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Golf Information News, Vol 8, No 2, February 2011

Welcome to the latest issue of Golf Information News.
I returned from my travels to find over 250 emails in my inbox, most containing e-newletters for me to scan for the Current Journals Contents, as well as a dozen or so hard copy journals. I’m sure many of you find it difficult keeping up with the vast amount of information being produced these days. That’s where I come in.
Current Journal Contents is, hopefully, a digest of all that you need to know.


Golf Architecture

Golf Architecture

Golf Architecture is published once a year by the Society of Australian Golf Course Architects (SAGCA). We have just received the 2010 issue which I have indexed in full for you in Current Journal Contents.


New Books

Game of Golf

This year we have bought for the Library a number of facsimile copies of classics in the history of golf writing:

    The Game of Golf by Willie Park Jr
    Concerning Golf by John Laing Low
    The Complete Golfer by Harry Vardon
    Golf for Beginners by Guy Campbell, and
    The World of Golf by Garden Smith

All these books are available for loan - please contact me.


Tom Morris of St. Andrews: The Colossus of Golf 1821-1908

Tom Morris of St Andrews

By David Malcolm & Peter Crabtree.
This is the first widely-available biography in over 100 years of the great Tom Morris of St Andrews. Morris presided over one of the most illustrious periods in the history of golf. He – more than anyone before or since – stamped his individual character upon his sport and in large measure, made golf what it is today.


Willie Park Junior: The Man Who Took Golf to the World

Willie Park Junior

By Walter Stephen.
In the 19th century Musselburgh was a hotbed of golfing genius and the local links produced five Open Champions. One of these was Willie Park Junior. More than a good golfer, he redefined the image of the golf professional and took the game from being an esoteric pastime to its present status as a world game. As well as winning the Open in 1887 and 1889, Willie played challenge and demonstration matches at home, in Europe and in North America.


Golf, as it was in the Beginning: The Legendary British Open Courses

Golf as it was in the Beginning

By Michael J Fay.
Author Michael Fay, in the tradition of his first book Golf, As It Was Meant to Be Played, provides this unparalleled opportunity to walk through eighteen holes, each epitomizing a particular challenge, from the courses that have been used for the British Open. These are the holes that define the links game and symbolize the way the sport is best played. A golfing purist, with enormous respect for courses that present a strict but fair balance of risk and reward, Michael Fay discusses each course's rich history and offers practical advice and inspiration for players at all skill levels.


Still on the Road to Recovery – Golf Course Performances in EMA in 2010

Still on the Road to Recovery

The new survey of KPMG’s Golf Advisory Practice, conducted among 350 golf courses across Europe, Middle East and Africa, reveals that less than half of golf courses in the region were profitable in 2010. Rounds and revenues across the region are down amid widespread cost-cutting and price adjustments at clubs.
When the economic crisis unfolded in the autumn of 2008, many expected a recovery in the economy by the end of 2010. In fact, when KPMG’s Golf Advisory Practice conducted a survey among golf course managers in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMA) in the autumn of 2009, approximately 60% of the respondents forecasted a return to pre-crisis performance by the second half of 2010. So, where is the golf market now on the road to recovery?


Current Journal Contents, Vol 8, No 2, March 2011


Included in this issue are references from: Golf Architecture 2010, Golf Course Architecture January 2011, Golf Club Management February 2011, Golf Club Secretary March 2011, Golf Range News January 2011, Golf Management Europe January 2011, Greenkeeper International February 2011, Greenside March 2011. Online sources include: Asian Golf Business March 2011, Golf Business News, Golf Inc Winter 2011, USGA Green Section Record March 2011.


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