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News from Semillas Fito, Everris, John Greasley, MJ Abbott, AHA de Man, Hunter Industries, Jacklin Golf and Blinder Bunker

Semillas Fito builds a new facility in Spain

Semillas Fito new facility

Semillas Fito is building a new facility in Cases de Barbens, in Spain, dedicated to grass seeds
The new facility is 27,000 m2 with the highest technology to store and mix all kind of turfgrass seeds. It will be one of the biggest are modern facility in Europe for grass seed.
They have also announced the introduction of three new varieties of grass:

  • Lolium perenne RINOVO: an outstanding and persistent variety with regenerating natural capability through stolons and Number 1 in the NTEP list in turf performance, salt tolerance and disease resistance. Mowing height down 8 mm.
  • Festuca arundinacea FESNOVA: The newest tall fescue variety with excellent drought and heat tolerance. Excellent Brown Patch resistance. Mowing height down to 10 mm. Ideal for Rough areas with leaf texture very fine.
  • SeaShore Paspalum SEASPRAY. Top variety for Greens, Tees and Fairways. Recommended for Mediterranean areas and hot regions specially for areas irrigated with salty water since is the grass variety more tolerant to high EC(up to 15000 ppm).

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Everris - Grass seed - the benefits in the breeding and a balanced approach

Everris’s grass variety breeding and selection programme is driven by its philosophy of integrated turf management.

“We see it as essential to give turf managers high performance without high inputs,” says International Development Manager for grass seeds, Simon Taylor. “Good turf isn’t based purely on one component; it’s about a balanced relationship between good products and practices, user expectations, budgetary and environmental considerations, and above all the skill of the turf manager.”

“Choosing the right grass species and blends for the application is important if the user is to minimise resource and financial inputs. That’s part of the Everris iTurf approach.’’

The Everris grass seed evaluation programme offers one of the most diverse varietal portfolios in the turf and amenity sector, catering for varying climatic conditions and management approaches. The company’s seed specialists take a dual approach to variety selection, sourcing the best available from European and American-bred, cool and warm season genetics. To achieve an accurate evaluation of a grass variety’s performance, independent screening trails are conducted to identify key characteristics.

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John Greasley Ltd - Recent Projects

John Greasely Fairhaven reconstruction

During the summer of 2013, the company started a major reconstruction project at Fureso Golfklub in Denmark, rebuilding 11 of the course’s 27 holes. The remaining 16 holes will be reconstructed during 2014.

We have completed the reconstruction of all 18 holes on Les Pins, Hardelot in France. Works included the rebuilding of various green surrounds, all greenside and fairway bunkers.

Le Touquet GC have commenced on a major restoration project. The 11th, 12th and 13th holes have been totally changed with new greens constructed, new tees integrated within the dunes along with re-bunkering and reshaping to fairways.

The first phase has been completed of the reconstruction of bunkering over nine holes at Veralum GC, St Albans, all lined with HyLine bunker liner.
Other works carried out included a new 4th Green at Hankley Common GC, the 5th hole at Fairhaven GC was completely remodelled with the transplantation of heather and gorse.

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MJ Abbott - Sensitive project on course for completion on schedule

MJ Abbott mist irrigation to bunker turfing

Having withstood the wettest winter experienced in England for almost 250 years, the newly-rebuilt front nine holes on Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club’s Outer Course remain on schedule to re-open for play in July.

The holes were reconstructed between June and September last year by MJ Abbott Ltd, working to a design produced by Martin Ebert of Mackenzie and Ebert Limited.

Work included the creation of nine new greens, a chipping green, a turf nursery, new tees, bunkers, ‘Taylor mounds’ and wetlands.

The firm also designed and installed a replacement irrigation system for the nine new greens and tees, as well as mist irrigation alongside 12 south-facing fairway and greens bunkers. Final operations involved seeding of greens and tees, and the laying of 15,000 square metres of fescue turf to the shaped surrounds of greens, tees and bunkers.

