf industry until 2020.
Golf Business News, November 29 2013.

Legal Issues

The end of greenkeeping as we know it.
Author: Steve Isaac
Where are we with EU legislation on pesticides, fertilisers and water, and what do the next few years hold in store for these and other EU activities that will impact on the wat we build and manage golf courses?
Greenside, December 2013. Pages: 14-15

Sustainable Development

Recycling: a central part of golf's sustainability efforts.
Many GCSAA superintendents are working every day to cut down on waste, conserve resources & improve their facilities' environmental footprints with recycling. Here are just a few examples of how superintendents & golf courses are doing their part.
Turf Weekly (GCSAA), November 14, 2013.

Documenting your progress toward sustainability.
Author: Wendy Gelernter; Larry Stowell; Micah Woods
But how can you meet a goal of sustainability when its meaning has become so vague and diluted? How do you develop tactics, strategies & plans around it? And how will you know how successful you’ve been without a system for measuring sustainability?
Golf Course Management, December 2013.

Sustainable golf steps forward again.
Thanks to input and support from throughout the industry there’s now a better way to step into sustainability and more confidently share the result. New OnCourse™ online now!
Driving the Green (GEO), November 2013.


Is it time to get over the color of Bermudagrass fairways?
Author: Darin Bevard
There are simply too many benefits to ignore with new bermudagrass cultivars, and they should be used on more fairways in the transition zone.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 51, no 23, November 15 2013.

Understanding Anthracnose.
Author: Pat Suttle
During the Autumn and Winter the disease manifests itself on Poa annua greens as vivid yellow-orange leaves and shoots on the edges of shallow hollows where water accumulated.
Greenside, December 2013. Pages: 42-43

Giovanni Nava Shares some of his thoughts on Warm Season Grasses
Giovanni Nava is an agronomist and has been working as a Head Greenkeeper since 1992. He shares some of his thoughts about the current challenges facing Italian golf, and golf course maintenance, especially with regard to Warm Season Management.
Talking Turf (FEGGA), December 2013.

Researching endophytes in UK sports turf.
Author: Jonathan Knowles
Jonathan Knowles from Myerscough College unveils his latest research findings on endophytes - potentially a solution for sustainable turf management.
Greenkeeping December 2013. Pages: 44-47

Sayin’ it’s so doesn’t make it so.
Author: David Oatis
We are all guilty of "looking for results" when we want to see them. In evaluating treatments on turf, check plots will help you maintain your objectivity.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 51, no 24, December 13 2013. Pages: 1-2

Golf Course Design