With the turf surfaces growing-in well, MJ Abbott returned in April to complete the newly created and reworked bunkers.

The project is one of the most sensitive ever undertaken by the firm. The site, a Grade 1 landscape, is located on the Crown Estate within Richmond’s Old Deer Park.

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AHA de Man – building in safety at Golf and Country Club Liemeer

Golf and Country Club Liemeer

Golf and Country Club Liemeer , in Nieuwveen, located close by Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands, takes future neighbours in account with recent alterations. EIGCA Senior Member Alan Rijks designed both of the courses which were opened in 2008. The 18 holes inland links Championship Course is very challenging and is located in a so called typical Dutch polder (reclaimed land) landscape.

New houses are being built along hole 5. By changing the direction of the fairway, many mis-hits toward the houses will be avoided. The club has an on-going programme of renovations and makes some alterations every year to its two courses. In the first months of this year trucks brought in 2000m3 of sand and 1700m3 of fill material to the course. In particular the holes 5 and 15 were taken care of in the recent alterations. On both of the holes various mounds have been constructed along the fairways and on hole 14 a new bunker complex has been built. All the works have been executed in direct cooperation with Alan Rijks. 1500m of extra drainage pipes have also been installed, and the total length of the cart paths has been increased by 300m. New shrubs are also being planted on various parts of the course.

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Hunter in control at Carnoustie

Carnoustie Hotel

Hunter Industries refit the irrigation control system on all three Carnoustie courses with the excellent new Pilot Central Control System.

A decoder based central control system, genuine two way communication protocol, merging the best of both decoder and satellite technologies providing a reduction in cable layout with a balance between cable cost saving and serviceability has been especially important.

The benefits were immediate with the Carnoustie Links Trust looking to update the irrigation control system on their three courses, which includes the iconic venue for so many memorable and historic Open Championships.

New G885 rotors which feature the most powerful gear drive on the market were also installed on a selection of the greens.

“The Hunter rotors which were installed in 2000 have stood the test of time and we have continued to order and test Hunter products as they have emerged,” said Carnoustie Links Superintendent, Sandy Reid. “We are therefore delighted to be one of the first courses in the world to get our hands on the Pilot Central Control System and the G885 rotors.”

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Jacklin Seed at Estoril

Jacklin Seed

Many courses in the last few years due to water quality are having go with Paspalum. Most courses have gone with the vegetative material. Now there is another option, Sea Spray, a seeded paspalum.

At the recent EIGCA meeting, we played the Estoril Golf Club. Due to poor water quality the club started inter-seeding the Sea Spray at 5 g/m2 twice a year for the last year and a half. As we found out the Sea Spray is being maintained at 2.1 mm, this is shorter that what we recommend but show what the plant is able to do.

The recommended seeding rate is 3.7-6.1 g/m2 for raw seed for a new seeding, and at the higher rate for inter-seeding to hasten the conversion to Sea Spray. The benefits of Sea Spray are convenience, cost savings, importation, guaranteed purity, no contamination or off-types, and ability to inter-seed into an existing stand without closing the course and little to no disruption to play or revenue.

If there are any questions please feel to contact Rick Elyea at Jacklin Seed,

Blinder Bunker Liner appoint Profusion Environmental Ltd as UK & Ireland Licensee Holder


Penny Long is delighted to announce that from May 2014 Profusion Environmental will become the sole UK and Ireland Licence holder for the sales and installation of the Blinder Bunker Liner & Eco Path Systems.

“This is a natural progression for Blinder to undertake. As the system is becoming more and more popular with golf clubs both in the UK and around the world it is essential that we adapt our sales technique in the UK to ensure that we remain committed, proactive and the market leader.” Penny explains. “Therefore the decision to handover the UK market to Profusion is a very positive and logical move, Profusion have been with us from the very beginning as our approved installer due to their professional and proven track record in the construction industry”.

Recent European installations include phase 2 of Dortmund Golf Club, Germany.

Blinder UK contact or for Blinder International contact

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